Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fit Moms for Life Second time around: Day 7

Hi Ladies,
I feel so tired lately!  I have been working on getting my "Environment" clean and clear.  Meaning...I have been cleaning my house and doing some home maintenance!  I do not know what is going on with me lately, but tonight I decided to push through with a Strength Training night.

I used a Mixture of 8lb weights and 10lb weights today.  I did 3 cycles which took me about half an hour tonight.  I know I have not been really good this time around, but am pushing through this second week to be more faithful and consistent.  I have not felt like myself these past 2-3 weeks.  I have been feeling a great deal heavy and just lethargic and dizzy.  I do not know, but I am deciding to think positively and move forward. 

Strength Training kicked me in the abdomen and thighs tonight.  I have to say doing the squats and the backward lunges have always been my nemesis and continue to challenge me!  The push ups are always a challenge too.  I kind of felt sluggish after not working out for about a week.  Pain is just weakness leaving the body right?  Well, Indeed I must have a lot of weakness!

Overall Goal For this Challenge:
My goal is to reach 160 lbs by the end of this 21 day Challenge.  I currently weigh 166.4 lbs. 
Other Goals:I hope to be able to do at least 20 push ups.
Hold the Plank Position for a minute.
Daily Affirmations:
I am worth the time and effort.

Food Journal:
Breakfast: Omelette with Red Peppers, Spinach, Mushrooms, Onions, and Garlic YUM!
Apple Slices for Snacks
Lunch: Skipped :(  Not good! 
Dinner: Quiznos for Dinner--3 Cheesesteak Sandwich with 1/2 a Chocolate Chip Cookie
4 Glasses of Water

Sunday Night we had this amazing Dinner Salmon Recipe.  I recommend it!  It was delicious and oh so yummy!  Healthy too.

Disclaimer:  I am doing a 21 Day Weight Loss Challenge with other Moms using the Fit Moms For Life program by Dustin Maher.  To Learn more about the Fit Moms For Life you can click the Button on the top of this post or visit:  I received an Ebook and a work out video and other materials in order to write about my Weight Loss Journey.