Monday, March 19, 2012

Husband Hobbies: Am I Taking Part?

My husband caught his fish!

I know that my husband loves fishing.  But have I forgotten to take part in his hobbies?  As a wife...I am also to be his friend.  I know that when we first began dating he took part in some activities I loved and I accompanied him and did some things I would not normally do--like FISHING!

After being married for 3 1/2 years I realize that I need to be a better friend to him.  I know that he enjoys having me come along fishing.  How I know is that when I was pregnant with Sophie--he was fixing up his car with fishing equipment for two.  He also made sure to pack something for me to sit on as well as some warm blankets.  Being pregnant I really had no desire to go outside late at night to go "night fishing" for sharks and other miscellaneous things.  I went.  He was so happy!  At the time I did not think about his happiness--only my discomfort.   But looking back, I realized that he really really really wanted me there!

I cannot think of the last time he actually invited me out to come fishing with him.  I asked him "Why".  He simply said that I did not like fishing or going out.  I got a bit mad and peaved.  After talking, I realized he stopped inviting me to go out with him because...I always said no!  Such a punch in the face!  I was standing in the way of my own self!  I know for me I want instant success when it comes to fishing.  I want to be comfortable and don't like sitting around.  I think I might set up a date for my husband and I to go fishing.  I think that would make his day.  I will be sure to pack something to keep my ancy feet from wanting to go home so quick, and maybe even just knowing that he loves it when I'm around will make this fishing date a success!

As a wife I think it is important to be there for him as a friend.  I know we were just friends to start out...and I think it is important even though we're married to continue to be his friend. Even if it is just sitting next to him with no fish caught and two poles in the water!