Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ellen Herndon Arthur, "Nell"

"Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all."
Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.  Give her the reward she has earned and let her works bring her praise at the city gate.  
Proverbs 31:29-31

Nell was Chester Arthur's Wife, I felt that she exuded just being a wife that even after death, remained such an influence to our President Chester.  She was so important to him, that Chester asked for roses to be placed underneath her portrait in the state hallway where everyone may see her.  I feel that a wife that has long past, yet remains to be dearly loved and remembered by her husband was certainly a wife who uplifted her husband and brought him good and not evil during her life.  I feel that Nell was a faithful and supportive woman to her husband.  She although died before seeing her husband get elected for president, kind of helped him get to where he was at.  I am reading and learning about the Faith of America's First Ladies--and I just thought I would share this with you all.  If I do ever die before my husband, I would want my children and my husband to remember me as a woman who surpasses them all.  Not that I do not want to have them be motherless and never have my husband remarry, but just leave them with all the wisdom I have, and a living example of a virtuous woman.  I want to impress upon them the virtues of the Proverbs 31 woman and leave them with that and not leave with an unfaithful housewife who was lazy! 

Monday, February 21, 2011

My Goals Tonight and Tomorrow

A virtuous or fine wife (noble character) is one who is capable, diligent, worthy and good.  Her worth cannot be measured in terms of costly jewels.  Her husband can have full confidence in her, with no need to fear any lack of honest gain.  Her efforts are put forth to help him.  Proverbs 31:10-12 (Believers' Bible Commentary)

Today my husband asked me something simple.  We've been sick for quite some time and he said that we should wash the sheets.  I said that it was a great idea, Ok!  His sentence after that floored me and gave me a bit of a reprove.  I hate doing laundry.  I do procrastinate.  I wish we had less of it, or more space to just store it.  Anyways, knowing this he said to me, "Hmm...I know we need it washed but I hate sleeping without sheets..."  This got me thinking about how my own laziness and own attitude with laundry has affected Andy.  I got to cut this out of my life, and be more diligent!  He works so hard, and I need to work hard too at home.  I desire to have my husband's confidence in me.  It is something to treasure and not to be taken lightly of.  For all those who are diligent and have kept their houses in order, I admire you!  Your work is not in vain.  Not in vain at all--God sees you and....your Husband does too!  This is something that your children will also see and call you blessed.  Proverbs 31: 28, 29.  I just want to encourage you all.  Lets keep keeping the home!

Priority One:  Finish my laundry and get sheets on the bed.
Two: Keep baby sleeping as long as possible!
Three: Create a Grocery List and Cut out any Coupons
Four: Make a lunch for Andy and Breakfast for tomorrow
Five: Organize Sponsors and List out Sponsor Dates on Calendar
Six: Post up Extra Entries for my March Madness Event
Seven: Write up at least one post for one sponsor
Eight: Post up Crayon Crocheted Afghan Review 

I love and hate lists, but I really like the fact that I can see where my priorities lay!
I had to several times make sure I got family related errands listed before my computer things :)

Goodnight!  Alas, my laundry has just beeped--ready for folding!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Waiting for Spring :)

I do not know about you, but I am awaiting spring time...Nice WARM weather, and just tons of wonderful flowers.  I cannot wait to take our little family out on a little venture out towards Eastern Washington, where they have so many little fields where we could make a stop and take pictures of the fields of flowers. 

I know that we can make it through this tough unrelenting cold weather (for those of you who have cold and chilly weather!) Hang in there!  The winter is something that is harsh, but oh how more we treasure the warmer weather ahead of us!

I was thinking of the verse, "Will God find any faith?"  I know that things are hard and circumstances more and more troubling.  But if you are seeing an end to this "winter" in your life, I ask you to have faith in God.  I ask you to hold on til the end.  I felt that push of forgetting everything I have believed in.  Things were hard.  My winter seemed to last forever.  God sees you.  He knows your name.  He created you.  You are loved no matter where you are at in life.  i know that there is nothing you can do that can ever keep Him from just coming to you---all you have to do is go to Him.  He takes care of the grass....and if he cares for something as minor as grass...think of how much He will take care of you--and love you!

