Friday, March 2, 2012

Grandma El's Diaper Rash Remedy and Prevention Sale on Zulily!

Diaper Rash Remedy & Prevention 2 oz. Tube - Set of Two  10.99

About Grandma El’s

Formulated in 1972 by owner Jonathan's father, a skincare specialist and cosmetic chemist, Grandma El's diaper rash ointment was so successful at treating Jonathan's rash, that his mother Eleanor began hand-delivering the product to customers. Jonathan soon followed in her footsteps and in 2005, he and wife Melissa formed Grandma El's to share their amazing product with the world.

After the advent of the diaper rash ointment, word of the successful product grew like wildfire. Soon it was being used in hospitals and nursing home across the New York Tri-State area. Grandma El's had fortunately put an end to messy pastes, lotions and harsh chemical formulations traditionally used, by creating their product with natural ingredients that stop rashes before they start.
Eleanor Posner continued to hand deliver the miracle crème for years, eventually passing the baton to her son, Jonathan who carried on her legacy until he and his wife, Melissa decided to take their perfect potion public. In 2005 Jonathan formed the company using the name Grandma El's to pay tribute to the family business that was begun in, based in and is still manufactured in America.