Saturday, November 5, 2011

KamSnaps Pliers and Snaps {Review & Giveaway}

Simple to Use--Even for me!
Check out my first sewing project with KamSnaps!  Oh yes, very awesome and proud to have done it!  Life wasn't always like this!  Though I was very excited to have bought a pair of pliers and three hundred snaps,  I let it sit a while in the  package dreading and thinking "What did I get myself into!?!"  I have to say I was a bit intimidated because I have seen many top brands use snaps in children's clothing as well as in cloth diapering--how can I possibly do this at home?  You are not alone if you think this way---But I am here to say that You can Do it!

Finally I opened the package and sat down in front of the computer reading KamSnaps's online instructions.  I said to myself, "Think Small and Simple Project".  So Cautiously I picked up my pillow case and cleared my dining room table.  I have always thought to sew buttons on all my pillow case covers because the pillows always manage to escape--so I tested out my new KamSnap pliers on my pillow case.  And look! Success!  My Pillow case has a snap in less than 5 working minutes!

For someone like me, this is where I started on their website:  

My Thoughts about KamSnaps Pliers and Snaps:
I am loving the fun in snapping things.  It is quite easy to use and are very practical to have when one has kids.  The variety offered in their online shop is more than enough for any one really.  I found that I could match up any of my projects with the colors they have to offer.  The only problem is deciding which colors to choose!  I know that KamSnaps offers colors that are geared to match those of BumGenius diapers, Flip, gDiapers--just to name a few.

As far as the quality is concerned, I have not had much trouble of the snaps being broken or the colors being far from described.  The Pliers work well and  have not had any issues with them so far--I have had them for about a month.  The pliers itself is really lightweight opposed to what I thought they would be.  I just thought it would be made out of heavy metal or something.  But I am growing to like it for I think my wrists would hurt if I had a big project of snapping to do.  Which makes me wish for a Snap Press all the more!

I find having some pliers around and snaps can come in handy.  I am not a Work at Home Mom, but I can imagine that having Snap Pliers can come in handy when it comes to sewing projects.  I find that they are helpful for me in solving solutions such as replacing velcro bibs with snaps.  My toddler easily throws off her bib, and snaps are a simple solution for this problem.  I can repair velcro cloth diapers and replace them with snaps.  I can also modify my cloth diapers for a better fit.  I find it a convenient way to solve many of my little home problems.  I am no expert in using these pliers, but I have found that the result looks pretty professional in my eyes!

Well, if you are unsure about getting one or the ways one could use these pliers you might get inspired by their tutorials:  KamSnaps offers some neat tutorials including Aplix Conversion, Cloth Diaper Snap Template as well as Baby-related project tutorials.  Here's the main Tutorial page if you are interested: KamSnaps Tutorials

Priced Just Right:
Their Pliers and supplies are all reasonably priced.  They offer Best Price Guarantee, and if you find a lower price somewhere else they offer to Match it!  I have to admit I searched all around the internet to compare....and well I found myself back at  I bought one pair of pliers plus 300 snaps which rounded to about $34, Shipping and Handling was free.  I received my order fairly quickly as KamSnaps offers free priority shipping on most US orders of at least $28 and free 1st class shipping on most Canada orders of at least $35. 

Right now their Pliers are on sale for 20.95!  This is quite a deal you do not want to miss!  Snap Presses are also on sale for 79.99.  Just thought I should let you all know! :)

Customer Friendly Staff:
From what I have experienced the staff working at KamSnaps are a friendly happy group of people.  They are customer friendly, and answer emails rather quickly.  I love that there is a person behind the business who communicates well to their fans and customers.  I sent them a quick email, and received an email response within 2 days I think?   I think it's important that businesses respond timely and answer my questions directly.  Just another thing I love about KamSnaps.

Here's the Fun Scoop about Kamsnaps:
They Give Away a free set of pliers for every 100 new facebook fans &
Twitter followers. For every 1000, KamSnaps will give away a snap press!
So Be sure to connect with them on Facebook:

They constantly hold giveaways on their blog, as well as post the latest
sales and announcements.  So be sure to check out their blog page:

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