Tuesday, February 7, 2012

21 Day Weight Loss Challenge: Day 7---A Little Discouraged

Today I went to kind of weigh myself and take some measurements just to get an idea where I am at.  I am a little discouraged because either I am bloated or have gained a belly.  My stomach seems to stick out more and it gets discouraging when I go to measure and it seems like I am getting bigger.  I have been exercising and been eating right.

One week is going by, and was super encouraged by the energy I felt by moving.  Now it seems like my off days I need to be sweating it out and pushing hard core or else I'll just gain weight!  What do you guys think?

My Protein Shake Day did not work out as planned.  We went grocery shopping last night and well just did not have enough money to pick up some things like Wheat Germ, Almonds, Fiber/Chia Seeds/Flax, Pork, and Beef among other things.  With what we did get were a lot of Veggies and Chicken, Yogurt and other essentials.  It was about $150-$160 grocery run.  I think I have to just figure out a different recipe for the protein shake.  So today I just kind of kept going with real foods.  I might find a smoothie recipe by tomorrow! :)  I am trying be positive today and this next week.  I am nervous for weigh in tomorrow.

Food Log/ Menu Planner:
Breakfast:  2 Cage Free Eggs with 1 cup of Veggies sauteed and 1/4 cup Soy Cheese. 16 oz of water
Snack:  1/3 cup sliced banana, 1/3 cup apple slices and 1/3 cup orange sections mixed. 8 oz of water
Lunch: Veggie Burger Patty with a protein shake.  Messed up on the protein shake and drank only half. 16 oz of water to wash it down.
Snack: Carrots 12 baby carrots.  Serving size on the bag said about 12 carrots, Raw 8 oz of water
Dinner: Hefty Chicken Salad with Whole Wheat Spaghetti. 16 oz of water
8oz before bed.

Water Intake: 9 Glasses of water.

Make little Goals:
Water is hard to drink during my off days, so I try to space it out.  I don't feel thirsty, so on Off Days these are my mindsets to keep me drinking Water.  One thing I do to encourage myself to drink more water is I have a glass that holds 16oz of water.  Having a Visual Goal of how much I need to drink helps me greatly.  My goal is to do my best to drink until I see half of it gone (8oz)--and then the next goal is to gulp more until I see the bottom of the glass.  Sort of like a game?  I fill it up after that.  But I always have this glass around me wherever I sit down so I remember to drink.

Another "water game" that helps me mentally, is knowing that with each glass of water I drink---the Less hungry I become.  Water takes up that food space in my stomach.  I try to make sure to drink water after a meal because I do get really hungry and want to eat more food than I need!  Same with snacks. 

Just little things that I think about to help me chug down the H2O.

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