Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Introducing: The Shutterfly Yearbook

I absolutely love the new Shutterfly Yearbook!  Shutterfly makes it super easy to create and best of all  prices start at only $5!  I love that the yearbook is truly colorful, and can be customized, personalized and stylized to your liking!  I always searched through my own yearbook and was always dismayed at the lack of color and furthermore maybe two pictures of me!  I think this new Shutterfly Yearbook would be great to have for your individual class--they offer bulk discounts for 10 or more books.

And my favorite aspect about Shutterfly is that you can always re-order more yearbooks!  I remember that once all the yearbooks were sold--no more were made!  If my yearbook got damaged or lost, I would never be able to get a new one, because they could not order any more. 

What are some creative ways to use a Shutterfly Yearbook other than schools/classrooms?
 Right now, my daughter hardly is ready for using the Yearbook as a yearbook--she's only 18 months!
Here are my yearbook ideas:
  •  Seasons
A great yearbook idea would be to use the seasons, field trips and events!  I know we tried to do some Halloween, Christmas, and Spring things this year....so I know I could organize our year according to the seasons and different events happening through her 2nd year of life! :)
  • Sports Teams
I think it would be great to use for maybe something like Team sports or Fine Arts!  I remember being in the soccer team, and being able to catalog a year of sports in this yearbook would be great!  By Collaborating with the other teams you can really have some neat memories and pictures of teams battling it out on the field.  Between the different teams, coaches, and games one would be able to create great pictures and pages of the season!

  • Band/Fine Arts
I really loved my highschool years being in the band, and traveling with other bands to compete in musical festivals.  I think that the new photo yearbook would have been perfect for creating memories and even just storing up information on what music was played and what we scored in the competitions!  I know that it would have been great to have had something like this to keep my days of traveling with the band fresh in my mind!

About the Shutterfly Yearbook (from their website):

1. Easy-to-make (we promise) - Use our specially designed page templates to capture school activities along with favorite student, classroom and faculty pictures. Make it just the way you want with our All New Custom Path.

2. Easy on your pocketbook - Get up to 75% off when you order for your class or school. We have prices as low as $5 per Yearbook, which are only available by contacting Shutterfly for a quote.

3. Made to love, made to last - Our award-winning photo books are printed in color and professionally bound. Your Yearbook is saved forever and you can re-order it at any time

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