Friday, April 13, 2012

Beginning Potty Training: Take TWO!

Potty Training has been a bit rough on us.  I thought our daughter was ready a couple of months ago because she started telling me "diapey" when she had used her cloth diaper.  For some reason she stopped telling me.  So as quick as my efforts of potty training started, it ended.  Now I am starting up again,  for the most part because she is almost two, and I at least want her to know what should go on in the bathroom!

Needless to say after my daughter wakes up in the morning, and I know she uses the bathroom right after she wakes up in the morning so I stick her on the potty.  Here's the picture of our first day!  I was washing my face and then I heard it---she trickled! 

The second day went a bit harder.  Fifteen minutes of sitting on the toilet and  She cried and rather did not like being on the potty.  Third day, no success. I almost got her when she started making faces, but was too late in stripping her down to her diaper.  She had already done the deed.  Deed number 2 that is.  Tomorrow is the next day.  I will hopefully get to be more attentive!