Monday, November 19, 2012

Weeknights with Giada Book Review

Weeknights with Giada

Quick and Simple Recipes to Revamp Dinner
Giada De Laurentiis

In terms of cooking with Giada, I find that her cooking recipes are by far inspirational and fun!
It is hard though on a limited budget or lack of some of the ingredients to fully utilize this book on a practical every day basis.  However I did find that I was able to take a few recipes and make them "our own" with what we have on hand.  

I find that Giada has always been centered around her family and her culture.  She is a great example to all cooks out there who just cook what they know from growing up.  She loves her family and it is evident not only through her cooking shows, but also through this cook book of hers.  

In terms of would I purchase this book or recommend this book?  For moms who are on a budget I do not fully recommend this book.  Only because some of the recipes call for some very high end ingredients that I could not justify purchasing on a weekly basis for our household.  Plus, some of the ingredients called for are just not available in our grocery stores.  

But I do recommend skimming over the pages and getting inspired to recreate the dishes she has if it is in the library or if a friend happens to have a copy of it.  

Disclosure: I received a free digital copy of this book to read and to review compliments of  I was not compensated in any other way.  All opinions are my own.

Doing Virtuous Business Book Review

I was rather excited to read this book as I had started dabbling in a little bit of business as a Mary Kay Consultant.  As I jumped into this book, I had expected a book that would help grow a business and have Biblical truth in governing the affairs of my business.  It was a bit of a tiresome book to read, and at most, I got a few basic principles out of it.  I was however surprised at how the author utilized a number of different religions.   It seems for Malloch, author of Doing Virtuous Business, being a Christian is a rather vague term.    He uses a variety of religious and non religious people and examples to prove or to explain a point.  I would have rather have Biblical facts and values and then examples, but the way he came up with his points was somewhat sporadic and based on what people have done or said.  

However from a non biblical point of view, sure I'd say that this book was alright.  It had great ideas on having a business that strives for being great and good and not just merely money hungry.  
Ultimately It was just not my cup of tea.  I felt like it was really hard to read, and really felt like I could have read the Bible and get more out of the bible in dealing with my business than by reading this book.

Disclosure: I received a free review copy of this book from Booksneeze in order to share my honest opinions.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Polar Express is Coming to Mount Hood Railroad!

All Aboard! 

The Polar Express comes to life this holiday season as the Mount Hood Railroad rolls out of the station bound for the "North Pole!" Come early and climb aboard with your family to cozy-up and enjoy our festively-decorated vintage train cars.

Dancing chefs deliver hot chocolate and a cookie to each guest to savor while music from the Polar Express movie plays en route to the North Pole. Make sure to have your tickets handy, because your conductor will be by shortly to punch each child's ticket. Before arriving at the North Pole, the iconic book, The Polar Express is read as your Chef turns the pages to share the beautiful illustrations in the original book. With the station far away,

The Polar Express magically arrives at the outskirts of Santa's North Pole village, where Santa Claus himself and his elves joyously welcome the train! As you stay comfortably settled and warm in your seat, Santa and his helper elf board the train!

 During the return trip, Santa will greet each child with his signature holiday spirit and the first gift of Christmas: a bell cut from his sleigh. It is said that only children and those who still believe can actually hear the bell ring.

Join in the singing as your Chef or Conductor lead Christmas caroling on the 30-minute return trip. For those wanting the magic to last or to do a little Christmas shopping, visit our gift shop in the station for special Polar Express gifts and merchandise. Oh, one last thing, children are encouraged to wear their PJ's; adults who still believe have been known to wear them, too! So, are you coming? All Aboard!

All Aboard the Polar Express is coming to the Mount Hood Railroad, visit or call 1-800-872-4661 to climb aboard. 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Adventures in Clean: 10 Steps to Cleaner Clothes

