Friday, January 28, 2011

valentines and shutterfly

I think valentines day would be a day to show how much I appreciate my husband in times where I have been so not sane self. For all those days I have been a monster mommy on a rampage because! I know I thank Andrew a lot, and it would be nice to do something well...extraordinary!

I know he is a very simple person, and is not into a lot of expensive things, but I have to think of something! He was there for me throughout my pregnancy, and throughout my labor and the excitement of pre-labor contractions. He tirelessly held my hand, coaxed me not to worry, and braved with me through the unknown. As my little one came came, he even cut the umbilical cord—one who I thought would not really be able to do something like this! I was amazed with the silent strong man that he was. I remember thinking and looking at him in my vulnerableness-- “He married me! This man is my husband!” During the nights of sleeplessness, he stayed up taking care of the baby when I could not. I really appreciate him, and my thanks goes out to all the fathers out there like my husband, Andrew.

Valentines this year is like another thanksgiving for me—where there is a deep gratefulness and gratitude for the unconditional love one has for another. I cannot help but see how my husband reflects the Savior He has grown so much like. A quiet voice, a strength I cannot see, a positive and most loving and uplifting person—he reminds me how much more my God is for us! I think this February, I am going to focus on just doing continual acts of love, and show to him how much I appreciate him by just holding back on my words that can bring houses down, by waking up every morning and telling him how much I love him, by just joining him on the couch and watching whatever show he likes (or video games), and make that cake I have been meaning to bake for him!

I think this year our little girl and I are going to be joining together to make a card for him! With lots of pictures and just some hand prints! I think we're going the route many moms take, but hey, I know he loves this stuff just as much as I do! Last Christmas we sent out a lot of Christmas Cards...and sadly I still have a few more to send that really bad? I feel so out of sync with life right now as I am at home so much more, but still am really catching up with life!

We used Shutterfly—and they are really reasonably priced, and great quality. With easy to use features, I think you'll love them! They have so much to offer! hehe...I am thinking about a mug this year for our new daddy...what do you think?  I am thinking yes!  I have not been let down from shutterfly, and I do not think I ever will be.  So...yups, I'll be doing some designing on Shutterfly---with maybe a little baby picture, a little bit of a heart and "daddy" :)

Valentine cards
Birthday invitations
Valentine’s gifts
Photo mugs
Thank you cards

My Birth Experience: Sept 3

Birth Experience:

For two days I woke up to contractions starting at 2am in the morning and ending at
6am. Expecting to break out into full labor I stayed up these two days,
hoping for something to tell me "it is time!"--but promptly at 6am the contractions
stopped occuring, and I fell asleep exhausted from all the temporary excitement.

On the day of, I walked around the apartments with my sister in law. We ate
pizza--I got mad, they forgot my peppercinnis. Baby still did not want to come out,
so we watched 2 movies that made me laugh--The Back Up Plan and Date Night.

My hubby laughed at me because everytime I laughed really hard, I would get a really
painful contraction. His sister started timing and writing down the contractions.
She would look at me every 7 minutes, and then 5 minutes, and down to 3 minutes.
On the ride down to the hospital, I joked that this would be our "weekend getaway"--and
he responded that would bring home a souvenir.

Our little girl loves a 2 am schedule. That is the time my water broke. "Such a strange
sensation", I remember thinking. "Now they cannot send me home!"

My husband prior to this was as unhelpful as in our birthing class, but now he was in full
"going to be a daddy" mode. During labor he was the husband who doted on my every whim. Holding hands,
offering me a sip of water, on one knee---It was as if we were newly wed! He spoke
He whispered in my ear encouragements, and it was very nice. We took walks and we held hands the lighted hallways. It was truly a different romancing experience. I know I would
not have gotten through with delivery without him. He encouraged me to just give everything
to God and not to worry. I was afraid of getting a cesearean, or having a breach.

