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My Biggest Apoligies!

I am so sorry....I had thought today was the 29th!  Please forgive me.  I drew the winners and emailed them and announced it on my blog...and looked at my phone and it said 28th :(  Please forgive me. 

I have such a big apology!  I feel so foolish!  I thought I was on top of things today!
I will do the drawing tonight at midnight!  So please feel free to enter...and now I have to figure out how to make it up to those three wonderful followers who I emailed!

Winners of Purex Crystals!

Congratulations to the following people! :)
Purex granted me another 3 winners for this great turnout, so a big thank you to Purex for being very gracious and wonderful!  I love their products, because the smell is just wonderful and for the most part, my husband just loves how this softener really smells great on his clothes.  It's a good compromise right now since he has been so supportive of me turning out household into a "greener" place.  I think he has sacrificed a lot, in convenience, and it's good for the sake of our marriage to have him have his soft and nice smelling clothes! :)
# 69--Kristie D.
#18--Brooke Anna
#83 Niecey D.
# 65 Ashley Elaine
# 126 Baby Mama (Sarah)

I have emailed these lucky winners and are just waiting for their response!  They have 48 hours to respond, and if they do not then another lucky winner will be drawn! :)  All the winners were drawn at random using the button! Congratulations again!

Spring Cleaning Monday

 I have been so busy lately with packing. It is amazing how much stuff one has acquired over only after 3 years of being married. Andrew and I are definitely in need of some spring cleaning through this move.

God has been impressing on my heart the need to "streamline" and let go of the worldly things in life. What he has been talking to me about lately, is just the words and questions that have come up in mind...that I know are from God.

What means so much to you that you need to have this thing?
Do you desire this object more than me?
Why is it that you cannot let go of this?
Why not give the best to someone in need?
Why can't you just give?
Where are your treasures?

Matthew 6:21 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

From these questions I know that I felt overwhelmed, as a mom, who does not work right now and am staying at home, it seems that "money" has become so important to me, and very much something in my life that I have always depended on myself to get. I stopped working when I was 5 months pregnant. I worked at a Family-owned Christian Diner so I was constantly on my feet!
So I had to quit.  Not to mention how HOT it was and everything in me just swelled up!

Being at home changed me.  I learned how independent I was on myself  to provide my needs.  Instead of relying on God with all my heart and soul and mind.  I panicked and my husband and I would get into so many money fights.  Not a fun topic when we phase God's love and provision out of the conversations.  At times my focus is on how I am good for nothing because I do not work and bring money into the house.  NO matter how many times my husband and others say that I am working by being a mom at home and taking care of our daughter--during this part of my life I felt depressed, angry, frustrated, and just not happy.  A big part of this six months after birth, I fell greatly into this low spot spiritually.  I did not run nor depend on God as my LIFE source.  I tried, and I got walking here and there, but I am finding that I am still holding on to things of this world to provide what I needed whether it was happiness or some way to get by. 

God is working in my life.  I want Him to come in and spring clean in me and in our home.  He provides the best spring cleaning in your heart, mind, and gives great service.  He covers ALL cleaning.  No matter how long it has been or if you've never cleaned!  All you need to do is give Him a call.  He can hear you at a whisper.  He does not judge.  He is understanding.  Children, work, problems,----He understands.  He had compassion on me.  He charges nothing.  He paid it all.

The grace of God is demonstrated by the blood of Christ. We are "justified freely by His grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus, whom God set forth as a propitiation by His blood, through faith" (Romans 3:24,25). "In Him we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of His grace" (Ephesians 1:7).
In Him we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of His grace" (Ephesians 1:7)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Butt Naked Baby: Review and Giveaway!


But Naked baby is a devoted skin care products for newborns and babies with sensitive skin!  I absolutely love their natural ingredients that are sure to give your baby all the miniaturization and care your baby needs!  It has tea extracts infused into the products that can fight off radicals, antioxidant properties, and offers more protection than vitamin E offers!  Gotta love the benefits you can lavish on your baby! I do!  :)  
I absolutely love the calming Cleanser I was sent to review!  The calming Cleanser has ingredients that are just like one would find at a Spa with its organic white and green tea extracts, Sunflower Seed Oil, Calendula and other raw, pure, and natural ingredients!  I just love that it is pretty much composed of 90% organic ingredients!  You can smell the tea too, which has a very spa-like scent you know?

Whenever I used this the calming Cleanser I was always impressed that it spread on her very easily like lotion.  At first I thought I was using lotion to shower my baby!  I had thought I had made a mistake!  I quickly checked the bottle and behold it read:
This moisture rich cleanser has the conditioning properties o a lotion and may be used to clease from head-to-toe on babies....