10 Steps to Cleaner Clothes for Frigidaire by Tara Aronson 

  1. Immediately rinse or blot away spills on your clothes with cool water to prevent stains from setting. 
  2. Read fabric care labels before you wash. Your clothes will last longer if you know how to treat them. 
  3. Sort laundry by color, wash cycle needed, and water temperature required. The Frigidaire Affinity’s Permanent Press cycle washes with warm water and less agitation, resulting in less wear and tear on your sturdy jeans, khakis, and sweaters; the Delicates cycle uses cold water and light agitation to gently clean swimsuits, workout clothes, and lingerie. 
  4. Before washing stained garments, pretreat or prewash the spot using the Affinity’s Rinse & Spin cycle. If at first you don’t succeed, wash, wash again. 
  5. To keep snags and lint to a minimum, zip zippers, button buttons, empty pockets, and brush away lint before tossing duds in the hamper. 
  6. If your clothing is heavily soiled, your load large, or the water cold, add extra laundry detergent. Use the Affinity’s Heavy Duty cycle for sturdy but really dirty items like jeans and towels; choose the Sanitize setting to use the hottest water available to get rid of germs and grime as thoroughly as possible. 
  7. Check wet garments for remaining stains, and re-treat as needed before drying. Heat will set stains. 
  8. Dry only full loads. Tumbling a handful of garments prolongs the drying time by reducing the tumbling. 
  9. Fold shirts and T-shirts to prevent wrinkling. If the shirt has buttons, button it at top, middle and bottom. Lay facedown. Fold both sides of the shirt so they meet in the back, with the sleeves aligned with the side folds. Fold the tail up to the cuffs, making a straight line at the bottom. Then fold in thirds crosswise. For T-shirts: a child’s T-shirt needs only one crosswise fold in half; an adult’s should be folded into thirds. 
  10. Fold shorts and pants by aligning the inseams and outer seams of the legs and fold so that a crease forms at the front center of the legs. Fold in half or in thirds, depending on the size of the garment.

This is a picture of me sorting through my laundry for like colors and similiar type of clothes.  I also picked up some Woolite Extra Dark Care to specially treat my dark colored jeans!  My only wish is that we had a Frigidaire Affinity Washing Machine and Dryer!!! :)  

One thing too is that I absolutely love being able to sort through laundry--it makes folding and putting away easier.  Every fold is similiar and I can simply speed through folding!  I also love folding warm clothes.  We have a small table that in our laundry room in between our washer and dryer which makes for a good place to fold clothes.  Folding them immediately helps keep our house clean! 

Visit Frigidaire on Facebook, share your personal "Adventures in Clean", and Frigidaire will donate $1 to Save the Children as part of its $750,000 commitment to the cause. To share your "Adventures in Clean" simply upload a photo and the online app turns it into your very own movie poster!

Disclosure: I am a member of One2One Network, and information about post was provided to me.  Other personal information and stories are of my own account.  By posting I will be entered into a drawing for a $50 Gift Card.  

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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Woolite: Save your Jeans by Extra Dark Care Woolite

Using Woolite was a very new thing for me.  My family has used it in the past merely to treat delicates and never have I ever used it for regular clothes.  It was easy to use.  Just simply pour in the amount into the washing machine while it was filling up with water.  Put my dark colors clothes in, and voila!  I did not even put softener in.

The verdict?  I loved it!  My dark jeans did not look like they got white washed, and turns out...looked all the more darker and came out soft.  I did not have to do the Jeans Dance to get them to loosen up and relax.  I also like that the Woolite is especially designed to keep dark clothes dark.  I have a couple of shirts and pants and towels that have lost its colors, and I think from now on I will invest in Some Woolite Extra Dark Care!

Disclosure: I am a member of Crowdtap--through Crowdtap I was sent some Woolite Extra Dark Care samples to try out the product and share with others.  This review is my own personal opinion, I was not compensated in any other way. 

Friday, July 20, 2012

Adventures in Clean: Common Summertime Stains

In the upcoming Disney film, The Odd Life of Timothy Green, Jennifer Garner plays a mother who embarks on the ultimate adventure in clean when a son magically springs to life in her garden. At this moment, her character understands what every mother knows: life is full of messy adventures.

To celebrate magical moments like this, Frigidaire, makers of the Frigidaire Affinity® front load washing machine that delivers a better clean, has set out to help get families out of the laundry room quickly and on to the things they love to do. Laundry expert Tara Aronson shares solutions for the 5 most common summertime stains and 10 tips for getting clothes cleaner.

5 Summer Stain Tips or Frigidaire by Tara Aronson

Smudges, drips, drops and smears – no matter what their source, the key to keeping them from ruining your favorite shorts or T-shirt is to take quick action – before it gets a chance to dry.
For most fabrics, this means blotting up the excess or rinsing the discolored area with cold water (hot can set a stain.) Don’t rub: this spreads the spot and grinds it deeper into the fabric.

