Saturday, November 5, 2011

Thankful to be alive.

I almost died today.  Alright a more serious post.

  We were heading out to one of the more rural of places where we live to attend a wedding. And there was a cross section in the road where there was an on ramp on the right side leading to the same road we were on.  The on ramp has a yield sign, so we had the right of way.  Well, as we were turning into the road, a big truck was speeding up onto the on ramp.  I saw them come right up to my side of the car.  My husband saw it and tried to make sure to avoid them as they were coming full speed right into us.  Fortunately they stopped before hitting us, and we got by them.  My husband was mad and saying that they did not see us or the yield sign.  I was trying to think about what just happened.  The full impact that "they could have hit us and I would seriously have died" did not really hit me yet.  On my mind was "where is this wedding we are so late". 

We pulled into the nearest gas station and my husband got out.  A truck came rolling fast towards us.  I looked and an older woman came out hysterically telling me "You could have died, young lady!  If our truck hit the side of your car you would have died!"  I remember being confused as this older woman almost ran at me.  I did not recognize them as the truck that nearly hit us.  I was in a bit of a shell shock.  I am not sure what happened as I must have looked puzzled trying to figure out who they were.  At first I felt like they were blaming us...for what would have happened.  But the words "You could have died!"  fell hard on me.  She quickly ran back into the truck before I could say anything or even register who they were.

"I could have died."  I thought.  My daughter was now awake from all the commotion, and I looked at her and wondered how often I did not take the time to cuddle her in my arms and read books to her.  If I had died today, she would be motherless.  My husband a single father.  In an instant my life would be no more.  Suddenly the wedding did not seem so important.  Our lives would have changed in an instant if that truck and our car did impact.  Our car is in no condition to take any impacts...let alone a full blown 40mph impact from a truck that looked like it was about a year old! 

Today could have been the day.

 I write this post just in awe that I am alive right now.  God gave me another chance to live.  I hope that I can live up to what He has planned out for my life.  I pray that if ever I do leave this world before reaching a ripe old age that I leave behind a family that is firm in the the Word of God.  I pray that I can live a life that is unashamed of the Gospel that is within me.  I want to be a ready bride, you guys.  I want to have prepared my family to be able to take on life in this world--and to have prepared myself and others for life in Heaven with God.

Sorry I don't have any Bible verses up right share with this post but yup that shows where I'm at right now in my faith!  I am hoping to be a bit better equipped though....and renew my mind in the Word here in a little bit. 

But Goodnight and hope to get to know you all through my blogging.