Friday, February 10, 2012

21 Day Challenge: Weight Loss Challenge Day 10

Exercised today!  It was at the last minute too.  It was so hard to get my hour in today, because there seemed to be interruptions and I was needed as a wife and mom.  I drank hard today and got in 8 glasses.  I ate right, and was glad to take a break from cooking with a "lunch date" with my  husband, Andy.  It was relaxing.  I was able to sit down and enjoy life and food.  I was amazed that everything I ordered was really just the right amount of food.  Normally I felt like I ought to eat ALL that I can and order to make sure I am full, but this time I ordered what I wanted to eat.  I ordered Half a Sandwich with Fresh Veggies and a cup of soup.  I did not get to eat the soup--little one got it, but I got the rest.  I was satisfied and happy.  Took a bite of dessert too.  Packed the rest home, and was again satisfied and not craving more than a bite or two.

It's been a Week!
It has been about a week since I started this Fit Moms For Life Weight Loss Challenge.  My initial weight was 176.8lbs.  In the beginning I was hesitant to start anything, but knowing that if I commit myself to this 21 day challenge then I will be accountable to other women!  Here's more about the challenge-- and I'd love it if you emailed me if you are interested in joining up for the next challenge starting in March! 

So what do I have to say after a week? I am feeling good.  I feel healthier and my jeans do not feel so snug on me.  In short, I feel more alive.   The first couple of days of working out was hard.  I will not lie-I felt sore.  But it felt good to be sore.  It made me feel like I accomplished something that day. I believe that my perspective on who I am is changing.  Instead of "I can't" I do feel like "I can accomplish".  Even if it is just one day at a time, one push up at a time...inside I feel more confident. 

Beginning the Journey of Weight Loss is never easy.  For so long I never liked exercise.  Some of my reasons for not taking time out of my day to exercise was the fact that I felt uncomfortable.  I felt like it was too hard.  I know it's going to hurt!  But I have to encourage you that though exercise is not pleasant at gets better.  I did not like it at first, but committed myself each day to make right choices food wise, and then to take each exercise with a deep breath.  After a couple of days I found myself accomplishing little things like doing a push up, or holding a plank position.  You find yourself losing some inches here and there and for me my biggest amazement and amusement were my biceps!  I got biceps hiding in my arms!  I love it.  It drives me to do that last set of push ups....Anyways I just wanted to encourage you:  Beginning the Journey of Weight Loss is never easy, But is definitely worth it.  

I also wanted to add...that I really appreciate not being alone in this journey.  During this challenge I have been encouraged when I was discouraged.  I love hearing and reading about their journeys and stories and experiences.  It's been a good week.  I am enjoying this Weight Loss Journey :)  If you want to, remember shoot me an email, and next month you can gear up with other women and moms and take the first steps of your own journey!  But you will not be alone!

Food Log:
Breakfast: 2 Cage free Eggs and Blueberries
Snack: Apple, Blueberries, Banana
Lunch: 1/2 Reuben Sandwich on Rye with Raw Vegetables
Snack: Toast and Peanut butter
Dinner: Green Salad and Chicken

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Disclaimer: This post is in conjuction with the 21 Day Mommy Blogger Weight Loss Challenge with Dustin Maher. I am doing the Fit Moms for Life Program. I have received the program for free and have not been paid to write this post. All opinions are mine. For more information on the program please learn more about it here: Fit Moms for Life