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Introducing the Cloth Diaper Butler Review and Giveaway

"Little tool for Modern Cloth"

When it comes to cloth diapering, there are a few tools and items that I would consider a luxury to own. The Cloth Diaper Butler is one of them. This specific tool is handy and nice to have--especially when it comes to cleaning the dreaded "Number Two" from off of cloth diapers!

So what exactly is this Cloth Diaper Butler you ask?  
This gadget simply clips onto your diapers--prefolds, AIOs, AI2, Fitted Diapers--whatever cloth diaper you have it will hold onto it for you.  It keeps you from having to hold directly onto the diaper.  The Brass or Stainless Steel Chain allows the diaper to hang over the toilet and away from you. If one finds that there is a stubborn "sticky", the Cloth Diaper Butler does the soaking for you!  No more having to soak them yourself!

 My Review:
I am surprised to say that we actually like using it! At first my husband was skeptical with the tool, but I challenged him to use it for a couple of days.  Sure enough his mind and heart towards it changed. He liked it. He said that it was nice and quite a nifty device!  Especially when we need to soak the diaper to get the rest of the contents out.
 On my part I like that it holds our prefolds out, and does ease the burden of playing around with a floppy prefold.  The cloth diaper butler really helped because the clips helped spread any of my diapers open and keep it open.  My hands are pretty small, and holding a diaper to where I can spray it easily can be tricky!  Armed with my Cloth Diaper Butler and Diaper Sprayer--Cleaning and Rinsing has been a breeze!  (And OH YES I Feel INVINCIBLE!)

  • Wood Handle:
A good finished wood is a really nice touch when trying to have natural products and live more naturally.  The finish on the wood makes the handle water resistant and easy to wipe down for maintenance cleaning.  Overall, It feels like it is pretty durable  and would last us quite a long time!
  • Clips:
I like the clips!  I did not have a problem with our prefolds or all in one diapers slipping off the clips.   All in One Diapers and prefolds are among the heaviest of our diapers that absorb a lot of water.  We have been using the Cloth Diaper Butler for months now and have not had any problems with the clips.

Pictures of the Cloth Diaper Butler in Action: Just Clip Soak & Spray!
(Caution there is a poopy diaper pictured, Beware)
Beautiful Wooden Handle!
The Cloth Diaper Butler is 100% manufactured and assembled in the USA with Eco Friendly Materials.

Clips and Stainless Steel Chains (can come in Brass)
Step 1: Clip Diaper to your CDB

CDB in Action on a Prefold

Step 2: Soak. The wonders a good soak can do!
Step 3: SPRAY!

Lastly: Simply Unclip into your Diaper Pail!

My Easy Storing Method.
To read more about the Cloth Diaper Butler or to find out where to get one for yourself visit:
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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hang Tags Giveaway from

Have you ever heard of Hang Tags?  
---Here's a picture to help visualize what they are!

Uses for Hang Tags:
  • Presents and Gift Tags. One of my favorite ways to see them used are through Presents and Gifts!  What better way to personalize a package then with your own hang tag--personalized and designed by you?  It is so easy to utilize this.  Tie on your special tag with a ribbon or string and Voila!  A nice special simple touch completes your gift.
  • Branding.  I believe that Hang Tags are quite beneficial and efficient in spreading the word or image of a brand name or label.  I know that if Clothing Hang Tags are attached to what I have bought, I grow quickly accustomed to its label and if I am shopping I can easily recognize the brand or label associated with it because of the hang tag.  Not only can they help consumers associate to a particular brand or label--but it can also provide information about the company.  Company Website, Social Networks, Contact Information, and a business' motto can all help a consumer become familiar with that brand or company.
  • Wine Bottles or Beverages.  Ever so often I find an event or information "Hang Tag" attached to a wine bottle.  My curiosity usually gets the best of me, because these particular hang tags have a special offer, event or special description about the wine itself.   I enjoy reading them!  Sometimes I get lucky and the hang tag tied to the bottle's neck is a coupon! 

Hang Tags as a Type of Business Card:
Hang Tags make it easier for me to find out more information about a company or business because usually they contain a website address or contact number.  I feel that that company is more personable because I have information at my fingertips--that Hang Tag could very well be a "Business Card".

