Friday, February 3, 2012

21 Day Mommy Blogger Weight Loss Challenge--Day 3

Sorry guys, today is my rest day! :)  So no workout today.  Did sweat, but I do not think it counts as exercise!  Running around with my daughter.

Food Log:
Breakfast: Whole Grain Toast with peanut butter, Yogurt
Snack: Orange
Lunch: Large Taco Salad with Black Beans
Snack: Whole grain Toast with peanut butter.
Dinner: Mongolian Chicken, and Beef with Vegetables-- Bean sprout, Onion, Green Pepper, Mushrooms, Carrots and Celery. Seasoned with garlic, ginger, and Hot sauce

Crazy Water Intake today: I have been making it my goal to drink as much water as I can!  I drank 10 cups of water and had to run to the bathroom about 3-4 about 8 times today! I think that is the most I have ever drank in a LONG time.  I don't think I can drink more than 10 cups of kind of feels gross unless I was sweating profusely.  :) That or pregnant!

Just a short blog post as my daughter is having some health issues right now.  Nothing too serious, but have to watch for signs of fever.  She started breaking out severely with hives.  Fairly fast all over her poor face.  It looked really bad.  Doc said just to watch for fever and breathing problems.  Allergic reaction or a sign that she caught something called Roseola?  Sigh...if it's not one thing it's something else!  C'est la vie!

Below is a linky for other Bloggers who have taken on Dustin Maher's 21 Day Challenge.  Hop around and see their progress and their input on the Mommy Blogger Weight Loss Challenge! :)

Disclaimer: This post is in conjuction with the 21 Day Mommy Blogger Weight Loss Challenge with Dustin Maher. I am doing the Fit Moms for Life Program. I have received the program for free and have not been paid to write this post. All opinions are mine. For more information on the program please learn more about it here: Fit Moms for Life