Summer spills are especially tough.
Here’s how to remove the five most common:

1. Crayon.
Scrape off as much of the colorful surface as possible using a plastic picnic knife. Apply laundry detergent directly on the stained area. Gently rub the detergent into the fabric then let sit several minutes. Launder using the hottest water the fabric can handle - or the Sanitize setting of your Frigidaire Affinity washer. Dry as usual.

2. Iced coffee.
Sponge the stained area with cold water. Apply a pretreater to the blight. Wash as usual and air dry.

3. Grass.
Prewash the garment in warm water in your washing machine –the Rinse & Spin cycle on your Affinity washer – and a laundry detergent containing enzymes. Launder as usual (normal setting) with detergent and chlorine bleach if safe for the fabric. If the garment’s care label instructions advise against it, use oxygen (color safe) bleach instead. Dry as usual.

4. Juice.
Soak for a minute or so in cold water. Remove excess water, and then apply a pretreater directly on the stained area. Wash with detergent as usual. Air dry. Do not place in the dryer until the blight is completely gone – otherwise the stain is likely to set.

5. Chocolate (or chocolate ice cream).
Prewash the garment in warm water with a laundry detergent that contains enzymes using the Affinity’s Rinse & spin setting. Launder as usual, using the washing machine’s Normal setting. Dry as usual.

Visit Frigidaire on Facebook, share your personal "Adventures in Clean", and Frigidaire will donate $1 to Save the Children as part of its $750,000 commitment to the cause. To share your "Adventures in Clean" simply upload a photo and the online app turns it into your very own movie poster!

Disclosure: I am a member of One2One Network, and information about post was provided to me.  Other personal information and stories are of my own account.  By posting I will be entered into a drawing for a $50 Gift Card.  

Savings n' the Summer!

Meals & Snacks Around the House Babies & Kids

Friday, July 6, 2012


Food & Beverage

Around the House
Babies & Kids

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Firmoo Giveaway

Found this amazing Firmoo Giveaway hosted by From PDX with Love  Click any of the links above to enter.

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Two (2) lucky reader of From PDX with Love will each win a pair of glasses from any of these categories:

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Monday, July 2, 2012

Interactive Children DVD Program: Snapatoonies

What I liked about the Product:
1. Help my daughter Identify colors by Big Bold Words
2. Promoted Interaction through Question Response strategy
3. Colorful fun Animations
4. Simple and Straightforward
5. A Nice Wide Range of Colors linked to objects pertaining that color.
6. Introduced Shapes, Colors, Animals and Plants
7. Magical Color Caller is ideal for ages 6 months to 5 years old--a nice wide range!

Short Simple and Sweet.
What better way to teach a child colors and shapes than by Snapatoonies Magial Color Caller DVD!  I really appreciated how simple this dvd really is.  It is interactive and something I do not have to watch for hours upon end.  Knowing that the program takes a short 30 minutes is good for me.  I can spend a short amount of time talking to her about colors and shapes a couple of times a week. 

Unlike Regular Children Television shows.
It is refreshing having something that is not on our normal television program.  The pace of the show is not rushed.  It feels like an nice steady walking pace in which kids can take time to soak up the information without “rushing” through to the next big action part!  Sometimes I feel like regular children’s shows focus too much on BIG and the ACTION parts.  They tend to throw concepts at kids, and expect them to pick it up quick.  With Magical Color Caller I do not feel like they are going TOO slow and not TOO fast!  I feel they are slow enough for the kids to take it all in without being painstakingly slow.

Interacting and Having Fun:

My daughter enjoyed pointing to the different shapes, colors, animals and plants that are depicted in this dvd program.  She is just shy 2 years old, and I have found that calling out the colors or shapes is not only fun but a great way for her to practice speaking and responding.  For me as a mom, I sure do not mind helping my child learn by calling out answers too.  I know that I may seem pretty childish calling out colors and shape names with her, but sometimes being childlike helps her.  The little children on the train prove to be interesting to her as well.  They kind of encourage her to keep interacting and responding throughout the program.

Snapatoonies: Magial Color Caller Incorporates Words spelled out, Pictures, Color, and Shape—what more can I ask for? 

Well, for one thing.  When spelling out a color, they use letters colored in that color!  Then sometimes they come out with a shape in that color or an animal or plant featuring that color.  Which is all quite clever at reinforcing the color concept.  I hardly see enough words shown on the screen for children’s television lately that utilize all of these to describe what is on the screen.  So I appreciate that words are shown throughout the whole program and how they keep it big and bold on the screen.  Lastly, I love that it was a program that was developed with positivity! They frequently say things such as “You are so Clever!”.

