Saturday, November 5, 2011

Greetings! Hafa Adai! Welcome! Hi! Hello!

Welcome to my blog! Pull up a seat and I hope you enjoy what you see and read. I am open to suggestions you might have, and I love hearing any input or criticisms or friendly comments you might have for me. 

I also wanted to personalize this blog more, and be more "human" so to speak. 

Here's a little bit about the person behind all these blog posts:

 1. A First time Mom at 23...

Staying at home can be hard especially for a first time mom, so I started blogging and connecting with other moms online.  I was working at a Coffee/Icecream/Pizza Diner full time.  I have learned there is a serious major difference in working a full time paid job to being at full time mom without pay at home.  I have to say that being a full time mom is much harder a job.

I blog about our family and lessons I've learned as I grow to be more and more the "Mom" figure I need to be.  I am now 24 and have so much to learn!    

2.  Building up who I am.
I know that I am quite a shy person and I have found that blogging and making mom connections online has helped me become a bit more confident.  

I think that  somewhere after getting my Associate's degree and getting married before I got my Bachelor's degree changed something in me.  I felt less confident and less of a person because I did not "fulfill" my college expectations.  I find myself here a lot.  I find myself feeling discouraged and "unfulfilled" --this is where I am at in life right now.  I do not have everything together, but am trusting that I will find my way "There" and that God will direct my path as I trust Him and obey his word. 
In the meantime, I am building up who I am as a person.  Not because of what I have done or accomplished...but who I am in Christ Jesus. 

3.  I enjoy blogging.  I have been in a rut for some time but there's something to the blogging life if you don't get sucked into the Giveaways to where it's ALL only about the giveaways:

Confidence in learning that I have a voice.  Confidence to share my opinions through various reviews.  And confidence that I am  heard.  Also a big important one for me: Confidence that I am not the only one asking for help and advice when it comes to motherhood.  I love that I get support from other people, and that I can offer and give the support back. 

4. Cloth Diapering Bug: Natural and Organic Living

I also caught the "cloth diapering" epidemic that is sweeping many households across the whole wide world.  I am in the beginning stages and have not had a huge "stash" of cloth diapers ;) .  I think it's fun and hard sometimes.  I hate rinsing off the diapers, and running to the pail, but I get satisfaction when I get them all cleaned up and folded.  Knowing that our budget can be stretched just a few cents more every day we use cloth diapers, helps me get through those dirty diaper days!  

In terms of Natural, Organic-- I am leaning more along the lines of choosing items that can lead to a healthier lifestyle.  I am one of the skeptics when it came to the natural and organic lifestyle I have to admit.  But the more I learn about things the more I reach for something labeled as "Organic" or "Natural" because I want our family to be healthier.  Also, I believe Organic and Natural foods taste better!  Well, for the most part.  The taste of health sometimes tastes too healthy at times! 

We don't have the funds to lead a solely organic lifestyle  But we do take the options we can to be more wise with what we have and choose the vegetables and fruits and sometimes poultry that is "organic & natural".  But We try.

5. I love God.

God has always been there for me.  He was a Father to me when I had none.  He was my comforter when I felt alone and going through problems at home.  He has loved me even when I lie to save my butt, forget him, and lose my temper...among other things.  He has forgiven me and redeemed me.  He's taken care of me.  He's answered prayers and has remained faithful to me for a long time.  I find joy and peace in Him when disasters like the World Trade Center, Floods, and Earthquakes occurred.  I found hope in Him too.  He's my Father and friend.  I know that there are times that I just forget him or choose to ignore him...but when I turn around I know He's there.  He really is like a dad to me. 
You will find me sharing verses that have meant a lot to me, and quite often I fall so you might read about me failing a lot.  But I do have victories as well so you'll read about those too.