Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Start of a New Month: Fit Moms for LIFE!

Alright, so today marks the first day of the March: 21 Day Challenge using Dustin Maher's Fit Moms for Life program.  I loved seeing results the first time around, and am hoping to embark on another 21 days using his program.

I am currently just really understanding that as a woman who is going to be taking care of the home and family life--I need to really take time to have some "Self-care".  Exercise is one of the components of taking care of myself.  In order to get the energy and equip my body for the task of being a mom, wife, and me--I need to make sure that I keep moving and strengthening my body through exercise.

If I live life the way I have been--eating junk and being a couch potato and not strengthening my body--I will not be able to be the best for my family.  Also, I am finding that I need to lead by example.  My daughter is watching me...I need to show her how to take care of her body, by way of exercising and eating right.  There is so much to learn and teach, and am excited to participate in this 21 day challenge again!

*Disclaimer:  I received an Ebook copy and an exercise workout video of Fit Moms for Life by Dustin Maher in order to fascilitate and participate in this 21 Day Mommy Blogger Fit Moms for Life Challenge.  All opinions are my own, and I am not required to write a positive review.  I am however required to tell my honest opinions and experience using this program.