The Calming Cleanser has a nice smooth consistency about it.  One thing you will find is that this cleanser is very rich and emollient.  I have never had a problem with her skin drying out after taking a bath.  This cleaners always left her skin nice and smooth without a dry feeling.  I noticed that with other soaps that lather up a lot---we would quite often have to put lotion on her because her skin seemed to need a little dry.   This calming Cleanser also helped to reduce the red patches she sometimes get on her skin.  She would have areas where either drool or milk got caught underneath in her neck that would turn red....or her cheeks because of her constant rubbing and drool!  With the use of this I noticed that the redness did go away after continual usage, and that it helped cut down on the redness and dryness of her cheeks due to teething and excessive drooling!  Her butt was well taken care of too.  I just started feeding her some Beech Baby food, and well, I noticed that her creases down on her booty would be so red--normal?  So I was glad that I could have some of calming Cleanser to help her...they helped out with "both cheeks" the ones on her face and down below! 

I also got the opportunity to try out the 911 Rescue Cream!  I was so happy!  Not only in the bath could I help keep her lathered up and protected with moisturization....but I could also apply this highly creamy and emollient concoction to her poor knees and to her body that needed a bit more care.  Thanks to me I forgot to put on her babylegs, and so her knees got all red and dry and rough.  She is starting to crawl too, and this 911 Rescue Cream was amazing on her skinned up knees.  Her knees came back nice and smooth in all its chubby glory after a couple of daily applications--minus the redness and the dry skin!

Buy it:
Target!  Butt Naked Baby is available in your own local Target stores!  Also you can order it online at
You can also shop online at Butt Naked Baby

Giveaway:  One of my readers will get a chance of some 911 Rescue Cream!
Giveaway ends April 10th, Midnight PST.  

Winner will be contacted via email.  So make sure to leave an email in at least one of your posts!  Winner will have 48 hours to respond to my email or else another winner will be chosen.  Please complete Mandatory Entry first!  For every entry leave a comment.  If says two entries then leave TWO separate comments! If three then leave THREE separate comments! :) 

Mandatory Entry:  
  • Visit Butt Naked Baby and tell me what other products they have that you are excited about and could use in your own home! (1 Entry, leave email!)
Extra Entries:
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Baby Bond Review and Giveaway!

My Experience with the Original BabyBond Nursing Cover.
For about 4 weeks now, I have been trying out the Original BabyBond Nursing cover in Espresso Brown.  I must say I did need to practice getting used to it.  At about 2 weeks I began using the Baby Bond in public.
At my first debut in public I had a couple of friends over for a meal and some movies and nachos.  When it was time to feed Sophie, instead of going into the room and feeding her, I gathered the courage to try out the Baby Bond. I was nervous because people would be able to see her breastfeeding. "They can see her eating" was a new concept for me to grasp. Which I am pretty much a shy person! But I did it! Sophie was able to eat, and we were able to look at eachother while being able to converse with my friends. I loved this moment that she nursed in front of my guests! I even asked one of them to take a picture--kind of funny, they were like "are you serious?" and I told them that I was doing a review! She took the picture below.

Now, I feel better about going to places like restaurants and in the middle of those sitting areas at the malls. Though at times I get kind of weirded out when strangers come up and want to see her while I am feeding her.  They get a little too close for comfort, you know?  I know that there is a little bit of my breast exposed at times just because of her movement.  I do not know maybe I am doing something wrong at times!

  I do nurse outside on my porch to enjoy the sunshine, which I enjoy sharing the outside with Sophie.  It is fun when she can see the sunshine, the trees, and me while eating!  I do notice though, she pauses more while eating.  She stops to smile at me!  :)  The Baby Bond is helping me get these moments of smiles and grins....I love it.  I love that I get the experience of breastfeeding in public similar to how I breastfeed when I am in the house.

Practice, Learn, and Strategy. One of my fears, with using this cover is that my baby is very active. She is now 6 months old. Her hands and fingers have gotten very active into pulling at things around her. The Baby Bond is no exception. During the first couple of days, I was a bit discouraged that she would pull down on the BabyBond and thereby exposing me. I did not give up. 

  If you want to be able to nurse in public, and be able to see your baby while nursing--do not get discouraged!  It took me a while using this cover at home, before I ever nursed in front of others. I needed to find out what I can do to keep me feeling secure. I support my breast when she is feeding, so I have my hand right there able to quickly respond when she pulls off.  Also I made sure to have the top fabric overlapping just a bit so I would get the coverage I needed if she stopped latching on.  So yes I like it, but at times I know I need to make sure that the fabric is keeping underwraps what needs to be underwraps!

As for her hands pulling down the cover, she was discovering something new, and it just took her sometime to pick at it before she lost interest in it and stopped pulling it down. Also I have strategized on what she could hold on. She loves to "clutch" something or hold on to something--so I let her hold my fingers or anything else instead of the BabyBond! :) Figure out what works for you--these are just some things that I have had trouble with and I found my solution!  Just wanting to share some of my troubles with this nursing cover too.

