Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Fitted Diapers: A Closer Look

Day 2: 

Fitted Diapers are basically  a step up from a prefolds and flats because they are comprised of absorbent material with the upgrade of a nice fitted shape alike unto disposable diapers.   Here is a break down of the components and aspects of diapers and the options available to you.

Here is a basic fitted diaper #1:
  1. Serged Diaper
  2. Snap Closure
  3. With a Snap-in Insert 


Basic Fitted Diaper #2
  1. Turned and Top Stitched Diaper
  2. Aplix or Hook & Loop (Velcro) Closure
  3. Inserts are placed in the Pocket of the Diaper

Inserts are removable but are placed in the pocket of the diaper.  The reason for this can be that the layer closest to baby's bottom is designed to wick away moisture and into these inserts.  The fabric layer closest to baby's bottom is the barrier to keep wet inserts from touching.  This helps prevent rashes. Sorry, this particular diaper I was unable to get a picture shot of the inserts going into the pocket!  It is in our dirty diaper pail ready to be laundered!  I will update as soon as I can get laundry done! :)  But here is a picture of the inserts!

 Turned and Top Stitched vs. Serged Diapers:  Depending on design I love both the serged and top stitched diaper.  Both types of diapers have held together well for me and have done well in regards to keeping leakages at a minimum.  I did have one diaper that was not made quite well and the fabrics got loose--it was a turned and top stitched diaper.  Among our fitted diapers it was one we used quite often, and rarely had any leaks.  So I also believe it does come back to quality of the materials used to create the diaper as well as the skill of the person creating the diaper.  My husband likes the Turned and Top Stitched diapers because it has a nice clean look to it without the stitching showing.  For me, I like both and do not think it affects absorbency.

Hook & Loop Closure vs. Snaps:  Hook & Loop Velcro Closures are great because finding the right adjustment is not a problem.  With snaps you are a bit more limited to where the snaps are.  Snaps are not bad though, for the most part the snaps are in the right areas and there are enough of them so you can find the right fit.  I do have moments in time when I wish a snap was available in a particular spot.     Con of a Hook & Loop Closure is that sometimes lint and other fabric debris can cause velcro to become less "sticky".  It can be a pain to pick the lint out!  Tends to wear out faster.  Pros with the Snap closure--toddlers are less likely to undo their diapers, and the snaps tend to last years!