Friday, March 2, 2012

Sweeps4Bloggers: Mikarose GC Giveaway

I am in love, well excited rather!  I am doing the 21 Day Weight Loss Challenge and am in high spirits to be able to change some of my wardrobe for something more beautiful!  So I wanted to share this giveaway with you all because well--I am really loving the lines and the colors and the very simple but intrinsically lovely pieces from Mikarose! Oh and I love that it is decently modest but oh so lovely!  Hmm...I may have to do this weight loss challenge a couple of times around, but a new wardrobe possibility is a good motivational factor!

To enter the giveaway:  Check out Sweeps4Bloggers--$50 GC Mikarose Giveaway

If someone does win and it is not me, I would rather it be one of my readers or one of you who is in the 21 Day Weight Loss Challenge!