If God so clothe the grass of the field, which today is and tomorrow is cast into the oven, shall he not much more clothe you, O ye of little faith?  (Matthew 6:30). 

Friday, February 18, 2011

TheraBreath Opportunity

To my readers :)
I wanted to let you know that I am going to be doing a product review of TheraBreath products. 
Brienne Arroyo has asked me to share with you, that she is looking for some bloggers to review their products! I thought, that you would love this opportunity to work with them by reviewing their products.  If you are interested please contact Brienne Arroyo, the Marketing Project Manager.  She is wonderful to work with, and be sure to thank her for the opportunity, let her know that I sent you, "Nathania Goforth".  

Information she needs:
Name of your blog
Url of your blog
Basic statistics about your blog that would be useful!

 LINKS TO TheraBreath:
TheraBreath - America's #1 Premium Oral Care Brand

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Funny Things with Our Dates

My husband and I do not seem to have great dates. Our first date ever, his 1976 Austin Mini, started having electrical issues 5 minutes after he picked me up from my apartment. We pulled over, and he started pulling out his tools in the middle of winter--I was cold in my cute outfit. But I was in love with how he can "fix things".  But it seems that we had a lot of trouble with electricity and dates...

See how small our car is?  Not a family car, sadly...we had to put it up
for sale...someone actually bought day we'll get another one :)

Okay...that was about 3 years ago?  I married him :)  
Okay...flash forward to two previous dates...

DATE: Christmas Date 2010
He wanted to take me out on a Movie Date this last December.  A much needed getaway for a while.  A good friend "mom" of ours decided that she would take care of Sophie for a few hours.  Well, we made it to the movie theatre---through the snow and through the cold air coming down from Alaska to little ole Washington.  We made it through the Previews, and five minutes later the lights when out, it was so gusty, that a tree took down the power lines!  So we went home and enjoyed a night in with Sophie.   
DATE: VALENTINES 2011.  Well, we had yet another chance for a Movie Date.  We got another good friend to volunteer to watch our little girl, and as we were getting ready to leave, oh yes.  You better believe it, the power went out!  It was another nice windy and cold night in the dark.  I loved it though.  Quite honestly, dinner with my good friend, my husband, and Sophie---and my favorite dish, Spaghetti with candle lights!  I loved it!  I just do not think we should go out anymore, people need to have their electricity.  It even hailed and rained!

So Grateful for you all!

iFellowshipWow, I cannot believe I was featured yesterday at IFellowship, Seeds Of Faith!
Thank you so much for featuring me! Chosen at random, but still Thank you so much for stopping by and for all your encouraging...encouragements!

Thank you so much for all your prayers and I am so happy to say: We have battled a long battle with this Sickness and it is OVER! The worst is gone, and now we are just slowly getting back into the swing of things! Thank you so much! I will repay you all a visit and cannot wait to see what I have been missing out on with your blogs :)

Also, I am working on getting a little something for you all.  Lots of reviews are lined up, and some giveaways in the middle of March early April. I am hoping to get some  "March Madness" Themed event going on.  I am going to feature some really neat shops.  I cannot wait to introduce you to them! :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day! :)

My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends. - John 15:12-13

Hatred stirs up dissension, but love covers over all wrongs. – Proverbs 10:12

Last time my husband and I had a big fight was on the day of our 2nd Anniversary.  It seems we always have a big fight on the days I expect things things to happen in a certain way.  Or for him to act in a way I think appropriate.  Even though we both love each other down deep inside, there are times that i forget how he would never do me harm or even intentionally mean to say something to hurt me or do something that I perceive as "unloving".  With all his being "He loves me" and when I forget this fact, there are times where what he does "seems" unloving and I feel unloved.  This is the cause for so many fights.  As a wife I must remember that love covers all wrongs (whether they are even true wrongs, or just wrongs I make up in my mind!).  I have found when I dismiss these thoughts of "he does not love me because of ______" and act LOVING to him, he responds by love.  No arguments or fighting included :)  

Update on our Family:
Sorry...nothing more baby is still sick, and now that daddy is better, I am just having it very rough now with my throat and tonsils swelling up and just aching.  I have so much to offer you all once this passes through and we are better.  