Environmentally Friendly:  
 I was very surprised to find out this information about! offers Hang Tags that are created from paper that is composed of 10-30% Recycled paper, depending on type of hang tags.  One may learn more about how Uprinting is doing its part in creating Eco Friendly Hang Tags.  In trying to be responsible and mindful of the environment, they offer the usage of recycled paper as well as using Soy Based Inks.  Learn more about how works to be environmentally friendly here: Environmentally Friendly Hang Tags

Here are two types of Hang Tags has to offer:

Rectangular Hang Tags from $59.31
    Glossy, UV, Matte or Uncoated Paper
    Thick and Durable 14pt Cardstock
    Available in Standard or Custom Size
    Turn Around time: 4-6 Days       

    Die-Cut Hang Tags from $93.78 (Specialty Shapes)
      Shiny UV Gloss or Chic Matte Paper
      Thick and Durable 14pt Cardstock
      Special Rounded Corners Shapes
      Turn Around time: 4-6 Days          

      HOW TO CONNECT--+1 UPrinting homepage at Google Plus

      WHERE TO BUY-- Order your set of Hang Tags from

      PRIZE-- 250 pcs. Rectangular Hang Tags for One Winner.

      • 2" x 2", 2" x 3.5"
      • 14pt Card stock Gloss
      • Front Only Printing
      • 3/16" Hole Drilling (Top-Center, Top-Left, or Top-Right)
      • 6 Business Days Turnaround
      • Free shipping
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        The Birthday Chronicle Review and Giveaway

        Now, I missed my daughter's first birthday in celebrating it.  I's really an important one.  We had a simple dinner a common day--no balloons or a big fiasco!  I was kind of sad, but at the same time, it was nice having a small little family time together.  But yes, I do have a tinge of regret for not having the biggest baddest birthday for her.

        Something that was really neat that I have come across is Casie's Birthday Chronicle.  This would make a great Personalized Gift for Anyone,Anytime!  In my case a great gift for Sophie that she can appreciate later on in life when she's older.  That day Sophie was born was one of the craziest days for me.  I did not know what was going on and could not care less of what was on the newspapers!  This Birthday Chronicle though was not the exact newspaper--was something more of a neat way to capture her day!

        Some of my Favorite Aspects in the Birthday Chronicle:
        • Announces how old the Person will be under the Title of the Newspaper Chronicle.
        • Features Famous Music Top Ten Hits.
        • One thing I do like is reading the different articles in the Chronicle.  One of them actually does kind of capture what the world was going through at the time she was born.  I do like that it offers real information and articles that would have appeared on that day.  
        • Lastly, I really like that it lists famous stars sharing the same birthday as my daughter.  Under that same column it also states how many days that person was living!  For my daughter her second birthday, September 3, will mark her 731st day!
        • Makes a great easy, last-minute gift.  Casie, in less than TEN MINUTES, was able to email me my Birthday Chronicle!  I submitted my information and she was very responsive with any questions I had and in about 8 minutes or so I checked my email and there it was!  
          • Sent her the information of my daughter at 3:31pm, March 7.
          • Received finished Chronicle in my Email Inbox at 3:39pm, March 7th!
          • Same DAY!
        •   I thought that was amazing and felt she was very responsible in making sure I had my birthday chronicle lickety split. I feel like with a nice parchment paper--I can frame this and keep it for her as a keepsake!  With others, this would be fun and something that would make a fun interesting present!
        • The beauty of The Birthday Chronicle is that it can be created and sent to your email!  Find some beautiful paper to print it out on and you have it!   
        Product Description from the website:
        A personalized (8 1/2 x 11) mini-newspaper front page, going back as far as January 1, 1900 up to December 31, 2010. Your Birthday Chronicle includes a greeting, by name, from the then-President of the United States, plus newspaper headlines and stories from the year of your birth.
        More Information on The Birthday Chronicle:
        **Get your own Birthday Chronicle and other Personalized Products by visiting their Website.
        **Connect with Our Sponsor, Casie--they offer free items quite often. To keep up with great deals, events, and free items follow them using the following links:

        Giveaway:  One winner will be chosen to win their own PDF copy of a Birthday Chronicle.  Note this is a pdf format.  To  Enter to win please fill out the Rafflecopter form below. Must do all mandatory entries in order to win.  Winner will be verified.  April 5th 2012 Giveaway will end 12:01 am EST.   Winner will be drawn at random.  Winner must reply to notification email within 48 hours. Giveaway is open Worldwide.

        a Rafflecopter giveaway 
        Disclaimer: I received product in order to facilitate this review.  I was not compensated in any other way.  All opinions are my own.  Giveaway is brought to you by the sponsor.  Thank you Casie for this opportunity!