Saturday, March 31, 2012

Introducing the Cloth Diaper Butler Review and Giveaway

"Little tool for Modern Cloth"

When it comes to cloth diapering, there are a few tools and items that I would consider a luxury to own. The Cloth Diaper Butler is one of them. This specific tool is handy and nice to have--especially when it comes to cleaning the dreaded "Number Two" from off of cloth diapers!

So what exactly is this Cloth Diaper Butler you ask?  
This gadget simply clips onto your diapers--prefolds, AIOs, AI2, Fitted Diapers--whatever cloth diaper you have it will hold onto it for you.  It keeps you from having to hold directly onto the diaper.  The Brass or Stainless Steel Chain allows the diaper to hang over the toilet and away from you. If one finds that there is a stubborn "sticky", the Cloth Diaper Butler does the soaking for you!  No more having to soak them yourself!

 My Review:
I am surprised to say that we actually like using it! At first my husband was skeptical with the tool, but I challenged him to use it for a couple of days.  Sure enough his mind and heart towards it changed. He liked it. He said that it was nice and quite a nifty device!  Especially when we need to soak the diaper to get the rest of the contents out.
 On my part I like that it holds our prefolds out, and does ease the burden of playing around with a floppy prefold.  The cloth diaper butler really helped because the clips helped spread any of my diapers open and keep it open.  My hands are pretty small, and holding a diaper to where I can spray it easily can be tricky!  Armed with my Cloth Diaper Butler and Diaper Sprayer--Cleaning and Rinsing has been a breeze!  (And OH YES I Feel INVINCIBLE!)

  • Wood Handle:
A good finished wood is a really nice touch when trying to have natural products and live more naturally.  The finish on the wood makes the handle water resistant and easy to wipe down for maintenance cleaning.  Overall, It feels like it is pretty durable  and would last us quite a long time!
  • Clips:
I like the clips!  I did not have a problem with our prefolds or all in one diapers slipping off the clips.   All in One Diapers and prefolds are among the heaviest of our diapers that absorb a lot of water.  We have been using the Cloth Diaper Butler for months now and have not had any problems with the clips.

Pictures of the Cloth Diaper Butler in Action: Just Clip Soak & Spray!
(Caution there is a poopy diaper pictured, Beware)
Beautiful Wooden Handle!
The Cloth Diaper Butler is 100% manufactured and assembled in the USA with Eco Friendly Materials.

Clips and Stainless Steel Chains (can come in Brass)
Step 1: Clip Diaper to your CDB

CDB in Action on a Prefold

Step 2: Soak. The wonders a good soak can do!
Step 3: SPRAY!

Lastly: Simply Unclip into your Diaper Pail!

My Easy Storing Method.
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