Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Introducing SneakPeeq

I just signed up for an account with SneakPeeq and received a $10 off credit on any purchase.

SneakPeeq is kind of intriguing for me.  There are three categories:  Living, Style, and Taste.  Within each category are great deals that are not disclosed unless I choose to take a "peeq" at the deal!  I am allotted 20 "peeqs" a day.  It is a fresh and fun way to shop in my opinion!  It does tend to pique my curiosity.

My Peeqs!  

 One of my peeqs was for some Tea from Teatulia--Original price is 28.98--Sneekpeeq price is 17.00 and with my $10 off credit the tea costs me only 7.00 plus shipping. Not too bad for high quality tea!  This is the one I took a peeq at:

Here's another neat item that I "peeqed" at!  But if you want to get the price, you will have to sign up and peeq at your deal! :)

Get $10 off your Sneakpeeq offer just by signing up!  Claim your reward by clicking the banner below:

*Disclaimer: This blog post may contain affiliate links, but does not influence my opinion of the service or product.  I have written this post on behalf of a Blogsvertise offer.  All opinions are 100% mine.