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Baby Bond Review and Giveaway!

My Experience with the Original BabyBond Nursing Cover.
For about 4 weeks now, I have been trying out the Original BabyBond Nursing cover in Espresso Brown.  I must say I did need to practice getting used to it.  At about 2 weeks I began using the Baby Bond in public.
At my first debut in public I had a couple of friends over for a meal and some movies and nachos.  When it was time to feed Sophie, instead of going into the room and feeding her, I gathered the courage to try out the Baby Bond. I was nervous because people would be able to see her breastfeeding. "They can see her eating" was a new concept for me to grasp. Which I am pretty much a shy person! But I did it! Sophie was able to eat, and we were able to look at eachother while being able to converse with my friends. I loved this moment that she nursed in front of my guests! I even asked one of them to take a picture--kind of funny, they were like "are you serious?" and I told them that I was doing a review! She took the picture below.

Now, I feel better about going to places like restaurants and in the middle of those sitting areas at the malls. Though at times I get kind of weirded out when strangers come up and want to see her while I am feeding her.  They get a little too close for comfort, you know?  I know that there is a little bit of my breast exposed at times just because of her movement.  I do not know maybe I am doing something wrong at times!

  I do nurse outside on my porch to enjoy the sunshine, which I enjoy sharing the outside with Sophie.  It is fun when she can see the sunshine, the trees, and me while eating!  I do notice though, she pauses more while eating.  She stops to smile at me!  :)  The Baby Bond is helping me get these moments of smiles and grins....I love it.  I love that I get the experience of breastfeeding in public similar to how I breastfeed when I am in the house.

Practice, Learn, and Strategy. One of my fears, with using this cover is that my baby is very active. She is now 6 months old. Her hands and fingers have gotten very active into pulling at things around her. The Baby Bond is no exception. During the first couple of days, I was a bit discouraged that she would pull down on the BabyBond and thereby exposing me. I did not give up. 

  If you want to be able to nurse in public, and be able to see your baby while nursing--do not get discouraged!  It took me a while using this cover at home, before I ever nursed in front of others. I needed to find out what I can do to keep me feeling secure. I support my breast when she is feeding, so I have my hand right there able to quickly respond when she pulls off.  Also I made sure to have the top fabric overlapping just a bit so I would get the coverage I needed if she stopped latching on.  So yes I like it, but at times I know I need to make sure that the fabric is keeping underwraps what needs to be underwraps!

As for her hands pulling down the cover, she was discovering something new, and it just took her sometime to pick at it before she lost interest in it and stopped pulling it down. Also I have strategized on what she could hold on. She loves to "clutch" something or hold on to something--so I let her hold my fingers or anything else instead of the BabyBond! :) Figure out what works for you--these are just some things that I have had trouble with and I found my solution!  Just wanting to share some of my troubles with this nursing cover too.

About the Product
The color and quality is great. The lightweight fabric has a little bit of a stretch to it, and the color is a very rich dark chocolatey brown. After washing it in the laundry--I did not experience little to no shrinkage.  Color stayed intact!  One thing that I noticed was that the top part of the fabric started sagging after a while, but after washing and drying, it came back to the right place.  I think it will stretch a little bit, just letting you know.  It did take practice, and you will need to find time to figure out how this will work for you.  Because, there are times when you might expose yourself!  So, it would be good to make sure you get practice at home, because there are ways in which you can save yourself by exposing yourself to others.  For me it was always having a bit of fabric over where she was attached.  That way when she pulls off she will not just leave an open "nipple" you know?  Make sure you measure yourself and get the right size --that way the fit will be good.  I think I should have gotten a size bigger just because I am putting on a little bit more weight than I right now. not cool.  I could do better with this cover if I had a little bit more fabric (that will come with the next size up).

Things that I liked about the Baby Bond

The Original features a sewn in burp cloth. I chose this because it fits my lifestyle and who I am. I am famous for placing my burp cloth just out of reach, or losing it. Ask my husband how many times I ask, "Can you get me a burp cloth?". I sit down to feed a crying baby, I am focused on getting the nursing cover on me and feeing baby.  If you are like me the Original BabyBond may be just right for you, if not there are two other styles that may be of interest to you! :)

The case is very convenient, one can easily access the cover--a plus when baby is screaming for some food, and wants it quick! The case is so nice to have in a purse that contains so many things--it serves as protection against the things in my purse and I do not have to worry about pulling up something with the BabyBond. With other nursing covers I just fold it and stick it in my bag. It is always embarrassing when you go to nurse and 5 out of 10 things in your bag fall out when you pull out your nursing cover! So I find the BabyBond case is truly a convenient and nice feature. Three Styles to choose from is a great thing about BabyBond! Different styles of nursing to fit your preferences!
I also really loved the fact that this nursing cover was created and invented by a momma!

I ordered the Original Baby Bond in Espresso, Size 2. I think I would have been good sizing up to 3. I would have liked it a bit bigger.  Hmm...and next time I think I will have to try out the Couture style baby cover! Just because it offers me nursing above my shirt or below my shirt. :)  

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