About the Product
The color and quality is great. The lightweight fabric has a little bit of a stretch to it, and the color is a very rich dark chocolatey brown. After washing it in the laundry--I did not experience little to no shrinkage.  Color stayed intact!  One thing that I noticed was that the top part of the fabric started sagging after a while, but after washing and drying, it came back to the right place.  I think it will stretch a little bit, just letting you know.  It did take practice, and you will need to find time to figure out how this will work for you.  Because, there are times when you might expose yourself!  So, it would be good to make sure you get practice at home, because there are ways in which you can save yourself by exposing yourself to others.  For me it was always having a bit of fabric over where she was attached.  That way when she pulls off she will not just leave an open "nipple" you know?  Make sure you measure yourself and get the right size --that way the fit will be good.  I think I should have gotten a size bigger just because I am putting on a little bit more weight than I right now. not cool.  I could do better with this cover if I had a little bit more fabric (that will come with the next size up).

Things that I liked about the Baby Bond

The Original features a sewn in burp cloth. I chose this because it fits my lifestyle and who I am. I am famous for placing my burp cloth just out of reach, or losing it. Ask my husband how many times I ask, "Can you get me a burp cloth?". I sit down to feed a crying baby, I am focused on getting the nursing cover on me and feeing baby.  If you are like me the Original BabyBond may be just right for you, if not there are two other styles that may be of interest to you! :)

The case is very convenient, one can easily access the cover--a plus when baby is screaming for some food, and wants it quick! The case is so nice to have in a purse that contains so many things--it serves as protection against the things in my purse and I do not have to worry about pulling up something with the BabyBond. With other nursing covers I just fold it and stick it in my bag. It is always embarrassing when you go to nurse and 5 out of 10 things in your bag fall out when you pull out your nursing cover! So I find the BabyBond case is truly a convenient and nice feature. Three Styles to choose from is a great thing about BabyBond! Different styles of nursing to fit your preferences!
I also really loved the fact that this nursing cover was created and invented by a momma!

I ordered the Original Baby Bond in Espresso, Size 2. I think I would have been good sizing up to 3. I would have liked it a bit bigger.  Hmm...and next time I think I will have to try out the Couture style baby cover! Just because it offers me nursing above my shirt or below my shirt. :)  

Where to Buy:  You can purchase the Baby Bond Nursing Cover on their website: Baby Bond
You are in luck!  Baby Bond has given my readers a special 25% discount!  That is pretty good huh?
Just use this special code to make your purchase and get 25% off!  Use the code: SAM  

Giveaway:  One lucky reader will be able to have a chance at winning a Baby Bond Nursing Cover of their own!  Please fill out the form below! :)  April 7th midnight PST! Open to US/CAN

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Baby Bond: Website, Twitter, Facebook
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I love Science: My Cloth Diaper Experiments...

 Megan, from Cow Patties Cloth Diaper uses Bamboo fleece in a lot of her diapers.  Now for our little household who is always looking to try something new...I was very thankful for this chance to try it out!  I know I wrote my review, but I wanted to share with you how fascinated I am with her Bamboo fleece inner lining and liner.  Having both a Bamboo Fleece liner as well as the inner fabric to be Bamboo fleece are two things that I would consider a good pairing.

My Experiment:
I wanted to figure out which cloth diaper in my stash would hold the most.  Now, being that different diapers have different systems and fabrics and other numerous things, I just simply used what the diaper originally came with--except the Indian prefold I used a cover just to be able to observe the water absorption.  
Cow Patties, Indian Prefold, Cotton Hemp
What I did was line up 3 Diapers.  The first one being the Cow Patties Famous Pocket Fitted Diaper with a bamboo fleece.  The second is an Indian cotton prefold.  The third diaper is one of my go to diapers-a cotton hemp fitted diaper with a cotton hemp liner.  I received the Cow Patties Diaper for a review, and thought I would take it a bit more in depth!  This new diaper is something that is one of my favorite "GO TO" diaper now.  I consider it an amazing diaper even better than my old time favorite Cotton Hemp Fitted Diaper!

 I took a measuring cup and measured out water and started slowly pouring it into the open diaper.  I sort of checked at about every 4 oz.  My efforts are not really exact okay!  I disclaim being a scientist!  I am just a mom who LOVES science--so the way I conducted the experiment is not exact, but based on the feeling of my hand underneath the diaper, and am limited to what I see.

The Cotton Hemp diaper held a pretty decent amount of water (mind you it is without a cover so just wanting to "measure" how much water it could take in.  Now, I started to pour slowly, and what I ended up pouring in is about 1 cup of water--and a bit more.  I know that fitted diapers can hold a lot more because it has its liner, and the whole fitted diaper that absorbs liquids!

