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A Bride for All Seasons Book Review, Hitching Post Brides~Review and Giveaway

My Review: A Bride for All Seasons is a book written by four authors who take on each of the four seasons and write a love story about a woman who has been a Mail Order Bride in the Hitching post! I remember learning and reading about these Mail Order Brides in my history class, but never imagined what it would be like…neither would have thought about the stress and anxiety that a woman would go through! These women were definitely courageous as they would leave all they are familiar with to forge a new life with a new husband far away from home. Not to mention what if a man or woman lied or overly exaggerated the "good" or left out the bad? I feel like tough times did in fact call for extreme measures....but wow, this book made me giddy and dream of what it was like back in those days!

The mischievous and dishonest Melvin Hitchcock pictures himself as the “matchmaker” when it comes to pairing up woman to man. While honesty is not his best policy, I absolutely laughed as he paired up some of the most opposite of people together. You see, he sort of left details out or added some details in concerning his clients applications. I loved it!

The story about each woman setting out to their future husbands was refreshingly different. Each bride birthed from the ideas and inspiration by different authors, made each story fresh and a bit unpredictable.

My favorite of all four brides was Winter Wedding Bells by Mary Connealy. I felt that the story of Megan and David was so charming and almost miraculous! David dying of some disease finds that a Mail order bride is just what he needs to take care of his son. No need to get attached to a mail order bride. Just need a mother for his son he thinks. But Megan a very strong determined woman lovingly begins to bring hope back to her new husband.

I absolutely loved the depth of love these two had for each other, and that being done in just a few chapters! I also loved how author Mary brought the two together in one of the most tragic yet comical of ways. Megan has a charm and a determination that wins over David. And while David wants to spare Megan any heart ache, even the roughest rugged of men will soften and start to hope because of Megan’s faithfulness in God’s faithfulness and her sense of duty to be the wife no matter what! I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at the ending. Made me laugh and probably hoot and holler!

I would give this book about 3.5-4 Stars. I laughed, cried, and probably drove my husband crazy because of these loves stories I was talking to him about. What I also appreciated was the appropriateness of these romance novels. I did not feel like there was “too much” information or details. It was just right.

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Newman's Own Organics Pop's Corn Review

I am a big fan of pop corn, and was quite thrilled to try out Neman's Own Organics Pop's Corn.  I "popped" two bags of Pop's Corn and we had a fun snack time.  My sister and daughter both had fun eating it.  And I felt great knowing I was serving a low calorie snack food that does not contain partially hydrogenated oils or trans-fatty acids.  

The pop corn held a nice fluffy softness with a nice crunch.  It had a nice light buttery taste to it.  I enjoyed eating a bowl full and was felt it tasted "light" and flavorful.  I did not get greasy fingers and I did not feel like my mouth was full of lard!  Quite healthy tasting in my opinion.

I was really impressed at how simple Nerman's Own Organics ingredients list were.  
  • Light Butter--Organic Corn, Palm Oil, Natural Butter Flavor (contains milk), and Salt 

It definitely makes a difference when they cut out other artificial things.  And since I am watching more of what I eat, I am glad to find a healthier alternative that does not have any hydrogenated oils or trans fatty acids in it.  

Serving Size:
Two bags were enough for three adults and a toddler and then some....which I love because everyone can get their mouths full without having to fight over the popped corn!   

Variety of Pop's Corn:
For those who love butter, Newman's Own Organics Pop's Corn comes in BUTTER.  And for those who are looking for something lighter---they offer LIGHT BUTTER and UNSALTED Pop's Corn too.   

Disclosure:  I received the product from my sponsor in exchange for a review and my honest opinion.  I was not compensated in any other way.

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Nature's Sleep BOGO FREE!


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Hershey's Cookies 'n' Creme Cereal Review and Giveaway

My Review:
This cereal tasted great.  We received one box, and it was gone within two to three days.  I had packed 2 ziplock baggies for snacks as we were on the road traveling.  We as a family loved it for breakfast.  It was not only my toddler who wanted a bowl full of Cookies 'n' was me too!

The texture of them is not as hard on the mouth as I had thought it would be.  In the past I have had circular kids' cereal and hated that it rubbed the roof of  my mouth rough and raw for some reason.  This one has a nice softer texture to it.  It was small enough for little toddler mouths as well.