Upcoming Giveaways and Reviews:
I have some awesome reviews and giveaways that are coming up.  A Baby Bond is one thing that will be coming up as a giveaway with a review from me.  Perhaps we will do a "March Madness" how do you like the sound of that?  Another giveaway would be a Scentsy candle :)  I love nice scents...every day of the year.  I also have some goodies coming up--from a local farmer and family business in Washington, called the Bee Lady Honey and Barefoot Boys!  Maybe some handmade honey soap? or honey? or candles or honey sticks?  Not sure yet which one to offer to my readers!  Either way it will be wonderful and I am sure you will like it!  

Well, I got to take care of little one, and try to get  a little dinner for Andy planned.  Oh yeah...and I need to take care of myself too!  Sometimes it is so hard to forget.  

Galatians 6:9  Let us not be weary in well doing for we shall reap if we faint not.

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails. . .And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. - excerpts from 1 Corinthians 13:4-13

Sunflower picture taken by~vinyyli

Monday Blog Hop:

Sippy Cups and Cloth Bums

Friday, February 11, 2011

Eco Nuts Slogan: Need your help!

I entered into this contest, and I need your help to get into the top 3.
I personally have inputed one of the slogans:
Eco Nuts: Nature's simple remedy for dirty laundry 
I would love it if you picked mine!
Thank you for your help! It only takes a minute.
Eco Nuts is a soap nut that actually comes from a tree.
A bag of these nuts replaces your laundry detergent AND your softner because it does both!

Thank you all,


While working on getting Reviews & Giveaways for my blog, I would love to get some feedback on things that interest you or that you are excited about.  This will help me focus on what you, the readers would enjoy!

Please post up what you would like to see on my blog! 

Updates on our Family

The Battle of the Sore throat
This is the first time our Little One baby is sick.  In fact Andy and I are battling some really bad sore throats!  I have it worse out of them all.  Being the mom taking care of Daddy and baby while sick can make mom sickest of all!  With coughing, runny nose, and a cup of hot tea, honey, and lemon I get through the day with baby.  Breastfeeding is so hard I have to admit.  Perhaps its a mindset too, but my body just does not feel up to producing milk!  For a week I have been giving the bottle a lot more, and I do not feel guilty about a little Enfamil in her diet.

Lucky for us, Sophie, has not been coughing too much.  She mainly has a dry cough at night and early in the morning.  Any body can explain that?  She chipper, and actively babbling away during her wake hours.  I cannot believe how much of a trooper she is!  I do not believe she is a seriously sick baby.  She has a steady going appetite, and is not lethargic or anything.  So, I am not worried to the point of rushing her out the door to see doctor. No fever too, so...not worried, but worried at the same time because this is her first time being sick!

Sore Throats On Google
Have you ever had a child in bed and while you tucked him in for rest, you googled all the possibilities for a diagnosis?  I have spent an hour on Google, just trying to figure out what bad sore throat we've got and running back and forth to the bathroom mirror to see if I have "yellow or white spots" on my tonsils.  Nothing.  I have tried and found so many suggestions to what we have!

In the end, I think what I want to hear is "Your little daughter, Sophie, has ______.  But do not worry, it will just take 2-3 days to go away.  In the meantime please do A, B, and C.  Mom and Dad, you do not need to worry the Sore throat going through is just your average Sore Throat, no complications!"

