Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Rival Hearts by Randel

I was pulled into this book. Author Randel writes in a manner that makes it easy for a reader to be "in" the book. Her work in Rival Hearts is one that I admire because of its fluidity and cohesiveness as we are pulled along for a ride in the lives of the character. The book has a great pace and I did not feel like it was rushed or dragged too long. I have read several books in the Quilts of Love Series and there are a few I just want to read over again because it is that good! Rival Hearts is one of them.

Rival Hearts took me by surprise as we are wrapped up in a contest between Molly, a skilled quilter, and the charmer,Ben Weaver, a sportive, all about outdoors man. Their boss Masterson turns their world upside down as he sets his two best magazine editors against each other for a promotion as editor in chief. As Molly and Ben find themselves out of their comfort zone, they find out what they truly desire is more than just a promotion. The plot though a bit obvious was not boring by any means. Author Randel kept things interesting as each character developed and grew.

 I found myself intrigued and reading till I found out who wins the promotion. and was pleasantly surprised how Randel stitched everything together. I also appreciated how the ending was satisfying without any loose ends. I would without a doubt recommend this book to a friend.

Disclosure: I was given a reviewer's copy of the book.  I have given my honest review and was not obligated to write a positive review.