Monday, March 28, 2011

Winners of Purex Crystals!

Congratulations to the following people! :)
Purex granted me another 3 winners for this great turnout, so a big thank you to Purex for being very gracious and wonderful!  I love their products, because the smell is just wonderful and for the most part, my husband just loves how this softener really smells great on his clothes.  It's a good compromise right now since he has been so supportive of me turning out household into a "greener" place.  I think he has sacrificed a lot, in convenience, and it's good for the sake of our marriage to have him have his soft and nice smelling clothes! :)
# 69--Kristie D.
#18--Brooke Anna
#83 Niecey D.
# 65 Ashley Elaine
# 126 Baby Mama (Sarah)

I have emailed these lucky winners and are just waiting for their response!  They have 48 hours to respond, and if they do not then another lucky winner will be drawn! :)  All the winners were drawn at random using the button! Congratulations again!