Friday, November 18, 2011

Finger Lickin' Fun Friday: Featuring Nuts About Granola: {Review and Giveaway}

And We're Eating...Tasting...Enjoying:
You know the blend of Peanuts, Dried Cranberries, Oats, and Cinnamon has my taste buds clamoring for “More!”.  Right now I am enjoying a quick brake from house chores and taking a nice sit down to enjoy a sample from Nuts About Granola that got delivered in the mail today! I'm snacking out on "College Staple".  You know...Peanut Butter and Jelly was the easiest go to meal for alot of us--even for me who doesn't like peanut butter.  Yet my quick meal to go to was Peanut Butter with LOTS of jelly!

  The texture is just right and I love that it is not so crunchy that it makes me sound like my teeth are breaking!  Sometimes those granola bars I buy at the stores are too sweet, too soft, or too crunchy where it just kind of hurts in my mouth.  And I am one who likes crunch but most granola bars I find at the store have way too much Hard Crunch that I simply don't care for.   But this pack of wholesome granola has a nice blend of knitty gritty bites and pieces that I can sink my teeth into.  I find this granola satisfying and addicting to eat.  It is not overpowering in sweetness, the cranberries, honey, peanut butter, and brown sugar compliment each other. LOVE IT!  I can see why Rachael Ray has chosen this as the "Snack of the Day". 

Local Ingredients, Handmade in Small Batches, Served up Fresh.  These are facts about this company that make this granola entirely appealing to me as a consumer.  I want to support local shops who take pride in what they make.  Instead of mass producing granola,  I can be ensured that each batch I ever get from Nuts about Granola is always fresh and of good quality because they make them in small batches the old fashioned way--by hand!

The Ingredients:  Simple and in English.  No chemistry knowledge required.  Don't you love it?  Sometimes things just are too complicated now a days, I enjoy an Ingredient that is bold, straightforward and clear.  Do you agree?  

Check out their 50/50 Campaign Challenge about local buying.  I think this presents an excellent way to approach the idea of buying locally to support well...your own local business community. 

So the verdict of College Staple--Peanut Butter & Jelly Granola?  Satisfies me and my sweet tooth. I feel great and don't feel like I need to chow down on junk food in my pantry.  I also like the way it does taste fresh.  It does not taste like card board in the least bit.  When I was opening the Mailer package this sample was in, I could smell a hint of Peanut Butter.  :)

I am not a peanut butter fan, but this—Peanut Butter & Jelly Granola is something else!  I could eat this any day...any time....any where!  I think parents and family members ought to send their kids Granola to snack on.  Deter the Freshmen 15 by sending them a healthy care package of "College Staple" from Nuts about Granola.  ;)

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Thank you for reading this post.  I was not paid to write this post.  I simply was sent a sample to try out and write about my experience.  Thank you to Nuts About Granola for sending me a sample, you've got me hooked! :)