Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cook'n Recipe Organizer Giveaway!

Often times, I find myself uninspired in the kitchen. I simply get overwhelmed! The thought of looking through my recipes can get a bit frustrating, because of my lack of organization. I end up cooking something like spaghetti 3 days out of the week simply because I found it too hard to plan out a meal or could not find a good recipe at the tip of my fingers. But I want to introduce you to the RECIPE SOFTWARE that has changed the way I keep my kitchen recipes. 

My favorite ways to get recipes:
The internet seems to be the easiest way to search for recipes. My problem though is that I get lost in cyberspace and often cannot find "that recipe I used last time". When I do get a print out of the internet copy it gets lost in my disorganized mess of recipes. Also maybe it is my bad habit, but I dislike recipes that do not have a straightforward order to I end up throwing the printed recipe out anyway because the pagelayout or print is not very eye pleasing!

Reasons why I love this Cook'n Recipe Software:

I am pretty skeptical when it comes to software, especially Recipe Software. I tend to feel that I "don't need" a software program to organize my recipe, but this Cook'n Software has really changed my mind!
  • The Capture Feature. The features are really more than I could imagine and very user friendly too. You know I love searching for recipes online, and this program actually has a built in feature to where one can search for recipes online, snag that recipe, and save it in the program. What is nice about Cook'n is that it converts it to a really nice easy to read layout. I LOVE the layout it has--very clean and includes the internet page the recipe was taken from. It is quite an intelligent program--it lays everything out for me in a spreadsheet just to make sure that I double check it, and then it comes out looking like this! I have captured quite a few recipes online already and was delighted that it even took the picture of the food right off the website without me having to do any extra steps!

  • Readily Available Recipes. Second thing I love about this program are the loaded recipes. There is nothing more disheartening than an empty recipe program where I have to input one byone my recipes. I am so glad that it comes with preloaded recipes that are good basic recipes that I know I will use. The Recipes are located along the left side bar and are organized by Courses--Appetizers, Desserts, Main Courses...etc. Whenever I need to be inspired to cook the next meal, I can easily browse through the selection. They have pictures on some of them too!

    On the Left side you have all the Recipes listed.  The Main page has an example of what an Internet search for a Recipes Looks like.
  • Menu Planning and Grocery List is easier than ever. I was very happy at the Menu Planning and Grocery list capabilities. I can drag and drop a recipe into the Menu Planning window. Automatically another part of the program records what items I need to purchase at the grocery store. I think it is very convenient that it lists every item I need for that week without me having to look through each individual recipe.

  • Nutritional Information. I am going through a Weight Loss challenge and I was pleasantly surprised at the Nutritional information it had!  When I was playing around with the Menu Planning and the Grocery list, I was very surprised to find information on the nutritional values of what I would buy.  Not only that but it gave me options for my grocery list as well as the approximate if not the price I was going to pay.  Things on my grocery list were priced!  I love that I could get an estimate of how much things cost at the store before getting into a store.
Can you think of anything else that you might imagine the perfect Recipe Organizer to do that would desire? ? Ever wonder how to adjust the ingredients to be sure to feed two extra guests at the table? Or maybe you are bringing a dish to church or a family get together and need a way bigger serving than what the recipe gives. Cook'n is right there ready to recalculate everything for you. I find this is one of the nicest thing anyone has thought of to incorporate for us cooks in the kitchen. It defintely makes life easier. Any time I could avoid doing math problems while in the kitchen is a plus. When you adjust the serving size, if you have a grocery list going, the list adjusts! Very intelligent is it not?
    How about Change the Serving sizeThese are just a mere taste of the different features of the program. Quite frankly, I am in love with it and cannot wait to fully utilize this Recipe Software to its fullest. I have been using it for a few weeks now, and really do enjoy the ease of the program and how I can easily find and input recipes. I cannot wait to tap its full potential such as creating our own family cook book or syncing to an Ipad or Iphone!

    Ultimately Cook'n is just right for me.  Nothing is too fancy to where I get overwhelmed, and the features are exactly what I Need and Want in a Recipe Software. I feel like I can suggest this program to friends and family members and not worry or second guess myself. I have already referred my friend to this program--she has a broken binder FILLED with her favorite recipes. She is not tech savvy, but I feel like even she would enjoy this program simply because it is simple and user friendly and is very practical.  I fully recommend this software with confidence.

    Buy it:
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