Saturday, March 26, 2011

Butt Naked Baby: Review and Giveaway!


But Naked baby is a devoted skin care products for newborns and babies with sensitive skin!  I absolutely love their natural ingredients that are sure to give your baby all the miniaturization and care your baby needs!  It has tea extracts infused into the products that can fight off radicals, antioxidant properties, and offers more protection than vitamin E offers!  Gotta love the benefits you can lavish on your baby! I do!  :)  
I absolutely love the calming Cleanser I was sent to review!  The calming Cleanser has ingredients that are just like one would find at a Spa with its organic white and green tea extracts, Sunflower Seed Oil, Calendula and other raw, pure, and natural ingredients!  I just love that it is pretty much composed of 90% organic ingredients!  You can smell the tea too, which has a very spa-like scent you know?

Whenever I used this the calming Cleanser I was always impressed that it spread on her very easily like lotion.  At first I thought I was using lotion to shower my baby!  I had thought I had made a mistake!  I quickly checked the bottle and behold it read:
This moisture rich cleanser has the conditioning properties o a lotion and may be used to clease from head-to-toe on babies....

The Calming Cleanser has a nice smooth consistency about it.  One thing you will find is that this cleanser is very rich and emollient.  I have never had a problem with her skin drying out after taking a bath.  This cleaners always left her skin nice and smooth without a dry feeling.  I noticed that with other soaps that lather up a lot---we would quite often have to put lotion on her because her skin seemed to need a little dry.   This calming Cleanser also helped to reduce the red patches she sometimes get on her skin.  She would have areas where either drool or milk got caught underneath in her neck that would turn red....or her cheeks because of her constant rubbing and drool!  With the use of this I noticed that the redness did go away after continual usage, and that it helped cut down on the redness and dryness of her cheeks due to teething and excessive drooling!  Her butt was well taken care of too.  I just started feeding her some Beech Baby food, and well, I noticed that her creases down on her booty would be so red--normal?  So I was glad that I could have some of calming Cleanser to help her...they helped out with "both cheeks" the ones on her face and down below! 

I also got the opportunity to try out the 911 Rescue Cream!  I was so happy!  Not only in the bath could I help keep her lathered up and protected with moisturization....but I could also apply this highly creamy and emollient concoction to her poor knees and to her body that needed a bit more care.  Thanks to me I forgot to put on her babylegs, and so her knees got all red and dry and rough.  She is starting to crawl too, and this 911 Rescue Cream was amazing on her skinned up knees.  Her knees came back nice and smooth in all its chubby glory after a couple of daily applications--minus the redness and the dry skin!

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