Friday, February 24, 2012

Babee Greens 55% Hemp/45% Organic Cotton Fitted Diaper Review

About Babee Greens:  Now one of my favorite things about Babee Greens is that it is a USA company with moms working at the heart of it in North Carolina.  With real moms at the helm of this diaper company, I know that they understand what babies need as well as know what I want as a momma out of a cloth diaper.  In a sense I feel more comfortable knowing what kind of people are behind the business.   I also like knowing that their organic material grown and milled in the US--which makes their organic cloth diapers  100%  USA made.  I have to admit that I have a huge soft spot for supporting USA companies because purchases made not only support hard working Moms, but also us as a nation. 

My first impression: Softness, Fit and Dry time
I love the softness of this fitted cloth diaper.  This Fitted Cloth diaper is a blend of cotton and  hemp.  I can really see the difference a cotton blend makes.  It makes a very soft, thick, and truly absorbent diaper.  After prepping the diaper, I made a few observations.   In the dyer, I will need to make use of my wool dryer balls.  The hemp is a fairly thick fiber and I think it needs some extra help in drying and softening up.  Secondly I do line dry my diapers occasionally if weather permits, and find that it does take longer to dry than microfiber or bamboo hemp.  Good things are worth waiting for right?

As for the fit,  I put my 24lb daughter in it and really was surprised that it truly can fit her without being too tight or hard to snap on.   I have had a lot of trouble with one size diapers being on the small side for my daughter.  She has a big belly and somewhat chunky legs!  With growth spurts going up and down, I was thankful that I found a good adjustment with the snaps and the leg gussets were perfect.  (As a fitted diaper, I do not expect leg gussets to “HUG” the legs for a tight fit, just merely wrap lightly around her legs.)   With this Babee green fitted cloth diaper, I had no trouble in the rise being too short.  She did not have any leaks coming from the top of the diaper or the back.  Often times diapers are too low that for some reason the belly part of her shirt gets wet.  Lastly with fit, this diaper has a nice length to the “wings”.  I can still get the snaps to snap in the middle and across on top of eachother.  I feel it offers more of a secure fit, and also extra absorbency in the front and along the sides of the diaper. 

Favorite Aspects of the Fitted Diaper:  The Insert, Absorbency and Trimmness
What I liked about this diaper was the placement of where to snap the insert in.  Instead of snapping in the back of the diaper, it snaps in the front.  This I thought was nice because she is a heavy wetter at night, and with the snaps in the front there is no fear of the insert shifting from side to side as she is an active runner/walker kind of toddler.   For my toddler the insert was needed.  I did let her run around in the fitted diaper alone during the day for maybe about 2 hours and found that the diaper was great at absorbing. 

As a night time diaper, I am very happy to find that this is a good reliable diaper.  The cotton and hemp blend really absorbs everything.  I find that the whole diaper is throughly used yet her crib sheets are dry.  During the daytime, this trim diaper works great.  I am confident enough in letting her run around in some leggings and a shirt and no diaper cover for an hour  or two. 

The trimmnes of the diaper in relation to how much it can absorb is truly amazing!  In short, I love that I can fit all of our diaper covers and wool covers over this fitted diaper.  We have flip diaper covers and some upcycled wool covers that we usually use over our Babee Greens Fitted Diaper. Also by being on the go I like that the fitted diaper is not too bulky for travel.

Overall I highly recommend this Babee Greens Organic Cotton and Hemp Organic diaper.  On the price scale it is on the top end, but when considering the quality of materials and construction of the diaper, I say that it will be worth saving up for one in the long end.  I feel like this fitted diaper will last me maybe 2 children cycles or more.  The cotton- hemp blend makes this hemp diaper truly makes a difference in matter of absorbency and that is why It is one of my favorite diapers in my stash, and one I tend to pack for traveling days and use as a night time diaper.

Rating on a 5 point scale:


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Disclaimer: I received a Fitted diaper for the purpose of this review.  The opinions and the review is all my original thoughts.  I have not been compensated in anyother way.