Friday, February 3, 2012

21 Days Weight Loss Challenge Link up!

Alrighty ladies and gents! Link up your Blogs if you are in the Weight Loss Challenge! My goal is to have a full list of everyone's blog so readers can easily hop from one blog to the next! Also, I love being able to see everyone's blog and to read up on the progress. Thanks in advance! Here is the HTML code to put in your  blog posts:

For those never using html.  It's not too bad!  After composing your blog post, there should be an option to write in "HTML" format.  Hit that button and everything should change to html language.  Input the code at the bottom of your post.  Hit save and see if the code worked!

**Note I did change the Linky HTML to reflect what is on the Doc from the Facebook Mommy Blogger Group. Thanks! :)**