The Indian Prefold was next.  I did the same thing except I kind of monitored how much it could hold before looking like it would really really leak through.  The amount it could hold was not much, but decent.  For what it was it held just a bit under 1 cup.  For me, I know prefolds are an essential to me as a cloth diapering momma.  It is one of the basic necessities.  I like that I can utilize many prefolds and one cover.  I am very prepared to change the prefolds more often than I would another diaper.  Needless to say, I love using my Indian prefold--it was fun to see "just how much" it could handle.

Lastly, I put the Cow Patties Cloth Diaper to the test!  So the type of Cow Patties is a fitted diaper (which needs a cover) Bamboo fleece with a Bamboo fleece liner stuffed in the pocket.  I placed my hand underneath the diaper without a cover, and poured the water slowly into the diaper.  One cup of water went into the diaper....and then one and a half cups...and then 2 cups!  Amazingly, I felt a little dampness at 1 cup, and at 2 cups it had absorbed as much as it could!

My Research on Bamboo:
  I did a bit of research on Bamboo textiles just because it is so new to me!  I found so many PROS about Bamboo utilized in clothing--I thought you all would be interested in reading it too!  Taken from Wikipedia (one of my favorite go to sites):

Benefits of using bamboo for clothing

Numerous claims have been made for the superiority of bamboo yarn over other textiles. These include the following:

  • Organic Quality more accessible - bamboo is often grown without pesticides or fertilizers.
  • Soft - bamboo is soft.
  • Sustainable - Moso bamboo is one of the world’s fastest growing plants, growing up to a metre in a day. Bamboo is a grass, so once cut it can regenerate quickly without the need for replanting. It grows very densely and so the yield per acre is high in comparison to cotton.
  • Eco-friendly - bamboo absorbs 35% more carbon dioxide than equivalent stands of trees.
  • Absorbent - bamboo absorbs up to 60% more water than cotton. This makes it an excellent choice for towels and bathrobes.
  • Breathable - the porous nature of the fibre makes it breathable and extremely comfortable against the skin.
  • Thermo-regulating - Bamboo fibres expand when warm to let skin breathe, and contract when cool to trap heat close to the body.
  • Hypoallergenic - bamboo's organic and natural properties make it non-irritating so perfect for extra sensitive skin.
  • Anti-bacterial - bamboo actually kills germs and bacteria that accumulate in fabrics made of bamboo. This means that bamboo won't harbor bacteria as much as other fabrics.

I love to hear if this helped you out please comment below :) 
Also, I did a review and giveaway of Megs, Cow Patties Famous Pocket Fitted Diaper!  Check it out! Cow Patties Review and Giveaway 

Megs also runs a weekly giveaway on her blog! :)  Be sure to follow her for some great giveaways!

Chocolate Chip Cookies! :)

Wow, these last couple of weeks have been so busy for our family! :)  So...let's see I wanted to do post something that we do for fun--my husband and I and Sophie (though to little to do them will do in the future!)

I always browse the aisles for sweet goodness, and thankfully my husband keeps me from indulging myself too much.  One thing that keeps me from going crazy in the snack food aisles is the idea of making them myself at home.  Reason being, fresh and hot cookies always taste better than the ones with preservatives and they are not oven fresh with melty chocolate chips.  Plus, I need to use up all the sugar and flour I bought when I got a bakers' streak last couple of months ago.  You can always make more cookies and spend a lot less.   

Chocolate Chip Cookies

  • 2 1/2 Cups All Purpose Flour
  • 1 Cup Light Brown Sugar, packed
  • 1 Cup Butter, Softened
  • 2 Eggs
  • 2 tsp Vanilla Extract
  • 1 tsp Baking Soda
  • 1 tsp Salt
  • 2 Cups Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips
  • 1 Cup Chopped Walnuts (optional)
  1. Preheat oven to 375. 
  2. Into Large bowl, measure all ingredients except chocolate chips and chopped walnuts.  
  3. Mix ingredients on low speed.  
  4. Beat on medium speed until well blended.  
  5. Stir in chocolate chips and nuts. 
  6. Drop by rounded teaspoonfuls onto ungreased cookie sheets.  
  7. Bake 10-12 minutes or until lightly brown.  
  8. Cool slightly before removing from pan onto wire racks.  
Makes about 3/12 dozen!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

At Last Sale and Sweepstakes!

I will be doing a review of At Last Naturals, sorry, this information is a little late, but I would love to still share it with you as you still have a couple of days before the sale and sweepstakes end!
Also, is a little bit of information I was consider it a sneak peak! :) All information was from the company.