For more information on Snapatoonies please visit their main site, Apart from my video feel free to watch some Snapatoonies Previews

Disclosure: I received a DVD for the purpose of this review.  I was not compensated in any other way.  All opinions and words here are my own.  

Sunday, July 1, 2012

How Reading the Bible in a Year will Change Everything for You

My Initial Thoughts and End Thoughts about this Book in a nutshell:
I have been struggling in reading this book titled Passages by Brian Hardin. Hindrances Distractions, and Disinterestedness seemed to really hail on me as I set about reading this book.  Sorry Brian my first thought through the 20 first pages was...I'm a bit bored.... I had to fight tooth and nail in order to get through finishing this book, but it is of no fault of the author. In retrospect I believe there was a spiritual battle taking place that I did not know of because of the impact it will have on my life as a believer.  I'll have to reread the first pages again with my new-found perspective!

At first I hated this book, I wondered "WHY? Did I Sign Up to Read it!?" Reading the Bible in a year, I have heard this before, and quite truthfully I felt like I did not want some guy telling me I needed to. I rather liked the pace and level of Bible reading I did.

Though the deeper I got into the book, the more I understood the importance of reading the Bible for more than just a tid bit of encouragement for the day. At first it was bittersweet reading, and then it was like the sweetness and ripeness of what I was reading slowly started to hit my tastebuds.

God's Word has the power to change lives even yours.   Throughout the book, I kept hearing Hardin challenge me to take on this challenge. At first I brushed it off. But because of his persistence and I have to say his ability to really pinpoint my reasons for not reading the Bible and ability to tackle them and persuade me otherwise is quite a God thing. Hardin called me out on some things I do to "fix" my self and my life. Here is one thing he mentioned that I had to laugh my little heart out at. I shake my head knowing that Hardin hit me in the gut with this one! I laughed nervously I think because this way never works and yet I keep doing it.
We're high on a mountain in the blinding snow, but we've convinced ourselves through distractions, addictions, and busyness that we're actually on a path leading somewhere. In the deepest parts of the evening, though, while we lie in bed trying to stare past the ceiling to the heavens above, we feel the emptiness of it all.... We feel the hunger of our deepest soul crying out for nourishment, but we simply don't know where to begin.

We start making a checklist.

1. Get in Shape. If I got in shape, I'd feel better about myself.
2. Get more Culture. If I understood the world better, I'd be a better person and could help more people.
3. Get Organized. If things were a little more in order, life would feel more manageable.
I cannot tell you how often I try to feel fulfilled in life by way of Checklist! I have tried to take control of my life and fix myself by way of Checklist and doing things apart from God and His Word. And in the end the checklist makes me feel more sunk in the black hole after a couple of weeks.

 I can taste and see the change God has done through him as a result of reading the Bible as a Whole.  I can sense the thrill of placing God and His Word priority through the testimony of others...and I want it for myself. I know the thrill of watching what I want to, and it ends. I know the pleasure of spending money and shopping--and the pleasure fades.

I am persuaded that if I give God my time, my life--He will do something with me that will leave me fulfilled, joyful, and living life the way He created me to live. Hardin talked about how he started, and as he says he was shocked! He did not expect to find himself in a community where they've committed to reading along with him. He was enriched by fellowship, and even a ministry he was not exactly looking for.


When I first started reading, I did not want to be challenged. Quite frankly the Bible seemed like a dry crusty piece of stale bread. Yes, I read it. When I get in trouble or feel like my world started becoming chaos, I'll come running to God's Word to read something of hope or encouragement from God. God does not want me to treat the Bible as an h'orderve either. Snacking when I feel convenient. In fact the Bible was meant to a daily part of life impacting the way I view my role as a parent (being an example), living life moment by moment, decisions I make, etc. Above all I look forward to knowing Him more through it. I look forward to that peace and joy that comes too.

Want to be challenged?  Desire to be changed?  Think life is boring even in Christ?  On the couch a bit depressed?  Need a thread of hope?  Reading the Bible as it was meant to be read as a Passage can do more than help you.  It'll change you if you stay with it!  I am fully persuaded in the power of God's Word (Hebrews 4:12).  He created the universe by His Word!  