C.  Home Treatments (some info from Webmd)
In the meantime I am sipping away at some hot tea with honey from a friend of mine who owns some hives and a local washington farm.  She called me and reminded me that I had some in the cupboard!  I totally forgot about how good honey is to the throat.  Very soothing!
  • Make some Salty Warm Water for gargling
    • The Salt can in a sense dehydrate most bacteria cells.  The high concentration of salt outside of the bacteria cell causes the water to come out from cells.  Thereby, dehydrating the bacteria, and in the end killing it!  
    • How I know this?  I took a Microbiology class :)  Was very interesting to see all the little things that get us sick. 
  • Always drink lots of water
    • I recommend your favorite hot tea bag, a tablespoon of honey, and a lemon slice
    • Water keeps your nasal passage, and throat nice and moist instead of dry
    • Thins out that mucos, which is a good thing
    • Do not get yourself in a bad state of dehydration!
  • Have a Vaporizer or Humidifier going in your room
  • Get some rest!
    • I did not do this, and got myself off on a worse position.
    • I overworked myself, and now I am paying for it, not worth it!
Sore Throat Links:

Incredible Slide Show with great concepts and explanations for Sore Throat/ Cold!

    Thursday, February 10, 2011

    Annoucing the Winner of Valentine Cards

    Winner was drawn at Random using none other than

    A very big Thank You for all of you who joined my first ever giveaway!
    I have wonderful upcoming reviews in store for you!  

     Review & Giveaway from Eco Nuts is coming soon!!
    Stay tuned for further news and updates with
    Facebook: Nathania Goforth!

    Wednesday, February 9, 2011

    Word-filled Wednesdays

    Something that I am learning now that I am married, is the part of me that desire to talk when it is time for bed.  It seems that my inner clock loves talking right before bed--I have this urge for many conversations or a list of things I want done and feel I have to tell him right before bed.  God hit me in the face with this Bible verse---very gently but firmly corrected me today.  Our new baby girl in our life has caused us many sleepless nights.  He slept in the living room last night.  As I looked for a verse for today, God led me to find this one.  Part of being a home maker and keeper of the house--I need to keep my husband's needs in front of what I want.  He is a hard worker, even when he is sick.  God bless the men in our lives with sweet sleep!

    There are times where he does stay up to help take care of our little girl.  There are times when he sleeps.  I never knew that my role before God would be to "Let sleeping men lie".

    Tuesday, February 8, 2011

    Shutterfly Valentine Card Giveaway!

    Closed! Winner has been drawn!

    Shutterfly has generously offered one of my readers a 25 free Valentine Cards!
    This will be ending quite soon just because of how close February 14 is approaching.

    Rules:  Mandatory Entry required for Extra Entries to count. 
    If I say 3 entries--leave 3 posts!
    Leave Email with each post.
    Winner will be drawn at random 2/10
    At 12 noon PST

    Mandatory Entry: Become a GFC follower of my blog!
    Please leave me your email so I can contact you! (1 entry)

    Extra Entries:  
    Go to and tell me what card you would pick out! (1 Entry)  
    For TWO Extra Entries, name someone special in your life and share why. (2 entries)
    Follow me on Twitter  and include your twitter handle. (2 Entries)
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    #Win 25 Valentine Cards from Shutterfly!  Enter here:

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    Comment on any of my posts--come back here and tell me which one you read (1 entry)

    A giveaway/review from Granola Mommy of 2

    At Granola Mommy of 2, there is a wonderful review for Doddle Dypes!
    Along with this review is a chance to win one of your own Doodle Dypes!
    Enter here for Granola Mommy of 2's giveaway for a wonderful Doodle diaper!

    Also from Granola Mommy of 2 is a review and giveaway for  a Green Bumkin Kitchen Wet Bag!
    These wetbags are so awesome!  With two straps to cling on to anywhere!   They look very hardy too!  I am crossing my fingers to win one!

    Lastly, Granola Mommy of 2 has a delicious review from BFF Sweets!  Chocolate Covered Oreos!  Can nothing sound better in the world--Just in time for some Valentine snacking!  Get your tastebuds going!