At Last Naturals "Get Lucky" Sweepstakes 
Test your luck this month and enter for a chance to win the At Last Naturals, “Get Lucky” Sweepstakes!  Each week during the month of March (ending 3/25/11) one lucky winner will be randomly selected to win the At Last Naturals gift set including a $50 Soft Surroundings gift card, Touch’d Organic Sugar Scrub, Sexy Cinnamon Home Fragrance and the entire line of At Last Naturals! Connect with At Last Naturals on Facebook ( for more details....we’re sure you’ll “LIKE” what you see!

Plus, from March 4 - March 31, 2011 At Last Naturals is offering a 20% discount. Visit and enter the code: LUCKY20.

 At Last Naturals products are available online at, as well as at fine natural food stores nationwide. 

About the Company
At Last….Products That Understand What Women Need
You're hot and cold, up and down and you can’t find your libido. Sounds like the lyrics to a really bad country song but unfortunately these feelings are very real to the millions of women who are experiencing symptoms of PMS, perimenopause and/or menopause.

Finally, there is a product that offers you a natural solution to help you get back to feeling like yourself. Introducing At Last Naturals, a line of all, natural products for women – developed by a woman (!) – who are experiencing the bothersome symptoms of menopause, perimenopause or PMS. At Last Naturals, available in topical creams, gels and herbal supplements, was primarily developed to help women embrace all the changes in their life, and restore their body to optimum balance. So, whether you’re 20 or 40 or 50 or any where in between, At Last Naturals can help you keep your body and spirit in balance through each of life’s transitions.
The product line includes the following (detailed descriptions are noted below or click here):

·        At Last Naturals Wild Yam Cream (2-ounce tube: $17.75)
·        At Last Naturals Wild Yam Extra Strength Gel  (2-ounce tube: $22.50)
·        At Last Naturals Vaginal Gel (5-ounce tube: $9.75)
·        At Last Naturals Wild Yam Meno-Herbs® (90 tablets: $17.75)
·        At Last Naturals Meno-Herbs2® (with Protykin®) (90 tablets: $26.95)
·        At Last Naturals Equigest® Progesterone Cream (2-ounce tube: $26.00)


Review and Giveaway: The Steady Hand

The Steady Hand describes Aprile--an amazing crocheter with steady hands!  She makes a wonderful assortment of little baby items!  From onesies, to beanies and cute crocheted shoes!  I just love handmade items.  Her handcrafted products would make great gifts too!  I was thinking about how cute and lovely her work would be for a new born!

Her work is very good, my husband commented on how he could tell that Aprile is very skilled---unlike my uneven knitting stitches! hehe I do not know if he was joking and trying to pull my leg...
But no, I have to agree, her work is very much even, and we really love the custom visor she made for our little Sophie!  Aprile even crocheted a small flower for the side!  Everything that we asked for she was able to do---I am simple, I just wanted a black hat 3-6 months with a white flower and a black center.

I have to say Aprile is a very kind and gracious person!  I placed the order for the hat, and got the sizes mixed up, and she started another hat for me and had it in the mail, and I received this second hat within a week!  Talk about her steady quick work!  The quality of her hats is just gorgeous!  Her sizes do run a bit large, so I would definitely just talk with her and let her know what you are looking for!
Sophie's Custom Visor!  So cute!

Bigger version of what I ordered! :) Beautiful huh?

Love what you see?  Make a purchase!  Readers get 15% off by using the code Sophie1
Make a purchase via her website:

The Giveaway:
One lucky reader will be able to win a Custom Crocheted Visor of their own!  This is such a treat because I just think handmade hats make great gifts and look so darn cute on little ones!  You can choose color, and size! :)  Fill out the form below to enter! :)  

Giveaway Rules: Giveaway ends April 5, 2011 at Midnight Pacific Time. Giveaway is open for residents of the US only. No purchase necessary.  Winner will have 48 hours to respond to notification email, if winner does not respond another winner will be chosen.

Links You may need:

Disclaimer:  I received the hat for the purpose of this review.  I was not compensated in any other way.  The opinions are 100% my own.

Review and Giveaway: Cow Patties Cloth Diapers

 About Cow Patties Cloth
I would really like to introduce to you a wonderful person who makes one of thee best fitted cloth diaper our little daughter, Sophie, has ever gotten!  Cow Patties Cloth Diapers and its creator, Megs and on busy occasions, Seth!  She is a wonderful mom and enjoys sewing fluff, as well as playing out in the yard with her kids!  She started making diapers for her own family, when she decided to cloth diaper her oldest.  For those of you on the fence of cloth diapering or if this you are just starting to cloth diaper here is one reason from Megs why she chose to cloth diaper.

~Cloth makes sense on so many levels.  The money factor is a no brainer, you don't have to buy the "name brand" to get great affordable cloth.   The environmental impact- If we had used sposies for all 3 of our kids, the amount of extra trash turns my stomach.   Cuteness- cloth is far cuter than a sposie peeking out!