Hardin, Daily Audio Bible

As you can see I have greatly enjoyed it. By the end of the book, I was thankful that I too can take up the challenge of reading for the author has included several types of Bible Reading Plans in the back of the book. Whether you want to follow along with the Daily Audio Bible Schedule, read the Bible Chronologically or Historically--it's right there at your fingertips.

More about Brian Hardin
Brian Hardin is a speaker, photographer, record producer and an ordained minister. In 2006, he created the Daily Audio Bible, an online podcast that now delivers 1.5 million downloads a month. He has produced over 150 albums and works with artists and the arts extensively. He is married to Christian musician Jill Parr.
Find out more about Brian at

Find out what others are saying about this book in our Blog Tour: 

Disclosure:  I received a review copy of this book for the purpose of providing my honest oopinions. 

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hard Rock Cafe "Night out in Seattle" {$50 GC Giveaway}

I cannot but really be stoked to tell you guys about our experience in the Hard Rock Cafe! 

I have never been to a Hard Rock Cafe in my life!  I did not know if they even allowed us to take kids!   Haha silly me.  So I was thrilled that there was not a long wait to sit down to a table.  They showed us to a table, and the music was not too overwhelming.  After ordering one of the guys walking around who called himself the "music director" walked up to our table and asked us our favorite rock songs and artists!  My husband picked out a couple of songs.  I really drew a blank!  All that came to my mind were Disney's Lilo and Stitch and Muppets' song "Nomena".

I felt like we were truly apart of the whole Hard Rock Cafe Experience.  And yes, my husband's music choices were played during our dining experience!  He was loving every second of it!  Be prepared.  If you eat at the Hard Rock Cafe have some favorite rock songs in mind!

Great food at family- friendly prices.  
I expected that Hard Rock Cafe would be steep in prices, but surprisingly they were decently priced that I was shocked!  I will be back with our family even without a gift card in our pocket.   I felt that we could order whatever we wanted with room in our budget for dessert.  I ordered this tasty Smokehouse Sandwich below for 12.95.  I could hardly finish it!  The Texan fits true to its "Everything is bigger in Texas" idea.  And simply was amazing.  The crispy jalapenos were something new to me, and I loved it!

I did end up getting a dessert.  I ordered a Mojito Yogurt with Seasonal Fresh Fruit.

Picture Creamy, thick Greek yogurt with fresh lime and mint served over fresh seasonal fruit served Island style in a margarita glass.  Delicious!  It was sooo good and FRESH TASTING.  I did not expect to love it the way I do!  Hands down, I would order this again.  If I could I wish I could take all Fruit this way!  Fresh pineapple slices, sliced strawberries, and grapes with chopped mint in the creamy thick Greek yogurt--Perfect for a nice light dessert.

Hard Rock Cafe's New Menu are based on these three concepts: 

1. Fresh is First!
Everything you order is fresh above all!  High quality ingredients, produce are of the freshest possible, salads incorporate handmade sauces, steaks that are nothing less than center-cut, corn-fed and aged for 21 days, and salmon from the immaculate fjords of Norway.

2.  Legendary is King!
This is what describes the burgers at Hard Rock Cafe--Legendary!  Just like the rockers!

3.  "Smoking" is back!
Reminiscent of good old-fashioned Southern barbeque, new smokin’ menu items offer unique flavors from a variety of regional Bar-B-Que styles, from the classic pulled pork to the exotic Asian-style “Shang Hi” sandwich. 

The Texan Smokehouse Sandwich
Talk about – Chipotle and Hickory Bar-B-Que sauce, cheddar cheese, crispy jalapenos and crunchy onions married together in one delicious bite!  This by far is one of my splurges.  Don't it look good?  The smokey flavor was really good and not dry at all. 

Shang Hi Smokehouse Sandwich

– Award-winning Asian 5-spice Bar-B-Que sauce with homemade Asian style pickled cucumbers and sriracha mayonnaise drizzle.

South Carolina Smokehouse Sandwich 
– Award-winning Asian 5-spice Bar-B-Que sauce with homemade Asian style pickled cucumbers and sriracha mayonnaise drizzle. 

Smokehouse Chop Salad
Freshly chopped mixed field greens with diced smoked chicken, spicy bacon, pecans, cheddar cheese and pico de gallo. Topped with a smoky citrus vinaigrette and fresh sliced avocado.

