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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ben Suprunowski update

A friend of mine shared this prayer request earlier this weeek.  Please pray.  Miracles are happening and God is moving strongly.  There is a time of testimony that speaks to the soul about Jesus Christ and His Death and Resurrection--people have come to know about how wonderful God is and that He is real through Ben's stay at the hospital and his faith in God.  When God moves a person to believe in Jesus Christ and the power of the Cross to believe in Him and in Him alone--this I say is a miracle!  Below is a post by  David J Seehusen.  Thank you for praying!

blood pressure is ok. not stable enough to continue to do the intense surgeries that are necessary, hopefully that will change soon...on his way to get his braces off, he went into a tunnel and a car coming out of the tunnel crossed over the line and hit him head on. an entire family; guy wife, three kids in an SUV- walked away just fine all of them. had to pry ben out of the car/tunnel with the jaws of life. 1 puncture lung, the other collapsed. they were able to keep him alive with the breathing tube. had to be revived 3-5 times "he tried to leave us a few times". blood pressure keeps dropping. so they knew he had internal bleeding. by the grace of God the blood pressure raised so he was able to travel to Portland. every organ is filled with blood. they all have to be fixed. but nothing can be worked on till his lungs are better which wont happen till his blood pressure is raised... his pelvis broke in half and each half broke in half again. (which you can die from- he is being held together by a machine that is holding all 4 pieces together) they keep having to give him blood transfusions... 6 times the amount of blood he has, has been put back into him and now 30 units of fluid. a little movement from his fingers and toes, which means he is not paralyzed (in theory), they initially thought both legs were broken, but their no longer sure about that. the prayer is that he stays alive till the morning and by that time his blood pressure has raised enough to start some intensive surgeries

specifically for the family- "its going to be a long haul, that everyone can stick with it and stay strong. its really draining and tiresome with all the family and babies to take care of. but we are being well taken care of, the body has come along side to help in moral and spiritual support."

please share the link to this note with everyone and anyone!!! continue to pray that Ben would stay with us a little longer!

much love to all,


Wednesday Blog Hops! (Also on my Pages Blog Hops)

Its Hump Day!

Blog Hopping time! I am participating in two right now... :)
One from Mommy Only Has Two hands and the second one from Jessica's Coupons
Check it out! :) Also I have a separate tab for Blog Hopping for other blog hopping buttons. :)

Shelf Reliance

A Truly Unique Company--in my mind!

I have never seen anything like Shelf Reliance.  I have to tell you all about this website.  They are all about helping families prepare for emergency disasters.  From waterproof matches which such a steal at under a $1.00, to a Cansolidator Pantry---which helps stores up to 40 cans on a shelf.  They offer foods which come from all of the seven different food groups--all that can be kept in storage ready for an emergency.  It's amazing, what they do check it out for yourself and though it's pricey, you must keep in mind that it will last your months and I believe they offer payment plans.
Also right now they have up to 30% off on their Food Rotation Systems.  5% of the money goes to help others in need. 

Ah. I cannot forget to mention about their Emergency Kits and Supplies.  Everyone can use an emergency kit!  They have a nice assortment of kits and supplies--great for camping and road trips right?  Their prices are reasonable overall.  I recommend checking out this website:

Cute Tutus from Lil Dumplings! Giveaway on Rumsack's Blog

I just found this out on facebook!  I hope you guys will enjoy this from Rumpsack!
For reaching 1000 fans on facebook, Rumpsack is having a little giveaway party!
I caught this a bit too late, I'm sorry, so hurry on in for she is having her 6th Giveaway from lil Dumplings.
Okay so start going in and putting your entries!  Here's a tutu from Lil' Dumplings

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 For your chance to win some of their products enter here at  

And Then There Were 4... 

I love their wonderful ways of keeping stuff....well snapped shut!

Here is a little something from their website:

Why we do what we do

Helping you organize your life is the driving force behind every product Snapware develops. From food and home storage containers to the garage and beyond, Snapware has a container that will help you store, serve or transport your perishable and household items.
We figure if we help you declutter your life, you'll be able to spend more time on the things that matter the most to you. Like taking your kids to the park, curling up with that book you've been saving or going out to dinner with your spouse or best friend.
Our pledge to you is that we will continue to develop new organization solutions to help you simplify your life so that you can experience more of life's special moments.

