Monday, April 9, 2012

Peace Love and Diapers Review and Giveaway

Item up for Review: Peace Love & Diapers Large Fitted:

Components of the Peace Love & Diapers Fitted:
  • Microfiber great luxurious feeling fabric next to her skin: 
This diaper has an inner core layer of bamboo hemp fleece which works quite well for us. She has not had any leaks in this diaper, and I feel that its micro fleece inner fabric really helps keep our rashes down to a minimum. For night time I find that hemp is a great material, but when paired with a micro fleece it helps keep her skin dry through the night.   The Last two nights we were down to our cloth diaper prefolds, and her skin broke in an ammonia burn (rash) because the moisture sat right next to her skin. Not fun of a rash either poor thing! So once we got our diaper laundry we were grateful for having this diaper again.  The microfleece keeps her bottom less wet and less likely to get an ammonia burn from sleeping in her diaper.
  • Soaker "Insert" Region:The insert is sewn into the diaper in the soaker region. It is stitched into the diaper making it easier and intact! No loose insert to find in the wash, and really nice that it is a big region which enables it to truly become a soaker region.  The soaker region is composed of the Organic Bamboo Velour fabric and two MORE layers of hemp fleece.  We have not had any problems with any leakages.  While changing her one day out of her Peace Love & Diaper, the thought crossed my mind athat the outer fabric only felt damp, but the entire diaper felt very "full"!   So this diaper can truly take any heavy wetter in my opinion.  

  • The Outer Layer:The outer layer of this Peace, Love & Diaper is composed of a nice stretchy bamboo hemp material. Not only am I finding it a nice absorbent layer, but also one that seems to help retain moisture inside the diaper.  The outer layers of this particular Peace, Love & Diapers is a natural cream color.  Amanda does do custom orders with a variety of very attractive fabrics that one can choose for the outer layer of fabric.  Be sure to check out her selection of fabrics.
  • Snaps:This is a turned and top stitched diaper with two layers of high quality resin snaps. The bottom row of snaps can adjust for her abdomen and the top row of snaps can give a more snug fit around her waist and top tummy area.  The stretchy fabrics allow for some give and makes it easier to find the right snap!  ( Do you see that little part at the top of the diaper?  That is what makes this diaper "turned and top stitched!)

Conclusion: My favorite things about this diaper are the fantastic combination of quality fabrics incorporated into this diaper as well as a most amazing fit!  Her fitteds are made with organic hemp/fleece as the outer absorbent layer, organic bamboo velour as an inner soaker fabric, 2 more layers of thirsty hemp/fleece inner, and then a microfleece layer against baby's skin to wick away moisture.   My husband and I both agreed that it was nice having something that kept her bottom drier without having to resort to a disposable.  Not to mention how it helps us when we do have an ammonia rash burn!  When she started having these rashes, it was nice having this diaper around to rely on for not only its hemp’s thirstiness, but also its wicking away “stay dry” properties.

I can definitely tell that she makes each and every diaper with Peace and LOVE! :)  Amanda is a wonderful Work at Home Mom that I think you'd find easy to work with and getting a diaper that fits your needs.  Not to  mention the quality and handmade care infused into each and every diaper she makes! :)

Giveaway:  Amanda from Peace Love & Diapers has generously offered my readers a 10 Gift Certificate to be used in her shop!  To enter fill out Rafflecopter Form.  Giveaway is open to US/CAN.  Any incomplete entries will be deleted. The winner will be announced on the blog, emailed, and have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be chosen.

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Disclosure: I was sent a fitted diaper for the purpose of this review. I was not compensated to post a positive review. All opinions expressed are mine, and pictures are edited and taken by me! Please let me know if you'd like to use the pictures before using. Thanks!