Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thanksgiving: Let’s Talk the Holidays!

What are you doing this year?
For me, I am hoping to create a basket full of Family Traditions. 
In respect to Thanksgiving, I hope to create a family sized feast!  My dear husband and I have never really had our own Thanksgiving as a Family unit.  This year with our daughter 14 months old—I feel it is time to roast my own turkey!  I know we are only three people, and have invited his family over and mine are going to be in Oregon and visiting their other sides of the family---but I feel it is important to establish a good wholesome Family Tradition starting this year. 

I am so big for developing the family aspect of our home right now.  I dislike going to family functions and parties where one is centered around the Television and that is it!  I want communication and fun for the whole family.  Now, I love football—I am hoping to be able to make this year fun for my hubby!  Snacks, junk food and friends—everything has its timing you know?  Just do not want EVERY family function to be centered around the big TV. 

FUN Thanksgiving projects anyone? 
Here are some ideas that I have found online to help  me create memories with my toddler.  Now I know I will make a mess but How about a "Thankful Tree" and a "Handmade" Turkey for starters?  Stay tuned I will update on our Thanksgiving Creations!  I DO expect a mess and things to not turn out perfection.  After all I am doing a project with my Toddler!

Check out Family Fun's Website! I am loving this Turkey Place Cards (picture on left) from their crafts section--easy peasy!

Whenever we try to do something for the “first time” nothing ever happens quite the way we wanted it to!  So I am bracing myself for any troubles now and releasing and stress.   “I WILL NOT GET STRESSED OUT”  or Spend a lot of time worrying about things that will pass.  I have learned that things will not turn out the way I want it to turn out, and I need to accept it.  I also have learned that during times when I want to plan something and do something special I get too focused and overwhelm myself that the event never happens!  I just need to do and do with a cheerful heart.  Remember: It is okay to make mistakes!

Here’s some Good News:
The Good news is that I sent my Thanksgiving Cards (virtually) by email last year!  Haha.  I was so late in getting anything done for the holidays that I sent a bottom load of Thanksgiving cards so I would not have to think about it this year.  I cheated J somewhat….You have got to love the technology for sending Ecards!  You can set them to send at any date within a year! I used American Greetings. 

Some Quick Tips about Prepping for the Turkey:
NOW IS THE TIME TO THINK ABOUT THAWING THAT TURKEY!!!!  Here are some great information for it.  Most likely our turkey will be frozen solid and between 8-12 lbs.  Which means that I need to thaw the turkey out in our refrigerator for two days or 4-6 hours in cold water.  The best thing though would be to pull out the turkey two days before.  Check out some more tips on how you can prep for your turkey, and make sure you will not encourage bacteria to spoil your Thanksgiving dinner!  I snagged this wonderful chart from: Turkey FoodSafety

How Long Should I Thaw a Frozen Turkey?

Size of Turkey
Thawing in the refrigerator
Thawing in cold water
8 - 12 pounds
1 to 2 days
4 to 6 hours
12 - 16 pounds
2 to 3 days
6 to 8 hours
16 - 20 pounds
3 to 4 days
8 to 10 hours 
20 - 24 pounds
4 to 5 days
10 to 12 hours

For more information on thawing and defrosting turkey USDA FSIS Countdown to the Thanksgiving Holiday

So we are a bit late in getting our Turkey—hopefully this tonight we will be able to fetch our turkey!