Saturday, February 4, 2012

21 Day Mommy Blogger Fitness Challenge--Day 4

Today's Exercise: Warm up, Weight/Strength Training, Cardio, Core Training and Flexibility/Stretching
I have to admit I was not looking forward to exercising.  I was a tad bit grumpy and tired by the time I started working out with Jodi and Dustin.  When I started, I felt my hamstrings and quads felt sore and tight.  My little one was a being cute and trying to warm up with me by lifting her legs us as I was doing the stationary skipping.  Boy did I wish I had Dustin's Mamatone Fitness DVD when our little one was a newbie!  I think I would have loved to stayed fit back then!  Anyways she stopped being cute and started signing "more-more".  She was hungry.  I had to run around to get her dinner while trying to get daddy to take care of her.  All in all it was a bit chaotic before getting to focus in on working out. 

The hardest part today that I dread the most was the weight training.  Those backward lunges with 8lb weights at my sides is super hard!  The muscles in my leg feel the burn quite well, and I force myself to make that 90 degree angle he talks about.  I often pause the video to make sure I do them right.  The second part about weight training is of course the push ups.  I find it difficult to go down low and up again...the positive part though is that I followed through and finished without cutting down the reps.  I really want to push myself these 21 days...I want to feel like me again!  I am super pumped tonight too for some reason.  I did one extra run through of the cardio.  I truly truly truly want to look the way I feel inside.  I feel like a young woman.  I feel like a happy person.  When I look in the mirror I see a very different person.  Oh it is so encouraging to know that with each day we exercise, eat right, choose healthy options---we are taking steps in the right direction.  I know that with each step, back lunge, high-knee punch I do--I will be that much closer to seeing that person I feel like inside.

A New Take on Photographs and Pictures:
Tomorrow my husband Andy asked a friend to take a family photo of us three.  I was already thinking I should wear some sort of Shapewear tomorrow to look somewhat good.  But I was really blessed by someone on facebook to share this with me: ... I finally decided that they (pictures) are for us only and my kids will want pics of me one day and they don't care how I look - they love me no matter what. I say just be you! :)

Those were the most encouraging words I have heard about pictures--ever in my life!  A big thank you to you for what you said.  It means a lot to me.  Some new things I've learned today:  I know that my daughter loves me no matter what I look like, and I know my husband sees me the way I see him.  Through the eyes of love I find that the outer man does not matter at all. 

Also, loving reading all those posts in the 21 Day challenge!  You guys are the reading material I've been enjoying this week.  Well, I've written my food journal down on paper today.  Nothing too crazy or special!

Food Journal:
Breakfast: Peanut Butter on Whole Grain Toast (Seems to be my favorite) and Egg over easy cooked with Olive Oil
Snack: {1/2} Peanut Butter on whole Grain Toast

Lunch: Chicken Salad with black beans and carrots, arugula
Snack: Banana and a Banana Organic too!
Dinner: 2 Eggs.  1/2 cup of Black Beans. Sweet Chili Sauce  I was a fend for yourself night.
Water Intake: 7 cups of water.  

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