Shock Top Battered Fish & Chips
–Fish battered with a Belgian-style wheat beer with citrus and coriander flavors then served with fries, a citrus spiked tartar sauce and homemade coleslaw.

To learn more about their New Menu:
**To Enter the Giveaway please fill out the Rafflecopter Form below.  Make sure you have a Hard Rock Cafe near  you!  You can check out what Cafe is near you here: Hard Rock Cafe Locations** Giveaway ends July 14th!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Disclosure:  The promotional cards and information have been provided courtesy of Hard Rock International through MyBlogSpark

Search & Win

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Farm Rich Mozzarella Sticks {Review and Giveaway}

Fresh Mozzarella Sticks from Home!
 Do not overspend at a restaurant by caving into something you can prepare right at home and for a decent price.  Every time we venture into a restaurant, I know that one of the things I desire so ardently is an appetizer of Mozzarella sticks.  Now thanks to Farm Rich, I can save money and enjoy more by picking up a bag of Farm Rich breaded Cheese Sticks!  We picked up a bag in our local Albertsons store, and it was quite easy to prepare in a short amount of time.

Farm Rich Breaded Cheese Sticks--100% Mozzarella
Thanks to Farm Rich, I was able to grab a Family Pack of these delectable cheese sticks!  This bag was more than enough to feed us about 3-4 times!  They made great snacks for us and were complimentary to our lunches and dinners.  They baked up quite easily and fast.  They also did not take long to be devoured!  I have to say that if I ever get a craving for Mozzarella Sticks...I will not hesitate to pick up a Pack of Farm Rich Breaded Cheese Sticks!

Great Tasting Snacks:
My daughter loves eating these!  They made a quick snack to make.  All I did was heat up the oven popped a couple of cheese sticks in there, and got ready for our little trip to the play ground.  I have to say I would recommend a little toaster oven if you got one.  After cooling off I simply bagged them, and we were on our way for a little play date!  I actually ate most of what we packed.  These were so scrumptious and tasted so much better than restaurant mozzarella sticks!  When family and friends come over to have a movie night or watch a game...these will be in our party mix of snacks!  These have definitely kept us happy.  For me...I love that it has 0grams tran-fat!

Farm Rich not only has these yummy breaded Cheese Sticks.  They also have other products that you want to sink your teeth in!  Check out what suits you!  I cannot wait to see when my grocery stores carry more of what Farm Rich has to offer.

Stay in touch with Farm Rich:

Locate Farm Rich products at a store near you:

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Disclosure: I was provided a "Free" Coupon in order to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own.

NIV Busy Mom's Bible {Review)

I rather am liking this kind of Bible for busy moms. Though I feel like I prefer to use a Our Daily Bread as my quick devotional, I think that having a Bible that includes 13 little devotionals spread throughout the Bible itself can be helpful to a mom on the go. These 13 little devotionals are called “Thought Starters”. They are divided up into three sections. First it has a “One minute quick read” which includes a short scripture to memorize a topic to. The second parta if you have 5 minutes prayer/meditate about and if you have ten minutes to spare it has a section in the Bible that you can flip back to and do a little study!

I kind of like that it has a study section to do that takes about ten minutes. The study is located in the back pages of the NIV Busy Mom Bible. I love that you do not need any more than your Bible to do a little bit of a study. Everything is intact into this NIV Bible. On the go it is nice to have a small compact Bible that I can just slip into my purse, diaper bag, or easily carry around.

To see a sample of what this bible has to offer click here:  Zondervan's NIV Busy Mom's Bible 
Product Details:

Format: Italian Duo-Tone™, Pink/Hot Pink
Language: English
ISBN 13: 9780310435570
UPC: 025986435578

Disclosure: I received a digital copy of the book compliments of Netgalley for the purpose of this review.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Walmart to Sell Monsanto GMO Corn This Summer

Walmart to Sell Monsanto GMO Corn This Summer

Growing Up Ziglar {Book Review}

If ever I recommend a book to women and young girls I know, it would be this one.  Men and boys could also read this and glean too!  But predominantly other women and girls came into my head after reading this.

 Incredible is one word to describe how I felt God worked in Julie’s life. The more I read on about her life as a Ziglar the more I pondered what lay hiding within the dark depths of my own life. What sins was I trying to hush away ashamed to voice?  What bondage am I in as a result?  I felt moved and am moved to desire freedom in Christ like she experienced.