With every contraction, I focused on relinquishing my body to sheer relaxation. I

Once the time came to deliver, I sent everyone out of the room. His poor little sister
came in the room with food for him, not knowing what she was walking into. I looked at her
and bellowed loudly, "Lizzy! GEt OUT NOW!" She froze in mid-step. Looked scared. "GET OUT!" I yelled again
and she said, "Ok, I'll get my bag" and immediately I responded with "NO! Get out now!"
I was not really pushing yet, but the pains were getting more intolerable. My husband told her to go ahead
and get her bag, and just wait outside. So funny how I protested, and yelled.

There was one nurse that I remember kept making mistakes throughout my delievery.
She finally called my doctor when I was really feeling the urge to push--baby was not going to
wait. I got red hot mad and irritated at her. She started putting up the stirrups when my doctor
walked in the room and told her to do this. In the middle of a contraction, she lowered the bed, and made
my back fall, which really hurt. She stopped putting pressure on my foot in order to adjust the baby monitor
while I was ACTIVELY pushing the baby out. This was very frustrating. I kindly and nicely asked her
to keep pressure on when I was pushing. She said, OK. She let go again, to adjust the monitor--I yelled at her
not so nicely in a deep unheard of voice that had authority I never thought I had. She listened.

The next few moments I did not care who saw me or heard me. I let out the most loudest screams I have ever heard.
I did not have any pain medications. I did not care about anything, but just the word "PUSH". I did not even think
about what I was pushing out, all I could visualize was the word. With every contraction rippling down and hard, I did the word, "push".
I dug deep into my husband's arm, and with the whole world waiting, she came. The physical relief I felt was incredible.

I can remember the first look I took as they laid her for a moment on my belly. It was a moment so fleeting and delicate. It was hard
to take in the similarities she had to me. I could not believe how shocking it was. She had a hard time breathing, so they
quietly took her to the nursery where they hooked her up to a breathing machine. Little Sophie was breathing, but having a hard time.
They said that she was going to be alright. As they left my husband summarized in the most wonderful of sentences he has ever whispered to me: "she's here".
I could have never been more happier, tired, and relieved at once that...she's here!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

blog hop wednesdays

What I have been doing lately,is looking for second hand baby toys, and cloth diapers. Has anyone ever watched "American Pickers"? My husband and I really love watching what they find! It gets my juices going, and I always ask "honey, do you want to go shopping for garage sales???" He always responds with "how many times do I have to tell you?! It's too cold!! and not really the season for it!" hehe well, I don't know Craigslist has some garage sales going on--or at least it's listed...but anyways.

It seems that I have become "a cloth diaperer/ baby toy" picker! There are some baby toys--like excersaucers, jumperoos, and bumbo chairs that are hardly used! Not to mention half the cost of purchasing a new one. Well, I finally got my husband to say yes to a garage sale I found to happen this saturday! I'm having my fingers crossed for some second hand cloth diapers and some excersaucers, bumbo chairs or even a high chair! :) I already scored some second hand diapers from a friend of mine--tons of REALLY loved prefolds! :) And I bought some really neat cloth diapers called "BAYBEE" from canada! I really love these diapers, but I think that they are not around now...hmmm..

Let me know for any cloth diapers you would suggest! :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Taking a break today to "EAT" :)

I love that I get into things, but too many times my hands get distracted.  I get too caught up in the internet, and right now its been a distraction that I know has its place.  I love blogging, entering into giveaways, but I know I need to prioritize.  So I will leave today with this---this blog entry from Seeds of Faith.

You have to check it out!  In the mean time for a while now, I have been starving to read the Word and just spend time at home as a mom--washing dishes, laundering, and everything else.  I need to remember that I'm a momma

Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday Blog Hops

Beloved, Let us love one another, for love is of God and everyone that loveth is born of God and knoweth God.  He that loveth not, knoweth not God--for God is love.  Beloved, let us love one another
I John 4:7-8 

