Sunday, September 29, 2013

Firmoo: First Pair FREE!

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Ways to Keep Cold and Flu at Bay {Guest Post}

Ways to Keep Cold and Flu at Bay

Everyone has experienced the symptoms of cold and flu including running

a high-grade fever, excessive cough, sneezing, painful aching in the joints

and stuffiness that makes you miserable. The symptoms can stay with you

for weeks and once you have them, the only thing you can do is treat them

because there is no cure available for either virus. Keeping the cold and flu

at bay is the best option to help keep you well and there are some simple

things that will make it easier to do. 

It is important to remember that germs can remain on surfaces for weeks.

You should make sure that anytime anyone in your home or office is sick

that you wipe down all surfaces thoroughly to kill the germs that were left

behind. Carrying a small bottle of an alcohol based hand sanitizer with you

to use when you do not have access to a sink will help to kill germs on your


Healthy Habits to Avoid Cold and Flu
 It is impossible to avoid all germs but practicing healthy habits will help

prevent you from coming down colds and the flu. Healthy habits include:

• Hand washing - Frequent hand washing will help to keep the germs

off of your hands. It is important to wash your hands when you come home

from the store, before exiting the bathroom and after shaking hands.

• Get a good night’s sleep- It is more difficult for your body to fight off

illness if you are exhausted. Going to bed at a regular time each day and

waking up at the same time will help to ensure that you are getting enough

sleep on a regular basis.

• Exercise - the immune system in strengthened and circulation

improved through exercise.

It is important to stay hydrated and exercise increases thirst which helps

you to drink more. A healthy diet with plenty of vitamins will help to build the

immune system and keep you strong enough to fight off viruses. 

Keep Germs Out of the Home

In the efforts to keep comfortable, a lot of times all the windows are closed

and the air conditioning or heat on. This keeps fresh air out and germs

circulating through your heating and cooling system. Keeping the system

serviced regularly and installing an air filter can aid in keeping germs from

getting trapped in the ducts and recirculating through the house.

Wiping down all the surfaces in the home, especially doorknobs, with a

solution of bleach and water or antibacterial cleaning wipes will help to

kill the germs on surfaces. Carpets and furniture will also hold germs, so

steam cleaning them will help you to keep from getting cold and flu germs.

Clothing and other items used in sick rooms should be washed and placed

in the dryer to get rid of the germs on them.

The best way to keep cold and flu at bay is to ensure that you’re getting

enough rest while practicing healthy and hygienic habits. 

Tammy Mahan has been a nurse for over 20 years. In her free time, she

enjoys writing health articles for

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

KiteReaders Tablet Accessories Giveaway and Free Ebook!

What is KiteReaders you may ask?

 KiteReaders is a multi-award winning digital publisher of children’s books. With over 100 titles and 30 best sellers across Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iBooks, KiteReaders aims to provide quality content for children and their families and increase literacy around the world. Visit KiteReaders at and like them on Facebook at!

My thoughts:

I am super excited to share this giveaway with all of you!  I am excited because just by entering you get a FREE Ebook!  On top of that there are a plethora of products you are entering to win!  Good luck! :)

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Details for prizes:

Monday, September 16, 2013

Brew Over Ice: Deliciousness from my Keurig

I am slowly growing into this Keurig kraze.  I love coffee, but only when I do not have to make it.  So I am only partial to the coffee I make in my home.  For some reason sometimes the satisfaction I get and feel is better when someone makes it for me!  But as of late Keurig has come up with some really tasty iced coffee ideas.  That...I really feel give me that feeling like I had just gotten an iced coffee from a cafe!  I rather am enjoying the taste of Sweet & Creamy Iced Coffee. 

But I told you.  I am growing quite fond of this Keurig of mine.  I have gotten the opportunity to try out some teas!  I have "Brewed Over Ice" and made some delicious iced tea.  So much better than what I have ever tasted.  Nothing like real brewed iced tea.  It has a taste of goodness that beats canned or commercially made iced tea any day.

Snapple's Peach Iced Tea---
The flavor of the tea was amazingly perfect.  Not watered down or too sweet of taste.  It was perfect.  I actually had my husband drinking out of my tumbler...and was a bit worried he would finish it off.  In my opinion I will be shopping around for this because, I love the refreshing taste.

It is so simple and easy to do too.  Simply pour the water in, brew, and at the other end a mug full of ice.  In this case I had my Keurig Cup!

Really lovely blend of Peaches.  My favorite was the Peach Iced Tea.  The flavor was wonderful and the aroma is simply irresistable.

For more Information on these tasty and refreshing drinks: