Thursday, February 2, 2012

21 Day Mommy Blogger Weight Loss Challenge--Day 1

Journal for Workout Day 1: 

I woke up geared up and ready to exercise.  I dreaded working out just because I was sore from two days ago on trying out the work out for the first time.  I was beat for two days.  My husband says I was a bit cranky the day after I worked out.  I think I just wanted to hit the bed and sleep.  But feeling the soreness was also indicative that I DID Accomplish Something! 

Today, February 1st.  I ended up not working out till 2pm in the afternoon due to taking care of my little one.  Work out was so good.  I sweated and pushed through the whole  program.  This is how the Fit Moms for Life Program goes.

First is Warm Ups:  The Key here is Big Easy Movements that get the blood flowing. About 3 minutes length
Second is Weights Training: What I am learning is that I need to strengthen certain muscles so that I can gain better posture in my every day life activities.
Third:  Cardio:  Get our heart pumping more!  3 sets of 45 second heart pumping activities.  We do a set of intense activity for 45 seconds and rest for 45 seconds.  A one to one ratio.  If we work out and push hard in a short amount of time we burn more and get more.  I do like it I have to admit.  Spurts of energy and putting everything I got in it for a short amount of time really is nice.
Fourth is Core:  Abdomen-stomach section strengthening.  I find that I have a lot to work on here.  My belly fat is in the way of those muscles down there! 
Fifth and Lastly is the Flexibility/Stretch Cool down Phase: Pretty self explanatory, but something that I always look forward to.  It marks the end of the work out and kind of makes me feel good about myself. 

Dustin recommends doing the full work out every other day and taking a day of rest.
OR as busy moms are sometimes choosing
 I have to admit that the work out was hard to push through, but I did it with the help of thinking about the gains of being  healthy.

Challenging Excercises that I found hard to do!
  • Plank regular and side position: Position yourself like you are doing a push up.  Put elbows and hands down and  uphold for 45 seconds.  
    • Side position:  Go on side and support body with one arm. I had to "cheat and bend one of my knees.  My goal is to hold both for 45 seconds or more!

  • Push ups: Only did 10 instead of 15 for the first rep.
  • Swimmers:  Lie on the floor belly down.  Extend arms in front of  you and move them up and down while kicking your feet up and down (like you're swimming).  Hold belly in and draw belly button in for a good core work out.  For some reason I find it hard to breath and cannot do this for 45 seconds!  Ended up just kicking my legs up and down or just my arms up and down. 
Things I thought about while working out:
  • I want to have more energy for my kids.  
  • I desire to fit into my favorite jeans again and not have to move  up to the next size.
  • I do want to be able to look good and feel good again.
  • It is for my betterment and state of mind to excercise!
  • Only for an hour and a half and then I can rest and shower and relax!
  • I will feel better after this!

Here are my measurements:
Arms:  14 inches
Hips:  41 inches
Waist: 38 inches
Abdomen: 43.5 inches
Thighs: 23 inches
Chest:  42 inches
Calves: 14 inches

Height: 5' 2 inches
Weight: 176.6 lbs

Meals and Food Journal:
Breakfast: Oatmeal with Apples and Cinnamon

Snack: Orange, Apple slices

Lunch: Lemon Pepper Chicken and Boiled Potato

Snack: Apple Slices

Dinner: Taco Salad and whole grain corn bread

Water intake: 6 glasses to drink

My Goals for this program at the end of 21 days:
Main Goal:  Lose 25 lbs
Secondary Goal:  Do 30 Regular Pushups
Third Goal: To perform the "Plank" positions both front and side for 45 seconds!
Fourth Goal: Eat healthy and live an energized positive life.

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Don’t forget to follow the #21MBC hashtag on twitter.  If you are a Mommy Blogger and would like to try this program for free like what I am doing right now please contact me at sophieandmomma at and I will get you the information to join up for the next 21 Day Challenge for March 2012!  You will receive the same free program that I did! If you have any questions let me know I would love to help!

Disclaimer:  This post is in conjuction with the 21 Day Mommy Blogger Weight Loss Challenge with Dustin Maher.  I am doing the Fit Moms for Life Program.  I have received the program for free and have not been paid to write this post.  All opinions are mine.  For more information on the program please learn more about it here: Fit Moms for Life