I'm finding that to simply love a person, unconditionally is what one needs most.  My husband amazes me with the love he gives to me.  Even when I do not deserve it! Or at least I when I feel like I don't deserve it!  Whenever we get into fights and arguments, I find that he is so quick to stop let it go, want to stop the fighting even when I do not want to.  He is so quick to forgive when I'm the one who is firing the shots!  Even when I want to keep fighting---it just seems he is that silent warrior.  "I forgive you and I love you now lets just stop."
Sometimes I forget how much my husband Andrew loves me.  At the same time I forget how much greater our God loves us.  My husband just had a little battle today--mainly I was the one offended and on the rampage.  It really was no big deal, but gosh did I just grow so quick to be angry!  I was so unloving.  Said things that I know I should not have said.  Yet, he was patient, knowing deep down I did not mean a thing I said.  Knowing deep down I loved him.  I need to be a better lover of others.

I am not saying Andrew's the God in my life or anything, but if this is just human love and not that perfect love of Christ...How much more is His love for us?  If we think of our husbands willing to die for us.  Husbands, men, guys, boys (even young ones!) I think there is this instinct in them that would protect us girls, women to the point of death.  I laugh when I baby sat a couple of boys--and they said "I'll save you!"  such bravery and courage is instilled in them, even to the point of giving their lives for our sakes.  How much more is someone who gave their lives for us?  Sometimes I have a hard time picturing God's love being more than just words.  Husbands and wives---marriages are symbolic of God's love with mankind.  

His love towards us is deeper.  
He gave His life.  He gave His only Son.  I cannot imagine giving up my baby growing up to save other people knowing that she would die for others.  But He did for us.  

Love originated from Him.

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Hopping

Rolling over and a Deeper Thankfulness and Love for Andy

I have to say, I am very excited.  Sophie is rolling over and over and over!  I set her down on her play mat and lo and be hold I come back in ten seconds to see her rolling over! Okay by the time I took the pictures, she was quite upset that she had to do this so many times....Hmm she was happy after her little photo shoot! :)  I fed her.   

We went to the Doctor's On Monday and they said she was now 14 pounds and 7 ounces!  Whoo HoO!
She also had her second round of shots on her legs...not so fun for either of us.  Daddy was there to comfort her though.  I am always loving how patient and fatherly he has been.  I remember when we were just lovebirds and I would always swoon over the fact he would play with the little ones at church....I know...and now we have one of our own! I think I am in love with my husband! :)  Not to mention how extremely proud how I was all sick last Sunday, and he let me sleep in while he went by himself to church!  I woke up to feed Sophie and vaguely remember him giving me a kiss and scooting off.  I have to say, he has grown up into someone I am loving more and more. 

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Having a Green Day today...with SKOY CLOTHS

It seems the more I get into blogging and cloth diapering, I am learning about new products that are so inspiring and just plain cool!

I know around our table, we have always been reaching out for paper towels, napkins, and the like. Now that we are cloth diapering little by little--we have become more aware of disposable things that we can replace with some sort of cloth. When we have friends over, things always are a bit weird when they ask and look for paper towels or napkins. I usually apologize and tell them we do not use paper napkins--and I hand over one of our mismatched cloths! They laugh and say hey we do the same thing! Sometimes its just awkward seeing them wipe their hands and mouth with a cloth I remember using for other purposes or that I used a day ago (after washing and laundering them well of course!).

Alright, so while I was blog hopping this is a unique company I have found that I would love to try! SKOY cloths is something truly wonderful. They have a wonderful multi-use cloth. This can be used around the dinner table, for washing dishes (something that I like about its versatility), and one thing I really am loving about this SKOY cloth is that it LOOKS like a paper napkin. It has those textured squares just like our napkins that are disposable. Its familiar-looking to me as well as green. I know you would love this!

Check out their web page at
Also for your chance at winning this wonderful, reusable, and versatile SKOY cloth,

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Upcycle your old T-Shirts!

Mommy of 1 and Counting is doing a review and giveaway for GEM Cloth pads.  It is open only for those who have not yet tried pads.   GEM Cloth actually makes her products from upcycled material.  Michelle started making diapers from materials as simple as t-shirts.  From there she started a business-- GEM Cloth.  She makes cloth pads for moms, and really neat diapers, and some crocheted items as well.