How we do it

Behind every design is a discussion about the individual, family and home. We watch and listen to your needs. You want nesting glass food storage containers? We'll design that. The kids need a fun way to store their crafts or toys? We've got colorful storage containers with a labeling system that makes putting things away creative and fun. You get the idea.
We also talk to our retail partners about marketplace trends and we involve our employees who are at the heart of making sure we maintain world-class manufacturing.
We work hard to deliver storage solutions that meet or exceed your expectations. To make that happen, we invest in proprietary designs and manufacturing processes that set us apart. We test, retest and test again. We want to make sure every Snapware product that finds its way into your home will exceed your expectations.
This philosophy has allowed Snapware to grow into a global brand throughout North America and into Latin American, Australia, Asia, and Europe.

Our Christmas

I'm never ever going to get it in life unless I am able to just sit down, shut down my mind that loves to go and go and go! This Christmas was very different for our family.  Our new little one now three months old does not really know anything that is going about her.  We did not get a tree until the day before Christmas--Andy at work fell a 124 foot tree and kept the top!  This was truly a fun experience.  It was not exactly a full tree--limbs were not symmetrical, there were many holes---lol like part of the right side of the tree did not have ANY branches at all!  A Charlie Brown Tree :)  We did not have as many presents to give away this year, nor did we have tons of presents under the tree.  I know that my mind wanted to give this little darling of mine a full Christmas Tree, with colorful colors of wrapped gifts, and a train or something buzzing around the tree.  I felt like a failure.  We used to have so much income coming in, but with me being pregnant with our first, I had to stop.  I guess I felt a lot of guilt for not having the Christmas I see in movies, and books, and songs.  But when I look into my husband's eyes, I know that we are good.  Our family is blessed.  We are in good health.  We are together.  What gifts we got were blessings and what we needed.  Time spent with family and friends was full and warm and lasting.  My regrets about not working and staying home just melt away when I think about this Christmas. 

I have learned a valuable golden lesson This Christmas that I thought I knew and practiced.  I know that God is taking care of us, and Christmas is not about gifts or about how much holiday decor we have around the house.  I have got to stop and remember that it is a remembrance of what God gave to us--a Savior.  He did not have the gold, the crown, the riches of this life, he was born in the most humbling of places.  His parents were going from house to house, they were turned away.  "No room"  sorry.  He was surrounded by animals, not the coziness and splendor of wealth.  Our Savior was born.  We celebrate his birth., and we must not forget this.  I know that next year I will be running around trying to get things ready for Christmas, but I know I want to remember and WILL remember what christmas is really all about.

We make Christmas and every Holiday special, not the other way around.  I don't know...Too many times I have gotten stressed out preparing for or celebrating the holidays that I don't stop to see that my husband, daughter, and friends are just happy to be together!  
Treasure the time spent with people.  Don't let "stuff" make us miss what is meaningful.

Erik Organic Crib Giveaway

Your chance to win a free handcrafted baby crib, from Erik Organic Furniture.

I love coconut oil!

Mommy's Blessings offers not only a daily wonderful look into her life with Mommy's daily struggles--and blessings! I love going to her site for encouragement!

Today, you have got to head over and check out her Tropical Traditions Coconut Giveaway! :)
Be sure to read her blogs, for I think you will like them too!

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“Final Giveaway Extra Entry” 29 Days of Diaper Giveaway!

 29 Days of Diaper Giveaway is at last coming to an end!  Lots of extra entries too!

I know it is a little late for posting it, sorry, I had not found it out earlier!
Christmas around the corner and everything!


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tropical Traditions Giveaway at The Maniacal Matron's Blog
An awesome giveaway at Maniacal Matron! So excited about this giveaway!  I just wanted to share this with my readers!  Coconut Oil from Tropical Traditions Health Buyer's Club.  Coconut oil is a really healthy thing to incorporate into your life.  One way is of course cooking, but also....Soap and lotions!  I am hoping that you will enjoy reading about how you can use Coconut Oil as well as you can purchase it online here Tropical Traditions
One lucky reader will win their very own 32 ounce jar of this yummy stuff! (US residents only!)
This giveaway ends January 2, 2011 at 10pm EST

HEAVENLY SAVINGS: Purely Night Light Review and Giveaway

HEAVENLY SAVINGS: Purely Night Light Review and Giveaway: "My Thoughts on Purely Healthy Night Light Upon hearing about the Purely Night Light I knew it had to do something healthy but I did not..."

