Sunday, March 18, 2012

Boon Products are so Innovative!

We love our Boon Suction Bowl! :) Helps keep food "safe" ....from falling off the table that is!
We bought two bowls from a while ago and I absolutely love it! It catches most food from falling down onto her clothes, and has fun bright colors that keep my baby occupied.  They are a fun way to serve food.  I love them, and they are super easy to clean. 

  • The bottom of the bowl actually suctions down onto the table.  I have to add a bit of water to make sure it gets a lot of suction otherwise (my now 18 month year old rips it off!--but in the picture she is quite young and does not know she can lift the bowl yet.)
  • I love the lip of the bowl.  It catches most food, and with a big I find that her clothes are saved and she's not sitting in her own food.  So I am grateful for this "Catcher".  
  •  Colors are fun and bright.  Have not experienced any problems with the colors fading either!

Thanks for creating amazing products Boon!  

Check out Boon on Facebook for more of their fun creative ideas for children and babies. 

I have not seen this bowl on Ecomom for a while, but here is an alternative:

On our Wish List are some Bath products from Boon!  Aren't these fun?

Gosh...our daughter is getting to that age of Potty Training.  I need to get the move on and stick to my guns and start potty training here!  :)