Thursday, March 8, 2012

Yes! Success!

Mommy Blogger Weight Loss Challenge

Today was a success!

I worked out using a Fit Moms For Life Program by Dustin Maher.  I find him a very encouraging fitness coach as well, but what's more are the group of ladies I am involved with who are joining me in this Mommy Blogger Weight Loss Challenge.  I am doing it for the second time through as I have quite a ways to go before becoming a stronger more  healthier me.  If you want to join up for the next month just leave me a comment, and I will email you back!  The mommy bloggers in this challenge are so encouraging and I believe it is one of the keys to my success in losing my 9 lbs last month.

So Thank you to all you Ladies for pulling me up!

I woke up to my sweet daughter holding up her blanket and waking up not crying.  She rather smiled at me and gave me her good morning hug.  Moments like this encourage me so much!  I felt very energized and started warming up and getting ready for some Cardio Training and Core Training.

The Cardio was not too bad.  I took Sophie in the living room and we did some "high knees" together and I ran around the house.  She rather laughed at me as I punched the air and ran around the house.  It was fun and not horrible.  Core training was good too.  I sat her down in her high chair and gave her a bowl of oatmeal.  I am hoping to fit in some more Cardio and Core later on in the day since I want to work out Strength and Cardio/Core separately so I will be "moving" every day.  I am finding that if I do the whole work out in one day I get burnt out.  The time and energy it takes to do the whole work out is not feasible with me right now.  And it is OK :)

Healthier choices for me means Healthier choices for my Family:

Today we had breakfast of oatmeal that contains chia seeds and other whole grains.  I loved it and well my daughter seems to LOVE LOVE LOVE it!  It is a fight to keep her eating healthy so I am at least doing one thing right today which is breakfast.

Incorporating good wholesome food is getting to be a concern of mine.  We made omelettes yesterday, but she hardly ate the red peppers or mushrooms!  She picked all the red and "white" pieces out.  Most of the red peppers made it to the floor.  I do not know what to do as of yet.  The only way I find to get her to eat veggies is through soup, pizza, or through hiding the veggies.  

Food Journal:
Breakfast: Oatmeal
Snacks today will be apples since that is what we have in our fridge!
Lunch: Chicken or Tuna Sandwich on Whole Grain bread with Spinach and Tomatoes
Snacks: Apples
Dinner: I am hoping to make a favorite recipe I have--Beef Chili Verde  (So good!)

Disclaimer: I am doing the Fit Moms for Life Challenge by Dustin Maher.  I was provided a Fit Moms for Life Ebook and other materials in order to join up and promote his work out.  All opinions are my own.