Purely Products New Healthy Night Light ™ is An Air Purifier Inside a Night Light
  • The light is an LED light with a built-in ionizer that releases negative ions that clean the air, removing dust mites, pollen, mold spores, pet dander, smoke and other airborne allergens.
  • Long life LED 35,000 hours
  • Cleans the air 24/7. It works whether or not the night light is lit.
  • The 1-Watt light costs just pennies per year to operate.
  • Effective in a room up to 12’ x 12'
  • Automatic on-off light that is cool to the touch
  • Perfect for practically any room of the house. but is especially great for the bathroom, nursery, garage, or kitchen.
  • Available in cream, pink or blue.
  • 100% 2 Year Warranty - unconditionally guaranteed.

enter in for your chance to win this at
I really love the science behind all of what they do here with Purely Products.  I read their blogs, and follow them on twitter now!  I have studied microbiology in my college studies!  I love finding out ways microbiology moves from classroom and textbook knowledge to something real!

Another giveaway Mommys Blessings is doing is doing a review of Saints coffee.
Saints Coffee is committed to helping those in need in different parts of the world particularly orphans in Africa.

You can check out Mommys Blessings and enter in to her coffee giveaway from Saints Coffee


I have found that my husband is such a wonderful man! :)  We are going through a book/Bible study called Love and Respect--we are watching the videos (absolutely great and funny)!  Andy is a very patient person, and it's like I feel that I am so lacking! lol but I know he loves me. This would be a neat way to just show appreciation in one another as well as just a way to make your special one--well, feel more special! :)

Union28--a little bit about them from their website:
Marriage was created to be a blessing and a little kindness, selflessness, and respect goes a long way. Accept the fact that your spouse isn't perfect and then start taking notice of all the good things they bring to the table! Pretty soon you can train your mind to be grateful for who they are as opposed to feeling disappointed about who they are not. When you allow yourself to believe that your spouse rocks, you will free yourself from the downward spiral and temptation of self-pity, disappointment, and even despair. The fact is, your spouse is probably a greater blessing than you allow yourself to lay down your expectations and praise your spouse for his/her attributes. After all, the key is to change yourself! And you'll be surprised at the positive affect it has on the one you choose to love...and you! By making fun, cute, chic, and special apparel for husbands, wives, and children, to show the world how much they mean to you, Union28 really has paved a way for Godly relationships to blossom into the fullest. 

Anyways....I just found this great review and giveaway at Mommy's Blessings which features awesome sweaters, shirts, onsies that displays your love for one another~  I guess it is  a great way to promote how much YOU LOVE EACHOTHER! hehe :)

Monday, December 20, 2010

luvsjurn3 is has a review and giveaway! :)

check out the giveaway at for some cute iplay baby wear!

 Okay some cute wear that they have at iplay baby wear's site! :)  hehe 

Saturday, December 18, 2010

giveaway at my baby's green

THREE lucky winners will receive a grab bag of 5 AIO cloth diapers

There are many cloth diapers (pockets, or all-in-ones, etc) that are designed to keep your baby's bottom dry. They are easy to wash, easy to use, and cute too.  You can even resell them which is something you can't do that with disposables! The upfront cost of cloth diapers can be a big chunk of money, but in the long run you save. Especially if you use AIO cloth diapers like these that grow with your child! 

Although the outer shell of this product is made from polyester/PUL materials, instead of all organic construction, the benefits of having a long lasting, reusable diaper outweighed the importance of the the outer fabrics that were used.  We believe that a long lasting reusable has the potential of keeping a great deal of disposables out of landfills over the life time of the diaper and parents happy at the same time.

On December 18, you can save 50% off EVERYTHING including cloth diapers.  Only a couple manufacturers will not let me offer their products that low so they will be temporarily disabled. Discount code will be displayed on MBG FB page and at the top right of this blog page. IF MBG FB page reaches 3000 by Dec 29, I will post another code for the same deal that can be used on Dec 30! 

All I Want For Christmas at And Then There Were 4: Zippo Lighters

Okay, so my husband loves candles!  I had no idea that he would be such a fire guy! I guess I should have known when on one of our first dates he had lit something on fire, on his front porch steps.  Took 10 minutes to get stuff set up...and I could have cared less, but He was so INTO it! lol  So here's another great giveaway I found on And Then There Were 4

It is another day of All I Want For Christmas!  Enjoy entering in!  It is for some nice handy Zippo Lighters!




