Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Maybelline Lots of Lashes and Baby Lips {Review & Giveaway}

Experience and Review of Lots of Lashes:  This was a really neat experience for me who has trouble with lumps whenever I put some Mascara on. Mabelline "Lots of Lashes" presented to me a solution! Now I had very miniscule problem with lumps. The first time using it I had maybe 2 tiny clumps as a result of being a little shaky! But after using the Lots of Lashes almost daily...I clearly had a favorite! (LOTS OF LASHES OF COURSE!)

  • Quickly dries:  I wear glasses so one of my biggest issues is the fact that mascara tends to take a long time to dry?  I need mascara to dry quick so that I can pop my glasses in no time.  Who knows what my toddler is getting into while my eye sight is fuzzy!  I hate it when my eyelashes streaks mascara onto my lenses so I was surprised when I popped my glasses was dry and no streaks!

  • Ease of use: I would give this product 5 stars for ease. I am a moderate user of Mascara. I tend to use mascara less often now that I seem to feel I do not have time for beauty touch ups. BUT this Lots of Lashes does not take up much time or effort to put on. Those who rarely use make up will absolutely love it! I would recommend this mascara for those who do not even know how to use mascara.

  • Summary of my Favorite Attributes: Cleans off with water.  Quick and easy to apply to my lashes.  Dries fairly quick after application!  Smooth Texture as I applied it. 

Experience of Mabelline's Baby Lips:  Now I have had some good lip gloss and balms in the past.  This one is not bad in my opinion.  It is your average Lip Balms.  One phrase that describes my encounter with Baby Lips is "SMOOTH and Lightly Creamy".  I have to say it has lasted quite a while on my lips.  When I say long time I mean about 5 hours or more.  But it is addicting to glide Baby Lips across my lips several times a day.  Haha it's just really creamy and luscious you know? 
  •  Sunscreen:  With a SPF of 20 I can picture myself utilizing this quite often in the summer time.  
  • Flavors:  There are so many "flavors" available I believe you might find something good! I liked the Peppermint and the Pink Punch.  The Pink Punch gives the lips a light pinkish hue.  It smells delicious...but I do not recommend eating it! 
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 I will choose one winner from the comments November 30th at 9pm PST.  I will mail them a Mascara and a Cherry Pie Moisturizing Lip Balm that I was sent :)

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