Thursday, November 17, 2011

Heelys Review: Adults Can Heely Too!

Ever since I was about 7 years old, roller skating was part of my life! I remember my dad working in a place called “Skates and Blades”.   I was thrilled to go roller blading after school and just skate my little heart away. I felt invincible and had the best years of my life on skates!   About four years ago my husband and I were walking around the mall and visiting family--my kid cousins were rolling around in their Heelys.  LOVED IT!  My husband commented how he could never find any in his size.  From then on we always figured Heelys were made just for kids and not adults.   I could not believe it when our family was picked to try out a pair for review!  Since my husband was secretly wanting it for years, I thought it appropriate he should do this Review.  So my better half took on this opportunity to review these Heelys!  Which I regret now, because I want a pair!  So much fun and memories!

Design and Style and So Versatile!  

 From an aesthetic point of view the Heelys shoe is pretty fashionable and has great skater design and look to it.  Very typical skater shoes from my standpoint. Great color choices for both adults and kids.  They look just like a regular street shoe, and I love that my husband can wear this when he's out and about and with casual clothing.

Also the traction on these shoes is great!  The bottoms are perfect for providing the best amount of traction I think.  With Heelys you have got to have the best tractions because one is always gliding into a walk.  

He tried walking around with the wheels attached--he says do not plan on walking around with the wheels on if you plan on walking great distances.  Otherwise its perfect for gliding around and walking with the wheels attached.  For men, it might seem like high heels.  It is very easy to pop in and out the wheels if you need to.  He did not find it very hard to do either. Before leaving the car to go grocery shopping he simply popped the wheels off and put the cover back on. 

**Balance Point:  Learning to balance on your heels with wheels.**
Learning how to find your Balance Point can be hard, and anything new takes time, effort, and determination to try and try and not give up. Because the wheels are located in well….the HEELS—finding the balance point can be a little bit of a challenge even for those who have skated in the past.  My husband after an hour’s worth of skating around our kitchen said that his upper leg muscles were hurting! So I have to warn you that picking up your toes so that the wheels at the heels can roll. (I have tried heeling in my husband’s shoes…yes, my upper thighs get sore after a while of gliding around in our house.)  So my recommendation is to STRETCH out those inner leg muscles and legs!  These muscles are sore as to the "pointing up the toes" when Heeling.  Also be sure to read their ways to be safe by reading their Play Book.

Learning to use these Heelys:  
As said in their SKATE 101: The Basics Instructional video, “Learning to Heely is like learning a new sport.” My husband is 25 years old.  And you have heard the adage, You can't teach an old new tricks, right?  Well, he learned how to Heely and proved this adage wrong!  He is not exactly athletic or has the greatest of balance.  Yet he learned how to glide across our Kitchen Floor.  He Heelys now from time to time.  He started learning on our living room carpet for a good half hour—finding his “Balance Point”. Then he took the big glide in our kitchen! Soon enough in about an hour of practice he got from one end of our kitchen to the other.  Back and Forth and so on. I do have to say that Andrew's comments was "This is Scary".
So I have to say that Heelys might be a bit scary because it requires a bit more balance and practice than regular skating. 
Tried to find some entertaining fun music to accompaniment his skating!
This is footage taken about 30 minutes to an hour worths of practicing

Andy's FINAL Run: The Longest Heely yet!

My Confession: 
 I have to admit that I still love skating and have stolen his pair of heelys more than once while he was at work. I have done my Heeling in the comforts of my kitchen! I LOVE IT! I doubled…no tripled my socks in order to fit into them but check it out! I am Heeling! I am a little girl again.

Though I love the Heely and would like to get a pair of my own, I think I would opt out to get their new edition of Heelys, H2X.  The H2X has an extra set of wheels in front of  the heels.  Making it easier to find your balance.  What is great is that you can transform them back into the Original Heelys just by taking the front wheels off.  The best of both worlds are at your feet with an H2X.

I have been working on getting the hang of it after watching my husband skate in them. I think with another two weeks I will be able to do some tricks they have listed in their Heelys Tricktionary.  My desire is to do the Fish Tail.

Interested in Purchasing? 
This year might be one of the best times to make your Heelys purchase.  Heelys is throwing a Black Friday special that you may want to take advantage of.   From Nov 25-Nov 28, you can buy any pair of Heelys, and the second pair for $25! There's also a deal on Nano. Buy a Nano, and get a pair of shoes for $25, and get free ground shipping on all orders.  Visit Heelys Website

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Disclosure: Heelys provided a pair of their shoes at no cost me me to review. The opinions are my own or are related to my family's experience with this product. My thanks to Heelys for this opportunity!