Today, I want to share with you something I found while entering into giveaways, and blog hopping.
I found some really neat websites which show different ways to recreate and upcycle your old t-shirts or fabrics!  I got all excited because there are a bunch of Andrew's (my husband) clothes that are just way...too unfashionable that I was about to turn them into rags or donate them.  So probably going to be in my project list of things to do, but when you are in a pinch I hope you remember that moms can do pretty much anything with needle and thread and some cloth!
Below I left some links on how to create your own homemade prefolds, diapers, wetbags, and more!


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tropical Traditions

We Don't Have It All Together...: Tropical Traditions Review & Giveaway

She just loves this stuff!
This is what I learned from her love for Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil:
Homemade Deodorant!

Here is what you will need:

* 1/4 cup – Baking Soda
* 1/4 cup – Arrowroot Powder
* 6 tablespoons. – Coconut Oil
* a few drops of Tea Tree Oil (essential oil)
* any other essential oil for scent

Other Wednesday blog Hops! :)

Here are other blog hops today that I am doing! :) I am just blog hopping today!

Green Blog Hop!

Today just wanted to share with you ways we as a family are being greener!

Save energy to save money.
We have started to use Fluorescent bulbs and Energy Saving bulbs whenever our
regular incandescent bulbs burn out. This has been wonderful for us--not only does it save on our next power bill, but we are finding it is SO much brighter. My husband has found that we really need half as many bulbs to light up the hallway and our kitchen--so another plus.
I have started to lower down the temperature of our heater. We have been bad as of late, and now we are dutifully adjusting our knobs just a bit lower at night and bundling up baby and ourselves up just a bit more.
 Another way that we have been staying a bit more greener is by waiting for a full load of laundry before washing and drying.

I know that we have a responsibility to be wise with our resources and not wasteful.  I think it is a good concept to live by.  Just being mindful and appreciative of what we have and not buying new things all the time is something we are learning.  Being content with using up products till it cannot be used anymore is a good way to create less waste in our landfills.

It is funny, I have never really tried to be "green" or anything.  I just have always tried to be frugal and wise with what God has given us.  I think also just knowing that we are having a hard winter with no work for my husband (he works with a Landscaping business) because of the winter weather, we as a family have been more "conscious" of what we do.  We just automatically live greener and it is a neat way of thinking.  Cloth diapering and washing dishes with cold water has become something more of a way to spread our dollar.  Living greener is a plus.

If you want to learn more about living greener---more frugal check out this website.  It is neat how things that I already do at home are things that people are listing as ways to live green!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tell me What you think! Also OLM's Giveaway Link included!

Have you tried our NEW Tiny Tush Elite One Size Pocket Diapers?
I would love to hear from those of you who have tried Tush Diapers!!  I am saving money little by little to be able to purchase one of these if you think it is a good buy!  I have read a lot of it, but then again I have read MANY reviews from cloth diapers!  This is the one that I've been thinking of getting.  Help me figure out which Cloth Diapers I should get!  Here is one that I am trying to win, from One Little Mister.   


Tiny Tush Elite One-Size Pocket Diapers combine technology, design, and good old fashion comfort! This unique diapering system is the easiest diapering system available today. With a reverse envelop pocket opening in the rear of the diaper, the inserts are easy to install. The reverse envelope pocket opening also prevents stools from getting caught up underneath the flap. This makes cleanup easier and mess free. Includes absorbent cotton insert.
 You can try to win one now from One Little Mister

I am very excited to share this with you!  I really hope to be able to up my stash and really start converting from disposable diapers to reusable ones.  One diaper at a time!  It is just hard to get things going with a new baby and having to already catch up on all my laundry--so in the future I am really hoping to be able to replace my disposable diapers with reusables!  I have it down to about 4 reusables that right now are in the sink until I can get enough of a load to do laundry!  I tried air drying my diapers, but because of the weather lately...and my bathroom, does not get much of an airflow I am resorting to putting it over my heaters and when I get desperate enough, putting it into the dryer. I know it's bad, but I got to do what I can do this time of year.