~Cloth saves so much money.  Even switching him at a year saved us and then 2 other kids right after that. 

Can anyone guess where and how she came up with her unique fluffy shop name? It got my attention! :)  

I grew up on a farm raising cattle and still help with the cattle business so it's a small nod to my roots--Megs

My Review of Her Famous Pocket Fitted Diaper!
Now has anyone tried her *Famous Pocket Fitteds*? We *LOVE* her FPF!  One word can only describe the lining of this diaper--luxurious!  Needless to say, I actually imagined myself wanting a huge blanket made out of this bamboo fleece!  The insert was also made out of this wonderful bamboo fleece.  I love the fact that this insert is very long!  I can get a lot of layers in there for amazing absorbency! 

After I took pictures of Sophie wearing this diaper, I put her for her afternoon nap--I totally forgot to put a diaper cover on!  I now trust this diaper so much because she slept for 2 hours and when I went to pick her up, only about a 2 inch diameter was damp.  This diaper definitely has me smiling--I never had a fitted diaper that I could trust without a cover for a while!  I LOVE IT!  Not to mention after numerous washing and drying, both insert and diaper was just as plush and soft as when it had first arrived in the mail!  One has got to thank Megs for choosing such great fabrics and materials!  She has different fabrics available, but Oh, if you have not yet tried a Bamboo fleece--Megs does a great job sewing up some wonderful Famous Pocket Fitteds!  I recommend her for quality fitted diapers any day! :)  For more information about the benefits of Bamboo clothing and materials read this!

What I really like about Cow Patties
Not only is Cow Patties sewed by a WAHM, but her diapers doable for those on a budget.  She is a very well seasoned seamstress, and I love the way the diaper fits on Sophie.  It has snaps to adjust to make the diaper for a smaller baby, and I really like how the snaps provide a way for the diaper to grow with the baby.  This Famous Pocket Fitted, is fast becoming one of my favorites to put her in.  It holds a lot, and is easy to put on!  
For a quality diaper, this is something that I know that our family will get more of and are planning to invest in.  Just a couple of these would really go a long way--especially since we are planning to have more little ones in a couple of years!  

Love what you read?  Make it yours, Make a Purchase!  I will not hold back information from you!  This is such a steal when you consider quality and what you will be receiving!  At $18 you can get a Famous Pocket Fitted with gorgeous soft Bamboo Fleece inner lining AND a wonderfully long Bamboo Fleece Insert!  She also has some One Size at a great price of $12!!  She has some wonderful selection of other cloth diaper accessories!  Visit her website for more details!   You can also customize your Cloth Diapers!  Check out her website for more information on how to order her cloth diapers and other options you have!

The Giveaway:
Now, Megs, of Cow Patties Cloth Diapers was very kind to do a little giveaway as well!  Thank you so much Megs!  Please thank her when you get the chance, she has been very gracious, and I know that you will love her and her skills as a seamstress.  One lucky person, will be chosen at Random to get a Famous Pocket Fitted too! :)  

Giveaway Rules: This giveaway ends at midnight, Monday, April 10, 2011. A winner will be chosen via I will email the winner and they have 48 hours to respond. Open to US&CAN. Fill out form below to enter!

Links you might need:
Sophieandmomma: Facebook, Website, Twitter

Disclosure: I was sent a Cow Patties product to facilitate this review. I was not compensated in any other way, and all opinions are 100% my own.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Winners Announced!

Okay, I thought this was an amazing turnout! :) 
61 participants in the EcoNuts giveaway!
20 participants in the Bee Lady Honey GC Giveaway! (not too bad)
Still waiting for one confirmation email reply :)
Thank you all for making this an awesome turnout! Thank you for following me!


Just a Heads Up! :)

Alright, So at midnight, I was burning the midnight oil for you all--reading all the responses, and was wanting to answer some questions!

#1---Yes I have drawn winners to the contests!  I am just awaiting for their responses back to me as I have sent them emails!

#2---EcoNuts:  In response to whether or not they get rid of the bad smelling diapers?  YES ABSOLUTELY.
I have had trouble with urine smells as soon as my prefolds or diapers got wet.  They were bad, so I was really really thankful to find my solution with EcoNuts.  I am going to stick with EcoNuts for my cloth diapering needs!  They really honestly get the stink out, and not just cover it--it gets rid of it.  
Also I am writing up 2 Reviews and Giveaways right now, so I will have them posted by Tuesday the latest and earliest sometime today!  Thanks so much for your patience, and I really really enjoyed reading all your comments!  

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Suffering from Halitosis? Try TheraBreath!