  • Three times more very fine bristles with wide oval format, massage gums gently
  • Lasts 9 months
  • American Dental Association “Accepted” for prevention of gingivitis and removal of plaque
  • Right or left ergonomic handle ensures dentist recommended 45 ยบ angle of bristle to teeth
  • Handle made of wood-based cellulose, sourced from sustainable yield forests
  • Non-aligned bristle layout to avoid tooth erosion
  • Beautiful Award-winning design
They also offer Kidz toothbrushes and Baby tooth brushes!!!
Interested in making a purchase?  Check it out at

Also Enter to win one at

All I Want For Christmas Day 8

Victoria Osteen continues her storybook series with a royal adventure.  This children's book tells the story of two friends on an imaginary journey into an extraordinary world of knights, kings, castles, princes and princesses.  Told in a fun, fast and rhyming pace, your child is sure to love this exciting adventure about how the greatest gifts come from the heart.

To purchase your own copy click this link here----->Gifts from the heart

There is a giveaway for a book that Victoria Osteen found in the "All I Want For Christmas" event held at And Then There 4's blog. Ener to win this book here -------> Day 8 Giveaway!

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Finding Blessings in Everyday Life: Tassimo T20 Review and Giveaway!!!

I just entered into Finding Blessings in Everyday Life's Review and Giveaway

Wow, I would defintely want this in my kitchen!  I have a hard time making coffee because of all the steps I need to do!  Way easier to just order a cup of coffee....or mocha....from starbucks or some neat little cafe shop!  I would really want this in my house...with a push of a button and one minute later (instead of fumbling over to find coffee beans, grinder, filter, water, etc....)  I would LOVE to have this!  Enter here for your chance to win! There is a link up above or click here---------->Finding Blessings in Everyday Life: Tassimo T20 Review and Giveaway!!!

Lynhea Designs Diaper Review

I am very excited to review this diaper for Heather at Mommy Only Has Two Hands.
She is a wonderful work at home mom, and I really appreciate her Etsy store!
Here you will see that 1 dollar of every sale goes toward Rescuing a girl from human trafficking at  You can sign up for her newsletter:

Alrighty, now that you know what a good hearted stay at home mom she is now to the diaper review! :)
I really enjoy the fun prints on this diaper, Sophie really liked them, and would stare at it and pick at it at times!
Trim and Light 
  What I really like about the diaper is that it is super lightweight and not bulky at all! A problem that I run into a lot of the times is that cloth diapers are too big and you just cannot snap in that onsie!  Heather's diapers are very trim and light weight--two things I am very happy about!  I love being able to dress her up without worrying about the cloth diaper not fitting underneath her clothes!  This has been the slimmest and trimmest diaper I have tried. 

Absorbancy Liners/Wetting etc
It absorbed well!  I got a good two to three uses out of the diaper.  By the second time I could feel the outsides of the diaper to be a bit damp, but it was not bad so I went ahead and used it again.   The liner works great but sometimes moves around because Sophie moves about here and there.  I recommend getting  a soaker for it--works perfectly.  You can easily fit any of your other inserts in there like a cottonbaby liner or bum genius or a small prefold.  I found it hard though to use my larger prefolds, they were too big and bulky for this diaper, and I found it difficult to snap the diaper close.  I had to find my smaller prefolds when I ran out of my inserts.  Other than that I am happy with its overall ability to absorb and work! :)  For its slimness and lightness--in regards to its ability to be used again about 3x as well as absorption---I am very pleased and satisfied.

 Washing and Drying
I was happily surprised that washing and drying this diaper was fast. I simply hung it in my laundry room and by the next day it was pretty much dry! Line drying can usually take a long time, but I was pleased at the amount of time it took for both diaper and liner to dry.  Overall it washed really well, and was not coarse or scratchy, but still was nice and soft.  I like the fact that it did not require a real hot sun to dry out the diaper--which is very important to me because in Washington it is usually overcast anyway!  So inside drying was not bad at all for me. I think this is a very important feature.  
Fitting around those chubby cute legs and back
Incorporated in the diaper are the elastic holes for the legs.  I love this feature.  Sophie's legs are just snug enough not to allow leakage, and I know that this will stretch as she gets chubbier and bigger.  The fit is just nice!  Something that I noticed that was NOT happening to me were leg markings.  Whenever I used disposable diapers, I had problems with the leg marking up her legs. But I love the fit of this diaper. 

