Friday, April 27, 2012

Gorton's Seafood: Review and Giveaway {3 Winners!}

This is my first time trying out Gorton’s Seafood—so what our family tried out were their Original Batter Tenders.  Great big fish sticks they are in my opinion! This served us well especially on a day after church. I was not too keen of what to cook quick and fast that day, but I remembered we had Gorton’s Seafood in our freezer picked up a couple of days before.

Some things that I first noticed while shopping was the 
  • "Gorton's Goodness" 100% Real Fish, No Fillers
  • NO MSG
  • Natural Omega-3

Our Sunday Meal!

Quick as you can say “Fish and Chips! Fish and Chips! Fish and Chips!” I heated up the oven and within about 15-20 minutes later we were sitting down to some Fish and Chips! I absolutely loved it when my husband chipped in by making some “homemade” tartar sauce. This was a fun easy meal to make with the family, and the batter of the fish had a nice crunch to it.  I was surprised at the crunchiness and superb taste of the Fish because in the past other fish do not have that great crunch as Gorton's does. So our compliments and recommendation to Gorton’s Original Batter!

Good Meaty Texture:
 The texture of Gorton’s Original Fish Batter was quite nice. One can easily tell that it was real fish!  What is also great is that there are no fillers.  When you pulled it apart, one can see the meat “flake” off just as a real fish would do if one pulled it apart. I absolutely love that after pulling and cooling our Gorton’s Fish out of the oven that there was a definite crunch that I go to a restaurant for. I get great results without the use of a deep fat fryer!

Recipes and Food ideas for everyone, Gluten Free too!
We have yet to try out their Grilled Salmon, just bought some at the store, and am quite excited to try it for dinner or lunch with my husband! I will update without experience of Grilled Salmon. The cost to serve two people is not bad either it is under $6 for Gorton’s Gilled Salmon in our grocery store!  I appreciate the decent reasonable pricing as well as that they provide a great plethora of recipes and ideas for using their products.  Not to mention for anyone who has to worry about Gluten--Gorton's Seafood offers a selection of Gluten Free products. 

I will come back shopping for their other products such as Popcorn Shrimp, Grilled Tilapia, and Beer Battered Fish!  Not to mention browsing their Recipe Collection gave me some easy meal ideas for the future.  Check out their website for a full list of Gorton's products!

Main Website:

Two Ways to Win some Gorton's Seafood!
Gorton's has their Weekly Fisherman's Friday Giveaway till May 8th!
Gortons Giveaway

Now they have chosen to sponsor a Giveaway on my blog too! THREE WINNERS will be chosen to win TWO "FREE" Gorton's Product from my blog! They will be Free Coupons to any of their products!  I love these prizes....Giveaway is open to US residents only.

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