Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pura Body Naturals Review and a March Madness Sale!

Have you ever heard of Pura Body Naturals?  

Well, I came across Pura Body Naturals when I was looking for an alternative way to moisturize my skin.  Alternative meaning I need something more than coconut oil and shea butter and lotion offered in the general local stores.  Through my scouring the internet I was intrigued by Pura Body Naturals which offered me an all natural way to nourish my skin not to mention its Brazillian-Amazon oils!  I found ways in which I could nourish not only my body, but also my hair and eyes!  Pura Body Naturals has ingredients that I have never heard of or ever used, and as I read more about the ingredients, I wondered if this would benefit and really do something to help out my psoriasis flame ups!

I found great customer service with the maker and creator herself!
After many email conversations discussing my skin woes, Pura Body Naturals recommended and sent me these at a good decent price.  She took care of me you know?  I was so happy I made the purchase, and that I was given such care and attention!  I knew that if this is how I was treated, how much more attention and care goes into what they make?  I know that her main concern was to make sure I received the right products and that my questions and my situation needs were met.  Thank you so much, you have not idea how much I really appreciate your patience, efforts and hard work. 

Brazil Loc Oil--I found this had a lovely exotic subtle scent to it!

Cupuacu Body Butter (100% Natural) It is very rich and creamy I love it.

Amazon Hair and Body Butter with MuruMuru in Tahitian Vanilla  ---My FAVORITE!

Tacuma Body Lotion---I keep this in my purse all the time
 My testimony is that after using these products straight for about two weeks, I noticed one day that my skin was smooth.  I still had psoriasis but smooth all around is a miracle! Psoriasis is characterized by rough and crackly scaly skin.  These concoctions of exotic and natural ingredients work.  I will have to say that I used the Cupuacu Body butter and the Amazon hair and Body butter with Muru-muru are my favorites that I use most often.  When I do use the Brazil Loc Oil---Oh what bliss to know that my hair is getting a treatment and it will soon be shiny and not dull again!  Long hair can get very frazzled and dry. 

In using her butters and lotions I never felt like I had a residue that I commonly get with lotions and butters. I rather LOVED the soft feeling my skin had after using this product.  My hair has become so nice too--I have long hair and it tends to dry up and become very dull looking--the Amazon Hair with Murumuru really made a difference.  Although I suggest not putting a lot or else you are left with very oily hair!  I put too much the first time--with these products a little goes along way.  I ultimately love their Body and Hair products, and will definitely make a purchase once I run out of my products.  I feel like I Give myself a little Skin Spa Experience everytime I use Pura Body Naturals--I am not kidding.  The aromas are just wonderful and Tahitian Vanilla is hands down my most favorite.  There is nothing like it.  
The Science.  These butters and oils that she uses are very rich in fatty acids.  Have you ever just seen oil and water mix?  Unless you shake it they stay pretty much separate because of the fatty acids in the oil.  These long chains of carbon keep water from mixing with the oil.  How it works on our skin is that it keeps the moisture or water in.  I found information too about how these ingredients Pura Body Naturals have anti aging effects and really does do more than coat your skin.

Altogether, a wonderful company who distributes and handcrafts from everything natural, no parabens, no chemicals. 

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Contrary to popular beliefs you can have healthy beautiful skin and hair the natural way. This can be done without the use of harmful chemicals and preservatives used in many popular cosmetics on the market today. -Pura Body Naturals