Saturday, November 5, 2011

Making Clothes a Snap with KamSnaps! {Tutorial}

The Tools

The Snaps

Our Project: Waist Wrap doubling as a Summer Top
Now for our daughter's first birthday, we were all set for making her some birthday clothes.  We bought some hot pink smock fabric (which in hindsight is not the greatest for September babies!).  And the Indian Summer we had did not last as long as we had hoped, so we ended up doing something warmer for her birthday, but the project of making some clothes for her went on with my Husband's encouragement and help.

The Fabric we bought at Joann's, Smock Fabric

Step 1:  Fold the edges in--gathering enough fabric for the snaps to work properly as well as to insure none of the loose threads from the sides would show through. (Do to both Left and Right sides of  your fabric)

  Picture:   See all those loose threads?  Got to make sure they get sown up!

 Picture (Left): Result of folding or in my husband's thinking "rolling" up the edges!  Make sure to do this to both sides of your fabric.

Step 2: Sew the edges you just pinned.

 Picture (right): Edges Sewn.  Really cleans it up too!   We ended up sewing the top of our fabric just to clean up where Joann's had cut the fabric.  No rolling just a little tiny fold to hide any loose threads.
 Step 3:  Place snaps where you want them and mark with pen. 

 Step 4:  Use Awl to punch holes through fabric.
Step 5: Place the prong of your cap through the hole.  Place Stud or Socket on top of cap prong and firmly squeeze pliers closed.  Once you got the all Caps, Studs, and Sockets snapped you are finished!!!

Note: For one side we used all Studs, and the other side we used all Sockets.  

**Instructions for KamSnap Pliers Click Here**


Finished Project Pictures:
Summer Top
Waist Wrap Skirt