Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday After Thanksgiving Weekend!

Wow!  What an amazing filled week we have had! 
 We spent Thanksgiving with Hubby's Family, and then afterwards were able to spend the rest of the day with friends playing games late into the night.  Card games are Oh So much fun!  Loved playing "Hand and Foot".   The following day after Thanksgiving I was able to cook a Turkey, and invite more family over.  I think that it is so much less of a stress cooking a Thanksgiving meal after Thanksgiving!  We were able to spend time together as a family and just enjoy the Day After Thanksgiving.  Played Killer Bunnies too!  Anyone heard of Killer Bunnies??? hehe

This weekend I also was able to go shopping at Joann's Fabrics and tag along with a couple of friends to the mall.  One word: c R a Z y
Long lines of people waiting for fabric to be cut at Joann's Fabric!  
I ended up buying a Pair of Fiskars Scissors for fabric, 2 skeins of yarn, and some Christmas Cookie Cutters.  Not much, just kind of had fun seeing all the sales and walking around!
The Mall was not too bad we ended up having some car trouble and finally arrived at the mall at 9am.  We found some good steals on Warm Cozy Jackets!  We each got the same jacket in different colors at JcPennys.

I tried to shopping online, but just figured with a tight budget this year, just been focusing on making Christmas presents and cards this year.  I did not even get a chance to shop the great cloth diaper sales~  But...alas I think we have a good stash and I definitely do not need to feed that addiction!

Lastly, I just wanted to say that I have some Amazing Giveaways Going on!  Check out the Current Giveaway Tabs or the List of Giveaways on the sidebar.  I am gearing up for the Wooly Event that starts December 5th, and working on getting our family ready for the holidays.  :)

I hope that everyone has had a good Thanksgiving!  
As I gear up, I might not blog as much for I am getting ready for the  Wooly Event among some Christmas Events in real life that I need to prepare for! :)
Thanks for stopping by,
"Sophie and Momma"