Thursday, November 24, 2011

Carmex Skin Care Products: {Review & Giveaway} Ends 12/6

Thanks to my mom I got hooked with Carmex Original Tube to soothe and protect my hopelessly dry and peeling lips.  I was a teenage who suffered from peelings lips, not fun.  So I thank Carmex for helping me through those hard years and my mom to introducing me to such a great company!  Now after using the Carmex Lip balms and Original Cherry Tube for years, I was delighted to try out Carmex's New Skin Care Products.  Carmex is celebrating 75 years of Soothing, Healing, and protecting....Check out their Carmex Facebook page as they celebrate 75 years with promotions, offers, and fun sweepstakes!
First Impression with Carmex Healing Lotion:
The first thing that caught my attention when trying out Carmex Healing lotion is the soft comforting scent that I find rather addicting!  I cannot keep from smelling my hands sometimes, because it is indeed “pleasantly” scented.  The amazing scents on my hands and on my dry legs and knees was just the beginning.   

Why I like Carmex’s Healing Lotion: 
  • The Ingredients What I usually look for in a lotion when I am personally shopping around are the words “Aloe” and “Honey or Bees wax” or “Vitamin E”.  Why?  Well because they are great for keeping one’s skin nourished, protected, and promotes healing.  I am super happy to find that I have found everything I am looking for in this Healing Lotion.  Two Thumbs up for fulfilling what I already look for in a lotion in one tube. 
  • Does it work?  The second thing I ask myself when I shop for lotion is this:  Does it work—do my hands feel moisturized after application?  I am happy to tell you that with Carmex Lotion my hands feel amazingly moisturized.  No greasy feeling either!
  • Long Lasting:  Throughout my usage of the Healing Lotion I did not have to keep applying the lotion every couple minutes.  I have to say I applied lotion maybe twice to maybe three times a day?  I find that one or two good application will do the trick for the most part.  Unless I wash dishes or am handwashing. 

Healing Lotion Travel Tube:  Truthfully I hate dry skin and get irritated at the feeling of my hands all dry.  Dry skin is uncomfortable and if I am wearing a skirt my knees I am so embarrassed to have left the house with them showing!  (That’s where my Travel Sized Healing Lotion Tube has rescued me when I have forgotten.  Great for quick spur of the moments when I sit down in the car and notice how ugly and dry my knees are!  My problem solved with Carmex! 

I just have one minor request about the screw top for the travel tube.  I almost wish that a pop up lid was available for purchase as well.  Instead of having to screw it on or off, maybe just a simple quick pop up cap that is attached so I would not lose  the cap.  The Healing Cream Travel Tube features the pop open cap.  I just wonder why the Healing lotion does not.  Although in retrospect my toddler loves getting in my bag and the screw on cap ensures that she cannot get into the lotion!  

Texture and Feel: 
As I lather the lotion onto my skin, I have this refreshing cooling sensation.  I feel like my skin is revitalized and the dryness quenched.  My hands definitely thank me for dolloping some Carmex Love throughout the day! 

Have you ever used lotion that feels oily, dull, thick, and leaves your skin feeling like its still needing moisturization?  Well I am here to say that Carmex is non-greasy.  It quenches my thirsty skin, leaving it softer, smoother, and moisturized.  A friend of mine  tried it and her response to it was “It feels wetter than most other lotions….I like it!”.  It is definitely not a bad “wet” maybe the word is a nice “cooling sensation”.
One more thing about the texture…From the time I squirt a little on areas of my skin, it does not take long for the lotion to get absorbed.  I believe that the texture is right.  It is well balanced in thickness for when I apply it it goes on smooth and easily. 

First Impression with Carmex Healing Cream:  
I thought that though the Pleasant scent was both similar, I noticed that the scent was a bit maybe stronger and slightly different than the Healing Lotion.  Perhaps since Healing Cream is more of a concentration thick cream, that the scent was a bit stronger as well.  Which is understandable since one only needs a pea sized dot to moisturize.  I have found that a little does the trick just fine.  

Why I like Healing Cream:
  • Works great:  I like the Healing Cream because when I need extreme help with my dry elbows, a pea size drop will do the trick.  It is easy to rub in, and again does not leave a greasy feeling. 
  • Concentrated version of a great product:  Healing Cream is Similiar to the Healing Lotion, only more concentrated for any extreme dry skin that need some major help.  I love that I can have all the properties that are in the Healing Lotion be more concentrated through the Healing cream.  
  • Absorbs Quickly into the skin. 
    Texture and Feel:  
    The Thickened Creaminess of the product.  I do not have to work hard at having the Healing Cream disappear into my skin.  The texture is easily spread around and has almost a silky texture to it which I love.  It does not have quite as much of a "wet" feel as the Healing Lotion has.  The Healing Cream leaves my skin soft and soothes my psoriasis.  I like it very much.  


    Diclosure:  I received products to try out free of charge in order to facilitate this review.  I am also a member of the Carmex Blog Squad.  I was contacted by the makers of Carmex to try out their new products, but all comments, ideas, opinions, and experience are all my own and my opinions are not influenced by receiving the free products or by being a member of the Carmex Blog Squad.