Beautiful was God’s grace towards her in turning shame into His Glory. Through the book, I feel that in my own life I have some digging to do, and some realities that I need to face.  I was challenged to examine and probe into my life and see the reality and root of my attitudes and decisions I made.

The openness and transparency with which Julie authored this “auto biography” was able to touch the heart strings of my own heart and life. She is very relatable. I felt drawn in because in essence she was able to help because of troubles and walks of life she has been through (I Cor 1:4). 

If you cannot imagine God working through you dynamically because you feel cancelled out--this is a book to read.  If you feel like you have done too much or have gone too far, there is Hope.  Julie's life is just a mere one example of what surrendering and giving up your life to God can do.  He redeems to the utmost, and through this book I've realized no one is ever to far from His love, His grace, and His Redemption for anyone's life.  Even through our weaknesses and mistakes, He can work all things together for God and for His glory!

Sneak Peek!
Here is a tid bit of writing that really made me realize that what I happened upon was a book that I knew I would not be able to put down until it was read through.
For over a quarter of a century I lived every day with regret, shame, guilt, grief, pain, and a deep, underlying depression. I was exhausted from hurting and tired of running from the memory and magnitude of what I’d done and the life I’d been living….

Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this book for the purpose of writing this review.  I have read this book and assure you that it is my honest opinion.  

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Biggest Loser Resort: Fitness Resorts Offer

The Biggest Loser Fitness Ridge 

Are you overweight? Frustrated by an endless diet cycle? Ready to take control of your health? Just like contestants on NBC’s The Biggest Loser, you CAN have a life changing experience-- at The Biggest Loser Resorts.


The Biggest Loser Resorts cater to REAL people seeking REAL weight loss results. A team of certified trainers, nutritionists, life coaches, and world-class chefs have one goal, to help you lose weight. Are you ready to experience a week of great fitness, delicious spa cuisine, enlightening education and wonderful camaraderie? Bring a friend to any of the three Biggest Loser Resorts (Malibu, Utah or Niagara) for a week between July 29th and September 16th and your friend comes at 50% off the standard weekly rate (or combine it and you both come at 25% off!).

Reservations must be made by July 31, 2012. (There's limited availability, so be sure to book quickly.) Additional terms and conditions apply, so contact their customer service representatives at this special number to 877-423-2760 learn more. Or visit

Visit Our Website For More Information:

Terms and conditions: Available for double occupancy only in Utah and Niagara. Single or Double Occupancy in Malibu. This offer cannot be combined with any other offers. If booking multiple weeks, this offer applies only to the first week. Transportation, taxes, spa treatments, private training, and amenities not included. Scheduling is subject to availability. Reservations must be made by July 31, 2012, and stays must occur in the timeframe referenced above. The Biggest Loser Resort reserves the right to end this offer any time.

Disclosure: I was provided this information and offer through US Family Guide.

Battling Psoriasis with Cleopatra's Choice Products {Review}

I have recently written up about ways in which I have been battling my psoriasis.  And here's another post about products that have helped me with my continual battle with Psoriasis!  

I am pleased to introduce to you all to a company that specializes in skin care products.  Cleopatra's Choice offers a variety of products that are specific to meet the needs of YOU and your skin type.  I am very drawn to this company because they are inspired by Cleopatra who kept her beauty even as she aged.  I have heard of the healing properties of the Dead Sea, and Cleopatra's Choice contains minerals and salts from the Dead Sea.  

African Black Soap
4 oz African Black Soap, Cleopatra's Choice

African Black Soap contains all natural virgin palm kernel oil and Potash made the ashes of plantain leaves, a rich source of iron, Vitamin A, and Vitamin E.

Now I really liked this soap because it did not make me feel dried out after use like sulfate soaps do.  It does not have any scent and looks really rough!  I feel that it has little bits in the soap nice for exfoliation, but overall it is a slippery smooth soap.  There is a really light lather that is not like store bought soap.  It is a slippery like lathery that is clear.  African Black Soap seems to work well at cleaning my body off, as well as not irritating my psoriasis.  Sometimes though the potash can be a bit big and rather scratchy on delicate skin.  I had to pick out one of the ashes just because it was too big for my liking.  Last night was the first time I had to pick it out so it is not a problem I find that would stop me from purchasing this in the future.
The soap is in fact a product made from African women in Ghana.  Hard work and labor goes into every bar of soap, and am proud to know that it is a product of fair trade.  So every purchase helps women in Ghana provide for their families and support families.  After a few weeks of usage, this soap has a nice quality of long lasting.  Usually organic handmade soap seems to disappear within a few weeks, but I am thankful to see that it will survive for a month and more.  