    Monday, February 7, 2011

    Oliver's Labels Review

    How Oliver's Labels began....

    "It all began with a small idea to keep Oliver, my nephew, from losing his stuff. After seeing the overwhelming positive reaction from his teachers and other parents, I realized there was a huge demand for high quality labels. I used my 6 years of experience in the printing industry to develop a label that was both durable and beautiful. The business was born and now our full-colour designs and exclusive Found-it™ tracking system are a few of the things that set Oliver's Labels apart from the competition." - Debbie (taken from

    My Thoughts on the product:

    I had the opportunity to try their Original and Mini labels, their Shoe Labels and their Stick-eez Clothing Labels.  I really enjoyed using these labels.  They are customizable, and they were willing to work with me with putting "I'm with Sophie" instead of just first and last name.  This was really fun for me to design!  I choose the Animal Faces Design.  
     Easy packaging.  The labels came pretty quickly, and it was in an envelope protected by a plastic zip bag.  This zip bag had instructions right on it!  It also came with a booklet of its many uses, more pictures of designs, products, and where to order more when the time came.  This is what I received in the mail to review.  My first impression was that they definitely very colorful and ...cute.... When I peeled the label off it stuck onto my daughter's things, they were pretty much "stuck" to it.  I know it would take quite an effort to unstick them!  They can go through a lot.  The labels are made up of vinyl and have such a nice look and feel to them.  They feel thick and I know that they are not going to tear up.  
     I placed them on various clothing items.  I loved the fact that I could stick them onto clothes!  I washed it, and they were still there!  I read that they were meant to withstand the wash and....they did!  A more permanent solution for clothes is their Iron-On Labels which they have on their site!

    Have you ever had the problem of losing your childrens' shoes?  You would have one pair, but had no idea where the other was?  I have had this problem at church.  We would be carrying her around, and once we looked down one or both shoes were missing!  Also, if I found a tiny shoe at church we would run into the problem of "whose shoe is this?"  I remember scanning the running kids about church trying to figure out who owned this tiny shoe!  With Oliver's Labels, having a name in the shoe proves really useful in finding the little owner!

     I kind of had fun doing these dishes.  I figured daycare or something someone might just mistake her plates and cups for belonging to the daycare or school.  I like being able to label them as hers!  Perfectly sized too!  I allowed sometime to fly by before washing them.  No problem here after washing and drying them!

     I have always had problems losing her bibs.  I would drop them or something.  I do not know how I lose them, but hey now I got these tags on them.  I used a Stick-eez Clothing label.  I did some twisting just to see what would happen to the label, and washing, and drying and it still stayed on.  It got a bit wrinkled from the twisting, but I did twist it hard just to see if it would come off.  I rough housed it just to see what damage I would do.  Under normal circumstances the most roughing it would get in my house is probably in the laundry.  And even in the laundry it would not get twisted as hard I purposefully did.  I'm satisfied with its endurance!

    Overall Opinion: 
    I really enjoyed using these labels.  They are customizable, and they were willing to work with me with putting "I'm with Sophie" instead of just first and last name.  
    With many designs to choose from, I think you would enjoy these labels.  I got a little carried away taking a long time playing around with the different designs.  They have waterproof labels such as Shoe labels, Iron-on Clothing Labels, their Original labels, a Safety Wristbands, Large and Mini Bag Tags. 

    I found them so useful.  I know as Sophie grows older there will be many uses that I would use these labels for.  Especially when she gets old enough for slumber parties, school events, and much more.  In the future, I plan on purchasing more from Oliver's Labels.
    They have a really neat feature option that you can choose to go with your labels.  It is called the "Found-It" tracking code system.  If your child loses something, there is a website that person can go to and a 9 digit serial number that will allow Oliver's Labels to get in contact with you.  It is a free feature.  Although I did not chose this option, I regret that I hadn't!  In the future, however, I am going to add this to my labels!  

    Overall I think this was a well-made product and I would recommend this to you all, my readers!