Okay bear with me for I absolutely am thrilled with chemistry and microbiology.  I think it is so important to know why something works, instead of just believing what someone has claimed!  It is very wise to check the facts and see the research.  So, I am excited to see the research TheraBreath has done as well as how just simple science and research is used to combat some of life's biggest problems!

Did you know that TheraBreath products are based upon science?  I know that many common oral hygiene companies and products have claimed to have "done clinical research"  but to what extent?  I have found that if you go to a Colgate website or any other brand, you will not find their research out in the open--for everyone to read about the research findings for themselves.  TheraBreath however has everything right there out in the open, nothing to hide.  Their articles of research are easily accessible to anyone.  You can check out their many research articles right on their website!

TheraBreath is a company that is based upon science and you can see "why and how" their products work to give you a healthy mouth. Not to mention that the founder and creator is Dr. Harold Katz, graduate of UCLA in the School of Dentistry with a degree in Bacteriology (Dr. Harold Katz, Wikipedia).
Dr. Katz arose to find a solution for his daughter who had chronic bad breath.  It seemed that they tried everything suggested, but to no avail.  His diligence paid off however when he discovered the source of the problem.  Anaerobic Bacteria in the throat and tongue were the culprits, producing sulfur as a waste product in the mouth. Don't you love it when a dad goes this far for his daughter? Well, thus was the beginning of California Breath Clinics where he did more research and helped others with other bad breath problems.  I really liked how he out of personal need, continued to seek after an answer, found it, and then was able to develop it into what it is today, TheraBreath. 

Microbiology and how TheraBreath works!
The reason why bad breath happens is because of our local flora of bacteria in our mouths processing food in our mouths.  These are good bacteria and are not harmful to us, they help us out by breaking down the food left in our mouth.  Unfortunately the chemistry of breaking down the food is that these anaerobic bacteria, produce sulfur compounds.  Sulfur as you know is not a pleasant scent, hence we have our bad mouth situation.  From my microbiology class, I learned that anaerobic bacteria is bacteria that loves an environment without oxygen. Meaning that they can best function when there is little to no oxygen present.  Ever wonder why when you woke up you had bad breath?  Well, at night a person generally has their mouths closed creating the perfect anaerobic atmosphere for the bacteria.  Once there is low oxygen levels the bacteria is able to perform its duty of breaking down food particles in your mouth and thereby releasing Volatile Sulfur Compounds.

 If the best ideal environment for anaerobic bacteria is little to no oxygen, then the best way to combat these microbes introduce oxygen into their environment--as well as to make sure that food is not trapped in your mouth.   Now, I believe that the bacteria in the mouth is not an obligate anaerobe.  Obligate anaerobes are often killed in environments where oxygen is present (Nester, Microbiology a Human Perspective).
 So, TheraBreath has incorporated an oxygenizing factor into their products, OXYD-8.  You can check out more information on their site, and this is one article that is worth reading with seven reasons why TheraBreath is better than other toothpastes!

I was sent TheraBreath Toothpase, Oral Rinse, and Lozenges to review.
 My Review and Experience:
I was glad to see that Sodium Lauryl Sulfate was not among the ingredients in this Toothpaste!  I have learned how harsh this is to a person, and yet I see it everywhere!  I was also conveniently surprised to see that Aloe Vera was incorporated into their toothpaste to promote healthy gums.

So, I took 2 minutes as directed and brushed my teeth, tongue, and palate and so did my husband.  I was ecstatic when he tried it.  And when he commented that it did not burn at all, I almost did a flip and a victory dance!  You see, he has had no lucky with toothpaste, and it is always painful when he brushes.  We have had the hardest time finding anything that works for him.  All the "sensitive" toothpastes, have always left his mouth chafing inside, and his mouth would slough out skin.  Not fun at all.  Also, in other brands we found that his lips and other skin near his mouth would burn or turn red when the toothpaste foamed up.
TheraBreath, I am happy to say, had no ill effects on him.  I think it must be the Sodium Lauryl Sulfate that he is allergic too or something.  We are tremendously happy with it!

The next thing we tried was the Oral Rinse.  It was like swishing water that had a cooling refreshing sensation to it.  No counting the seconds till we had to spit, it was easy to hit that 1-minute mark.  I appreciated that the directions also said to gargle to clean the throat--I did not know why at the time until I read up on his research: The throat is a major source of bad breath.  

After using this product for about two weeks, we just found that this works!  Overtime, I know that this product has kept our breath fresh, and free of odors--although I know that sometimes, I can tell when somebody forgets to brush!  Hmm...that is when a mint comes in handy!  The Lozenges were really strong, not a bad strong.  I would pass them out to my guests just because I was excited about TheraBreath and wanted them to try it out!  I do not have a problem with dry mouth, but I can defintely tell that I start producing a lot more saliva right after brushing and rinsing my mouth with TheraBreath or using a Lozenges.  So if you suffer from dry mouth, this is something that you will want!

