Monday, March 19, 2012

Time and Opportunity: What will you do with it?

So Teach Us to Number Our Days that We May Gain a Heart of Wisdom--Psalm 90:12
I have thought long and hard about the days when I would have my own set of working wheels.  For a long time, I was just simply a real "Stay at Home Mom".  I did not have a car to drive and all we could really do is walk up and down the quiet roads near our house.  Quite frankly I began just praying for the day when I would get my own car to drive around. I am  24 years old now, and I am proud to say that I do own that grey beat up Buick in my parking spot and it is my first car!

Now that I am mobile and not quite so "Stay at Home Mom" anymore what is it that I do with my opportunity and time?  Gas is certainly becoming quite what is it that I do with this opportunity I did not have until this last month? 

    I treasure visits with friends and family.  Instead of running to every grocery store and shopping mall that I can now drive to--I try to take time for people.  My excuse for not visiting with friends or a family member were "I can't because I don't have a car to get to you...otherwise I would visit more often!"  So now I feel doubly more responsible and doubly accountable for my words.  I have a car now and I want to stand by my words! That and Time spent with those you love or are friends with is truly valuable.  Investing time and effort into personal relationships builds up your own morale as well as benefits you as a person.  I know that when people take time to travel down my way, I really appreciate it and it makes my day!  Not to mention kids need more than just a mommy to have as a friend!

    Groceries.   Yes, I love this one.  I can take long walks around a big grocery store for about an hour and a half tops.  I love perusing the aisles and looking for good deals.  Quite often I had to wait for my husband to get home before we could go grocery shopping.  It made for one tired and somewhat unhappy husband and a hungry one at that!  I never was happy when my husband did not show interest in grocery shopping.  I also hated that I needed to drag him out of the house.  He was quite patient with me so much, and I look back and just really appreciate that after a long long day at work, he took me out grocery shopping.  So now, I really appreciate going out for groceries before he comes home.  Hehe I really should not have an excuse for not having dinner done!

    Play Dates for Kids and Fun Outings. Have you ever felt that going outside was a burden?  I know that my own excuse for not taking Sophie outside is the weather and that anything worth doing outside was simply out of my reach.  Oh boy, now I don't have the car excuse anymore.  So what things are out there are so numerous for me moms and kids? 
      • Playgrounds and Parks--Stroller Strides
      • McDonalds Inside Playgrounds
      • Imagination Station--I recently got introduced to this AMAZING place through a Mom's Play Date we had.  I love it!  Just got to save up some money for a month's worth of using their fascility.  Great place for children and moms to meet.
      • The Beach
      • The Library--great place to grab Sewing and Knitting Project Books  
    Imagination Station

    PlayGround with Mommy and Daddy!

    All Day's Play makes a nice Tired Sleepy Baby!
    Well, for right now, those are my main reasons for driving out and about.  I Especially love being able to take my daughter out for a fun ride.  It is a nice freedom to have a car--Now I just have to make sure to use it wisely!