    Where to buy:
    Please go to and purchase your set of Oliver's Labels!  These labels are perfect if you have kids going off to school, and you have the need to put their name on their things!  They are quite hardy.  The labels that I have stuck to Sophie's dishes have not come off after washing. 

    I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. Tomoson Product review & giveaway Disclosure.

    Sunday, February 6, 2011

    Tropical Traditions Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil Review

    Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil

    I have to say they have great shipping!  The Coconut Oil came so fast, I barely had time to prepare the other two ingredients for making my lotions!  I could tell by the way the two jars were packaged, that they take great care of us and their products.  I will never fear of my oils cracking open.  I wished I took a picture for you all to see, but believe me--it was pretty secure and safely packed into that box. 

    I unscrewed the jar and I was taken back by the wonderful delicious scent of fresh coconut oil!  I never have been excited about how something smells unless its food--and this has such a freshness to it!  I desired to eat it right out of the jar.  Knowing that one cooks with coconut oil, I could not wait to incorporate the coconut oil into my cooking and not just for lotions and butters and soaps.  So much versatility in this healthy product!

    After enjoying the smells of the coconut oil, I knew that I will be getting my oils from here when I need to make more lotions, butters, and soaps.  I was set!  Their products just sell themselves!  There's no need for any more advertisement or persuasion here!  I took some pictures of what I did with the coconut oil!  I was very happy and satisfied with the result of using their coconut oil. I look forward to working with them as I begin my little business here! :)

     About them and their "traditions"

    I have been looking for products that I can incorporate into lotions and butters.  When I visited Tropical Traditions I really loved how everything that they were and are was very much "natural".  From the way they are upfront on "WHERE" their products come from.  They are an honest company with nothing to hide.  All their products keep to the traditional way of being produced.  When I started reading through their website, I found that they support the families in the Philippines.  The process of extracting coconut oil is highly time-consuming and instead of resorting to a less traditional way --they just expanded their workforce with more people!  Also, they the Filipinos were able to find a very "ingenius" way of extracting the precious oil from the coconuts that made the oil much more pure, delicious, and therefore richer in antioxidants.  

    Upon discovering the coconut oil and all the wonderful Coconut products, Tropical Traditions offers a vast array of products:

    Grass fed meats--Beef, Bison, Lamb,

    Poultry that is cage free and feed coconut fed!  No soy products.  Their eggs are Soy free!

    Other things that they have are Household cleaners, Healthy oils--Omega 3 Fish Oils, Palm Oil, Olive Oil, Pet Foods and Skin care products, and great recipes
    And so much more! 

    Chicken Satay with Coconut Peanut Sauce

     There is also no worry here of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) which is up for some debate with many.  I personally endeavor to just steer away from modified DNA in foods I eat just because we do not know yet of the outcomes of this technology!  (sort of like x-rays).  I just do not mind having my fruits and veggies having a few bruises on them  you know?  Its okay if my food is not looking all that "perfect"! 

    Tropical Traditions truly could not have had more perfect founders--Brian W. Shilhavy and Marianita Jader Shilhavy.  She is a Certified Nutritionist or Dietician in the Philippines.  He is a studier of the Bible and graduated from the Moody Bible Institute.  You have a company that is founded on the Bible and with the knowledge of a Certified Nutritionist!  What more could you ask?  They KNOW about healthy living in all aspects, Spiritual and Natural health.  I greatly appreciate that they do not in any way push anything on you, but is just very evident that they believe in God in how they operate their business with integrity, honesty, purity, and excellence.  I read about how Brian found peace with God.  His honesty just really helped me realize that this company is not based on greed but is personable and plainly a company that I can find myself going back to time and time again.  

    I highly recommend all they have to offer you on their site!
    Will I buy more from their site?  ABSOLUTELY!
    Thank you so much Tropical Traditions for allowing me to review your products!

    They provided the two jars of Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil free of charge, and this did not in any way affect my review of their product!