Another thing I like is that there is an elastic going on the back of the diaper that keeps it nice and snug around her backside! It helps keep everything inside.
The snaps allow you to adjust to your baby's unique size and with the stretchy elastic on the legs and backside, the diaper will fit snug like a glove.  An awesome fit!  No awkward bunching or odd fit at all.
Like the perfect jeans, it almost hugs your baby in the right way on her rump, legs and back. 

I would recommend this diaper to anyone looking for a nice trim and slim diaper!
I recommend this cloth diaper and will continue using it for I really like it! 

Be sure to check out her blog at Mommy Only Has Two Hands for great reviews and giveaways!

Thank you so much for letting me review your diaper!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Green blog hop

Just starting out being a bit more greener.  So...slowly little by little I am using cloth diapers! :)  I guess it is starting with one baby diaper at a time! :)
Something that I am trying out now is just using more natural things for laundering-- like vinegar, baking soda.  Just trying out a few cloth diapers till I get the hang and the stash growing! :)  Anything helps I guess!  Just being a little bit conscious of what I do like instead of using paper napkins and paper towels--our family is using cloth, dish rags, and just washable material to clean spills and messes. It is really not too hard if I start a bit at a time.  :) 


Okay, So It is Day 6 of All I Want For Christmas!  Today, there is a Baby Wash from Organic Baby Gift Boutique!  I have visited their site and it is stocked full of sweet babylicious things.  I personally love their Winter gift set which includes episencial Soothing Cream and the foaming wash.  I know that winter is dry and cold, and not fun for me (when my skin gets dry) so I know Sophie is not going to do well if I do not take care of her!  So Check out And Then There Were 4's All I Want For Christmas Day 6 giveaway for your chance to get a baby wash! :) 

What a day of giveaways!  I have been on the internet just looking for neat ideas that I could do at home, and here I am encountering a number of great giveaways!  Too....enticing to giving up because I still need some things like a Wet bag, some Fluffy Cloth diapers to start a "stash" (good deals and cute ones).  SO here is another one of them!  Planet wise Wet Bags!  I cross my fingers hoping to win one!  Love Jurn3 has done a review and Planet Wise is giving away a nice Wet bag to one lucky blogger! :)  have at it! :) Enjoy!

Luvs Jurn3

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Re Usies!  I have never thought that I would ever want to use something like a "reusable sandwich" bag, but they come in all sorts of cute prints that an ordinary ziplock bag that gets thrown away seems so wasteful...and not as stylish!  I love the Bronco ones, but they have a variety of different prints from girly, non girly, boyish, and then you have your plain colors.  They come in different sizes from snack size to your sandwich size.  Check out their site for yourself! You can find a giveaway using this link to And Then There Were 4 : All I Want For Christmas Day 5: Reusies

Another Giveaway going on is for a bunch of BabyLegs!
Starts Dec 14 and ends Dec 22nd!

 Momccupation is doing a review and giveaway on her blog!  Check it out at BabyLegs Review and Giveaway.
From Personal experience I love BabyLegs.  I like how it is so convenient to change diapers and keep my baby's legs warm with their leg warmers!  It comes with cute designs, and so many to choose from! Check out to get yours today!


 I think I am on a BabyLegs romp...I really would like to win a pair of their girl tights!!!  So badly too...
But I want to let you know of another Great Blog find that is giving away BabyLegs!  I love babylegs and I am crossing fingers to get a pair!  Penny-Wise Mama does have some great blogs as well so be sure to do some reading for Christmas presents at great prices!

PWM Button

Monday, December 13, 2010

Economom Giveaway from Children Teaching Mama

EcoMom is Generously Giving One Lucky Winner the Episencial Better Body Butter & Playful Foaming Wash Combo! A $16.99 Value!

This is a wonderful very organic way to pamper not only baby but...the rest of the family!  Enter here for your chance to win it! or visit to make your purchase!


