Monday, February 6, 2012

21 Day Mommy Blogger Weight Loss Challenge--Day 6

Exercise Day:
Planning on working out during my little one's nap this afternoon.  This will be a full work out consisting of Cardio, Weight Training, Core Training, and of course my favorite Flexibility/Cool down.

Working out was great..sort of!  Sore and feeling a bit sluggish most definitely.  One thing that I realize is if you eat bad like yesterday I ate a cheesecake bar-I believe you feel it in your work out.  You feel like your legs are heavier and your stamina is not that great.  That's just my feeling.  I may be wrong, but I am now more determined not to eat sugar.  I do not like the feeling of working off bad junk food.

The workout kicked my butt today.  
Hardest parts to push through were the Push Ups, Backward Lunges, Planks, and High Knee Punches.  I had to pause the video for the first time to catch up with Jodi on the Backward Lunges!  I have been stepping farther back, but still feel like I'm falling behind!  I hope that I am not losing progress and going backwards!

Egg Substitute?
The only places I have used Egg Substitute was when I was working in a Family Coffee Shop so I looked into it more.  Egg Substitute is primarily Egg Whites.  Most nutrients are found in the yolks of eggs so in Egg Substitute the vitamins and nutrients are added.  Be careful to check what exactly is in your Egg Substitute.  What have they added? Is a question one might want to ask themselves before purchasing just any Egg Substitute.  Some of them might contain Vegetable oils, others may be low in cholesterol or no fat.  Keep an eye out for Unsaturated fats.  More info here's the website: Egg Substitute

I am a bit mixed about Egg Substitute.  For on thing I like that I can control the amount I want knowing approximately how much nutrients I am getting out of it.  I like that control part, but I do not like that I lose out on the nutrients of the egg yolk itself.  Right now I am trying Cage/Grass free Eggs from a local farm.  I love it!  The first time I cracked open an egg was today, and low and behold two egg yolks came out!  I counted it as two eggs today, and I have to admit it has a richer flavor.  2.50 a dozen.  Not bad!  For now, I am keeping my real eggs and leaving Egg Substitute for when I make quiches. 

Excited about Green Peppers:
I feel very full and ready to take on the day.  I was surprised 1/2 of Green peppers and onions and eggs would be filling and taste good.  I hate green peppers, but this was really nice and tasty.  I used coconut oil too. 

Food Log/Meal Plan:
Breakfast:  Cage Free Eggs sauteed with Bell Pepper and Red Onion and a 1/2 glass of Milk 16 oz water

Snack: 1/3 cup sliced banana, 1/3 cup apple slices and 1/3 cup orange sections mixed 16 oz water
Worked out: Drank 16 oz of water total.

Lunch: 1 cup whole wheat pasta topped with 1/2 cup pasta sauce and 1/3 cup low fat Cheese. Serve with 1 cup vegetables sauteed in 1 teaspoon olive oil 16 oz water
Snack: 1 cup raw veggies
Dinner: Turkey Fajitas with Whole Wheat Tortillas and Veggies {Check} 16 oz of water

Water Intake 10 cups of water 
Milk: 1/2 cup

**Working out makes me drink ALOT!**

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