Well, my final thoughts is that we recommend this product, it works, and am so thankful for TheraBreath for allowing us to test and write out this review!  We put it to the test, and our honest opinion is that we love it! 

Not only is TheraBreath recommended by dentists, it is created by one!  

Get Connected with TheraBreath online:

I was provided with products from TheraBreath for the purposes of writing a review and testing out their products to see what I thought.  I was not compensated in any manner for this post and the opinions expressed are my own.

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What is the best baby advice you can give to a new mom?

What is the best baby advice you can give to a new mom?

After you give birth, spend some time just you and your husband and baby. Call friends and family members to hold off till you are ready. You have just gone through so much, quite an ordeal! Take time to have some rest and in the arms of your significant other, or just take the time holding your newborn. These times are precious, and sometimes having others immediately over can cause some stress! 

She is doing a giveaway of an Evenflo Simply Go Breast Pump---If you are breastfeeding or know someone who is breastfeeding this will be a good one to get your entries to! :)
Enter any from any one of those links or simply click here:  2 Boys + 1 Girl = One Crazy Mom

Pura Body Naturals Review and a March Madness Sale!

Have you ever heard of Pura Body Naturals?  

Well, I came across Pura Body Naturals when I was looking for an alternative way to moisturize my skin.  Alternative meaning I need something more than coconut oil and shea butter and lotion offered in the general local stores.  Through my scouring the internet I was intrigued by Pura Body Naturals which offered me an all natural way to nourish my skin not to mention its Brazillian-Amazon oils!  I found ways in which I could nourish not only my body, but also my hair and eyes!  Pura Body Naturals has ingredients that I have never heard of or ever used, and as I read more about the ingredients, I wondered if this would benefit and really do something to help out my psoriasis flame ups!

I found great customer service with the maker and creator herself!
After many email conversations discussing my skin woes, Pura Body Naturals recommended and sent me these at a good decent price.  She took care of me you know?  I was so happy I made the purchase, and that I was given such care and attention!  I knew that if this is how I was treated, how much more attention and care goes into what they make?  I know that her main concern was to make sure I received the right products and that my questions and my situation needs were met.  Thank you so much, you have not idea how much I really appreciate your patience, efforts and hard work. 

Brazil Loc Oil--I found this had a lovely exotic subtle scent to it!

Cupuacu Body Butter (100% Natural) It is very rich and creamy I love it.

Amazon Hair and Body Butter with MuruMuru in Tahitian Vanilla  ---My FAVORITE!

Tacuma Body Lotion---I keep this in my purse all the time
 My testimony is that after using these products straight for about two weeks, I noticed one day that my skin was smooth.  I still had psoriasis but smooth all around is a miracle! Psoriasis is characterized by rough and crackly scaly skin.  These concoctions of exotic and natural ingredients work.  I will have to say that I used the Cupuacu Body butter and the Amazon hair and Body butter with Muru-muru are my favorites that I use most often.  When I do use the Brazil Loc Oil---Oh what bliss to know that my hair is getting a treatment and it will soon be shiny and not dull again!  Long hair can get very frazzled and dry. 

In using her butters and lotions I never felt like I had a residue that I commonly get with lotions and butters. I rather LOVED the soft feeling my skin had after using this product.  My hair has become so nice too--I have long hair and it tends to dry up and become very dull looking--the Amazon Hair with Murumuru really made a difference.  Although I suggest not putting a lot or else you are left with very oily hair!  I put too much the first time--with these products a little goes along way.  I ultimately love their Body and Hair products, and will definitely make a purchase once I run out of my products.  I feel like I Give myself a little Skin Spa Experience everytime I use Pura Body Naturals--I am not kidding.  The aromas are just wonderful and Tahitian Vanilla is hands down my most favorite.  There is nothing like it.  
The Science.  These butters and oils that she uses are very rich in fatty acids.  Have you ever just seen oil and water mix?  Unless you shake it they stay pretty much separate because of the fatty acids in the oil.  These long chains of carbon keep water from mixing with the oil.  How it works on our skin is that it keeps the moisture or water in.  I found information too about how these ingredients Pura Body Naturals have anti aging effects and really does do more than coat your skin.

Altogether, a wonderful company who distributes and handcrafts from everything natural, no parabens, no chemicals. 

Visit her Website at
Also Follow them on their blog for great tips and information as well as some recipes you can try out:

You must check out their site for some awesome March Madness Deals you do not want to miss!  Pick 2 for 22! 

Contrary to popular beliefs you can have healthy beautiful skin and hair the natural way. This can be done without the use of harmful chemicals and preservatives used in many popular cosmetics on the market today. -Pura Body Naturals