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Join us! Revelation Bible Study

Revelation: Discovering Life for Today and Eternity. 

Join the online Bible study (2/4 - 4/8) with Sue Edwards! And  invite your friends to join you. 

Sue will be posting weekly on the Year of Discovery Facebook Page and interacting with groups and individuals around the country going through the study at the same time. Women will be able to discuss the study with each other and ask questions via Facebook. Once readers complete the Revelation study, Edwards will be going through the Ephesians study in the same way. (An April 11 Facebook launch party will be followed by an April 15 – June 17 online study.)
Completing each lesson requires about one-and-a-half hours. Readers still receive in-depth Bible study but with a minimum time commitment. For those who desire a more thorough study, including an opportunity to learn more about the history, culture and geography related to the Bible, Edwards has provided “Digging Deeper” questions. Answering these questions may require outside resources such as an atlas, Bible dictionary or concordance and challenge readers to examine complex theological issues and differing views more closely.

More about the Revelation study: Edwards and Kregel are especially excited about the new Revelation study that has been added to the series. “I have focused on five special chapters—the first three and the last two—passages that I believe are most pertinent for Christians today,” writes Edwards. “I find a thorough investigation of these five chapters the most beneficial as we consider how God wants us to prepare for the end.” “The first three chapters paint a glorious picture of the resurrected Christ and record his seven letters to first-century churches. These early churches represent the different kinds of churches that have existed through the ages. The letters both commend and point out deficiencies in these churches, providing lessons to help us get ready for our future,” Edwards continues. “The last two chapters unfold with unspeakable energy, beauty and promise, as John describes what Jesus shows him: a new Eden, redemption’s climax and our eternal home. Walk with me through these incredible pages, and experience the blessing that God promised to all who read and heed.”
Purchase a copy of Revelation and join the on-line Bible study today.

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Revelation Bible Study: Discovering Life for Today and Eternity

I have encountered many Bible Studies, and have recently joined a Bible Study that is very intense and very alike this Revelation Bible Study.  I have to admit that it dives deeper than any other type of study I have done.  It forces me to read the Bible, think, and answer questions.  At first I had felt that this was tedious, but as the days went by as I dove into this study in Revelations; I learned to appreciate the set up of the study.  Author Sue Edwards offers readers a way to get in depth into the Word by the workbook/questions she has.  She also incorporates history and illustrations to help me gain a picture of the background in which the book was written in.  I love it because intertwined with depth study and history is a more full understanding of God's Word!

Designed like a Workbook
Discover Together Bible Studies will be more like a Work study book and Bible study book all in one.  My reactions to it is leaning to more of a work study book.  In my opinion I like it better because it causes the study to be more concrete in my mind.  The pace at which I went through the book was not quick paced.  This is not even a "Quick" read Bible study.  It is in fact in depth and something one has to take time to chew and digest.  It will take work, but that is not a bad thing.

Ultimately, I really like it and enjoy it.
I have found myself steering clear of Revelations because of all the mysterious and hard to understand passages and descriptions.  But this Bible study takes me step by step through the passages of Revelations, and I find that I am not afraid or confused.  If this is how the Discover Together Bible studies are, I have no doubt that I would purchase this on my own for my personal studies.

Kregel Sue Edwards Revelation Bible study 
Where to purchase:
Sue will be leading women through her studies with online chats and discussions on her Facebook page
According to FTC regulations--I have received this as free copy of the book in order to review this book, I have not been compensated in any other way.  All opinions are my own honest thoughts.