Sunday, February 5, 2012

21 Day Mommy Blogger Weight Loss Challenge--Day 5

Day off Days are a Challenge in themselves:
Alright so today is my day off of the exercise.  Sundays are always hard days for us as a family.  Our schedule and meals are always varied depending on what plans start cooking after church.

So I tried to do my best to plan for the worst today, because I know junk food was going to be present either at the Church snack food table or other unplanned events we were going to be invited to.

 I started off the day right with breakfast consisting of a 16 oz glass of water and 2 eggs scrambled and sauteed with onions, cheese and 1/2 a cup of black beans.  To church I packed 4 servings of Carrots.  I went right with my Breakfast, Snack and water intake--as planned.  We were going get together with a couple after church--planned.  They invited us over to their parents' house for a Super Bowl Sunday Get together--unplanned.    Lots of delectables at their parent's house!  One decadent dessert was homemade Cheesecake bars drizzled with white chocolate.  I put up a good resistance for the first 4 hours being at the house.  {We ended up staying at their place for a LONG time and by the 5pm I caved in and tried out her cheesecake bar.}  I chose to eat Taco Salad and some Phad Thai.  I had a hard time figuring out how many servings or nutritional values each would equate to.  I don't think going to this party with measuring cups and a scale would have been appropriate--but I think next time, I just might have to!  So I estimated the best by just using my fist--something somebody told me to help with portions.   I did not want to overeat on the Phad Thai, and really increased the vegetables in the taco salad so I could maximize my veggie intake.
What was a planned 2 hours of visiting ended up being a 10 hour day. 
Sigh I think Sundays are going to be my biggest challenge days to keep my food in control. All in all I wished I had planned for an a whole day and evening for this so here's my battle plan:

My Battle Plan for Sundays and Unplanned Adventures:
  • Packing a water bottle is a must if one wants to hit their water intake goals.
  • Pre-pack snacks in the fridge of healthy snacks that can save me from Sweets!
  • Write down goals/ affirmations/encouragements  on a 3X5 card and place in my bag--I need something to help my mind stay focused on what my long term goals are and to encourage me to do the right thing if a day like this happens again!
  • Not sure what else, but if I think of anything I will add more to it!
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