Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mia Bella Beauty Products Review

Review of Mia Bella Beauty Products:
  • Mineral Foundation

I found Mia Bella Mineral Foundation to give me a very nice even toned look. Mia Bella Mineral Foundation truly helps to conceal my uneven skin tone as well as taper down my oily parts of my face—forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. When it comes to make up, I want the applied make up to feel like it is not on my face. I do not wear make up too often because I hate feeling it. With Mia Bella Mineral Foundation, I found that the foundation was light enough that I forgot I was wearing a foundation. Up to this point I was using liquid foundation and a Kirkland’s pressed powder foundation—so in comparing what I had, I found that I do enjoy Mia Bella because it works, feels great on my skin, and is light enough that I do not “feel” like I am wearing make up.

  • Kabuki Brush 

 I love this brush.  It is very gentle on my skin and works well at applying my mineral foundation and powders onto my face!  One can tell that the bristles in the brush allow for the make up to easily buff the make up onto our face--after applying the make up on, there is hardly if any powder left in the Kabuki Brush. 
  • The Finishing Powder: Luminous
I have never used anything quite like Mia Bella Finishing Powder. The Finishing Powder differs from the Mineral Foundation in that of its finer more powdery texture than the Foundation. It is designed to fill in and finish off your look concealing the little imperfections in our skin tone and foundation. So it’s main purpose is to top off our look by concealing the finer more minor imperfections.
How to apply Mia Bella Beauty Cosmetics:
It’s as simple as “Swirl” “Tap” and “Buff”!
Carefully shake a small amount of loose mineral powder into the lid. Swirl your large kabuki brush in the lid until the mineral powder is in the tuck and tapers of the brush. Tap off any excess powder using the handle of the brush and side of the lid. Buff in a circular motion onto your face until desired amount of coverage is achieved.

  • Conclusion:
Overall, I was quite happy with the products I was sent for to review. The only thing I felt a bit helpless on was lack of a face to face consultant. I wish I could have seen LaToria and be able to sit and chat about cosmetics with her! I love buying cosmetics from consultants because purchases go to help their own family, and it is so much more fun than stopping by the grocery store!

Foundation/Cosmetic Tip:  I have learned, in order to keep your make up even and last longer make sure to apply make up on a clean and moisturized palette. I have found that a moisturized face gives me a more smoother palette (face) to work on!

Where to Learn more information and buy:  http://www.gourmetgoodies.scent-team.com/index.php
LaToria was my friendly consultant.  She was a pleasure and joy to work with.  Very easy going :)

Disclaimer: I was provided a Mia Bella’s Candle and Bella Beauty Cosmetic products in order to fascilitate this review. All opinions are my own and I was not required to write a positive review. I was not compensated in any other way. I received my Mia Bella’s products through LaToria, a Mia Bella’s Consultant.