All I Want for Christmas! :)

Day 1 of All I Want For Christmas
Educational Insights is giving away a Design and Drill Take Along Toolkit! :)  Really neat fun and active toy which will stimulate your child's learning processes and fun designing too!  I am always hoping to get toys that encourage learning and tinkering! :) 

(picture copied from And Then There Were 4) 

Alrighty, well, check out how to win at All I Want For Christmas Day 1

Day 2 All I Want For Christmas

 Day two features a wonderful block set
Help out chidren--by shopping here at Just B Toys
What is really neat about these toys that you buy are that they are colorful
and when you buy them ten cents goes to helping other children in need.

Check out these B Toys!  Their toys are building blocks to having children learn
and interact with their toys!  The toys can be building blocks, keys, and so much more! I really
love how they are big and bulky and colorful enough to keep the attention of little eyes!

Next on the list for win are these wonderful Crayon holders!  I love them! They are from Lil' Bambina Boutique. I visited her Etsy shop and there are tons of great finds here!  Not only does she have Crayon holders but also some wonderful Pillowcase dresses which are so adorable! :)
Check out the link above to see if you will win one of her crayon holders from Lil' Bambina! :)

All I Want for Christmas Day 4 

Belly Charms is sponsoring Day 4 of All I Want For Christmas Giveaway! 
Check out Belly Charms' Website by clicking the link---->   Belly Charms
Enter in for Day 4 to win this beautiful glass pendant! :)

Friday, December 10, 2010

All I want for Christmas Event!

And Then There Were 4 Is doing yet another Christmas Themed Great Awesome Giveaway!
Check it out by coming here for more information and instructions on entering!

  All I Want For Christmas!

There will be a review and/or giveaway every day from December 10th-31st!

Stick around and win some really awesome prizes!!

Carmex Giveaway

The Not So Secret Confessions of a First time mom has done a review on Carmex Lip Balm. Now she is offering a chance for us to try the product ourselves! :) With hydration that is great for those cold dry winter would be awesome to win this! Check it out!   Click Here to Enter

Mama Chocolate: Doopsy Giveaway Ends Today!

Mama Chocolate: Doopsy Giveaway Ends Today!: "If you haven't yet, make sure to enter my Doopsy SD Diaper giveaway, (winner chooses color!)It closes today, December 10th, at 10am PST..."

ATG Giveaway $100GC

Green Mom Giveaway Blog
Green Mom Blog

Wow! I have never gone to this online store before, but wow, they have tons of items and things for everyone at
  Ranging from Baby Equipment to Kitchen Appliances, and tools!  I would defintely put in an entry for this giveaway at Moms Wear Your Tees Blog!  Check it out and put in an entry or two!!!

Your Bug A Boo

For Your Bug-a-Boo Natural Baby Boutique $30 Gift Certificate Giveaway

 I checked out Bug a Boo at and they have a nice assortment of baby things! For momma and baby!  What I would like to try out is their Baby Gift Set!  

Here they have a Baby Bum Balm that I am dying to try on my little Sophie!

Well, they have lots to choose from, Baby bigs, Cloth Diapers that look really neat and something that I would like to try out someday! :)  They have Terry Cloth Liners and Baby clothes...So much is to be seen at this wonderful site! :)  Check out Moms Wear Your Tees Blog:  momswearyourtees

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sweeps4bloggers is doing another awesome giveaway--this time a great mystery-thriller novel!  Something to keep you on the edge of your seat this winter! 
Ends December 23, 2010
Boogie Down
by Daniel Serrano

Enter here: click on Sweeps4Bloggers-Boogie Down

Dr. Seuss Giveaway Diapers!

Bumkins is giving an exciting giveaway which ends tonight December 9th!
 Such a wonderful assortment of cloth diapers featuring Dr. Seuss!  How fun is that for your little munchkin!
 Knocked up and Nursing is giving this away as a thank you to all her readers!  Thank you so much for this opportunity and for blogging! :)  For all you CD moms out there the last chance is tonight so don't forget to get your daily tweet in!

And a Special Welcome to her little one!  Congratulations little Momma on another little one! :)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Doopsy Diaper

Another Cloth Diaper Giveaway.

Doopsy Diapers come in a wonderful assortment of bright colors! Have you ever tried them?  Well, I found a place where you can enter to win a Doopsy Diaper! :)  Have at it and have fun!  Good luck and let's see you gets it!  Also, visit their site on Facebook for some offers--I found some neat discounts from time to time when I visited them on their facebook!!/pages/Doopsy/126230430748702?v=wall

Wiggly Bridge

crocheted flower
Check out this beautiful giveaway! crocheted flowered headbands!