The price is reasonable for organic and all natural. Within a $5-6 price range depending on how much you order and if it is on sale.

Calming: 100% Pure Essential Oil
10ml, 100% Pure Essential Oil *Calming*

Lavender, Orange, Geranium, Cedarwood, Marjoram, Omanese, Frankincense, Rose Oils

If ever my psoriasis was horrible it was during times of stress and fatigue and frustration.  I seemed to scratch insanely during times like this, and am open to the use of Aromatherapy.  I have to say I did not know what to do with Essential Oils at first!  I knew I could use a few drops in my candle warmer and diffuse the scents this way.  A few drops and water goes a long way in creating a relaxing, rather calming room.  It enveloped my room and did calm my nerves down!  It has a nice herbally woodsy scent.  

I mixed a few drops of the Essential Oil to my lotion and applied it to my body.  It was nice and rather made me appreciate the therapeutic properties of Essential Oils.  I can imagine myself in a massage spa having someone rub a mixture of Calming and oils into my skin and back!  I love it, and am hoping to invest in more varieties of Essential Oils because mixing it into lotions and coconut oil has helped my skin a whole lot. 

As for my psoriasis, I have felt that direct skin contact with the oils has helped a little bit.  I think that mixing the oils with coconut oil or my lotion has helped is better rather than just direct contact with it on my skin.

The aromatherapy is amazing.  I fully stand by that it has helped me feel calm and relaxed and rather ready for bed!  In matters of aromatherapy, I think that my stress levels have gone down and is mirrored with me scratching less and feeling less irritated with my skin.  It's almost a soothing "scent"sation! (mind my humor).

Right now it is on sale too!  

Adovia: Mineral Hand Cream
100mL, Mineral hand Cream with Dead Sea Minerals, Shea Butter, and Aloe Vera

Demineralised Water & Dead Sea Water, Glycerin, Glycerin Monostearate, Stearyl Alcohol, Propylene Glycol & Chamomile (Anthemis Nobilis) Extract & Algae Extract & Papaya (Carica Papaya) Extract & Aloe Vera (Barbadensis) Gel, Sunflower (Helianthus Annuus) Oil, Stearic Acid, Dimethicone, Olive (Olea Europaea) Oil, Evening Primrose (Oenothera Biennis) Oil, Orange (Citrus Aurantium Dulcis)Oil, Triethanolamine, Peach (Prunus Persica) Kernel Oil, Octyl Palmitate, Shea Butter (Butyrospermum Parkii), Benzoic Acid, Chlorphenesin, Dehydroacetic Acid, Benzalkonium Chloride, Dead Sea Salt, Calendula Officinalis Oil, Exotic Verbena (Litsea Citrata) Oil, Ginseng (Panax Ginseng) Extract, Soybean (Glycine Soja) Extract, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Retinyl Palmitate.

I was also sent this Mineral Hand Cream with Dead Sea Minerals, Shea Butter and Aloe Vera.  My hands are loving and thanking Cleopatra's Choice for providing this product!  My hands are satin smooth, silky soft, and not oily feeling.  I was dismayed at first with the lotion running without me hardly squeezing the lotion out.  It was a bit more of a loose lotion than I had expected.  I had to get my daughter's hands too since a lot of the lotion came out fairly quickly.  That dismay quickly dissipated as I noticed that it absorbed into our hands swiftly.  

My hands, though are not prone to eczema, are always ragged and dry through washing dishes continually.  I felt that Adovia Mineral Hand Cream gave my hands a new lease on life!  After using this lotion, my hands I felt were alike those of  a delicate baby--soft and silky smooth.  I would get this in the future and recommend this to others who wish for moisturized hands with softness!  This is by far one of my favorite.

I also love that it was made in Israel!

Overall, I feel like I was pampering myself and my household to quality products from Cleopatra's Choice. From using organic soap to improve and restore sensitive skin to the home tranquility Essential Oils created, I feel that Cleopatra's Choice offers consumers quality and affordability.  Not only that, but their website offers us a vast array of products that use ingredients unique to that country.


Disclosure: I have received the products for free for the purpose of this review.  I was not compensated in any other way.  All opinions above are my own and from my experience using the product.