The Taste and flavor was addicting.  I could not get over the delicious taste of Cookies 'n' Creme!  I kept eating them as a snack and my  husband who is a bit hard to please when it comes to cereal joined in on munching them down as well.  Quite an enjoyable cereal that pleased the tastebuds of all in our family.

Life is Easier:
Below is what we received in our package.  I have to say that I really am enjoying the cereal dispenser as it beats having to reach into the cupboards with a step stool for our cereal every morning.  And the bowls, spoons fit together as "to go" cereal bowls.  There is a place to put the cereal and have milk stored safely in a separate compartment.  In thinking about up coming camping trips, this will come handy when we want at least one bowl of cereal or need some snack containers.

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Fage Greek Yogurt

I did like the Fage Greek Yogurt and that more control was given to me on how sweet or how much fruit I wanted to put into my breakfast.

There are only a couple Greek Yogurts I like.  And this will certainly be one that I will shop for.  The serving size is perfect.  I am not wanting more or having excess in left overs.  In trying to get something that both my daughter and I like, Fage Yogurt passes the toddler test.  She was ecstatic about the fruit.  I had to make sure she did not only eat the fruit.  But all in all it was palatable and something a toddler could enjoy.

I personally like the taste it is smooth and creamy and great to know that it is healthy and is family run!  Our favorites were Cherry and Blueberry. I was a bit disappointed that for all the flavors Fage has only a handful of flavors were available in my store.  Fage was also not present in some of my stores.    It is really good in comparison to other yogurts we have  had in the past, and I hope that Fage continues to be carried in my grocery stores.  I was excited because I found them in Fred Meyers for a buck a piece!

Disclosure: I received the product for free in exchange for my review.  This has not affected my opinion about the product.  

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Yesterday's Tomorrow: A Refreshing Read, Thoroughly Enjoyable and Fresh

I cannot say enough good things about this book.
From the first chapter I was not only hooked, but bought and sold. Author Catherine writes with such a style that is bold and fresh and compelling. Her characters are complex, but as a reader...we love the complexities it keeps us turning the pages and holding our breath! This book is not just your average love story. The historical background of Vietnam plants us right in the middle of a war. Catherine does well in making us feel the sweat, blood, fear, and in trepidation her characters are going through. The characters are real and raw going through love, loss, and bitterness and then finally forgiveness.
This book is one that you will not regret reading.

I am hoping for more books by Catherine, and highly recommend this book without any reservation!

Can I not expres this enough?  You MUST read this book!  Upon reading the first chapter of this book, I was hooked.  It was a page turner….and I fear I read this book in the space of two days and will have to open it back up and read it again and again!  To express how good this book was, I who battle car sickness, took my kindle and read this in the car on our trip back from Oregon.  I could not put it down and was reading it with the little light I had from the map light in our car.  I did not feel car sick at all.  

About the Book:  

Kristin Taylor finds herself following after her father’s footsteps in a war torn land of Vietnam.
She lost her dad at the tender age of 12, and finds herself blaming God for not answering prayers and keeping loved ones safe.  Trust and faith in God are severed, and pain, trials, and disappointment seem to follower her.  

As she spends her time in Vietnam looking for “THEE” story, she finds herself choosing between love and her career.  She is determined and will go against all odds to stay in Vietnam.  She is strong, but finds herself dealing with her past unresolved feelings that break down her core.  Also through Kris we see the struggles many men and women go through as they see the bloodiness of war.  She seems to carry both perspectives of being in the heart of war as well as carry the burden of uncertainty and loss of loved ones. 

She finds hope and friendship with Caroline, Jonno, and Luke.  But when events happen her very core is shaken and one can really feel as she feels, helpless and depressed and carrying the burden of guilt.  As the story moves on, I found myself gripped to words and found myself reading till the very last moment…and rooting for the forgiveness and hope her soul very well longed for since Kris was a girl.  

Luke is the other main character that has mysteries and events that haunt him from his past.  The chemistry between he and Kris is amusing and entertaining.  I love it!  It is not as simple as most love stories, which makes me love this book all the more.   He goes through changes in which in order to move forward he needs to deal with his past.  I will leave it at that! 


It seems that living for today...or yesterday's tomorrow is such a wonderful adage...but putting action to it takes a lot of letting go of the past.  Such a simple thing to do, but the way Catherine interweaves this concept and achieves it through her characters is simply brilliant.  Five out of Five stars for me.

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Learn more at Catherine’s website

Read more Reviews Don't just take my word for it!

Disclosure: I received this book for free in exchange for a review. It has in no way affected my opinions of this book.